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Get Them To Say Yes - For Business & Job Interviews

David K. Ewen

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"Have you ever wondered how some people can close deals or easily get hired at a job? Those people have practiced successful methodologies necessary to achieve success. The content and material shared in this presentation have been researched, tested, and put into practice with proven results. The tips, tricks, and techniques are applicable to a variety of situations and industries. If given the secrets then we are empowered to achieve success. After all isn't that what all of us want to do? You are empowered and you can. People can achieve success in business deals and job interviews if they put into practice what is learned here in this set of content and materials. Absorbing the knowledge is not enough. It is absolutely critical that the rehearsal and the practicing generates the experience to achieve success. It is important to note that the methodologies discussed are proven through research and testing and demonstrated by being put into practice. The book ""Get Them To Say Yes"" comes in two parts. The first part is the presentation of content and material relevant two job interviews and negotiations. The second part is a workbook for homework practice. The workbook offers three opportunities to practice for the purpose of seeing successful progression. This serves as a confirmation of learning to build confidence and satisfaction. The goal is to head in the direction of success. Included in the content of this book are other resources that can be used to go beyond the scope of this book. Look for them and take advantage of them. This content and material begin in some way as a memoir in appreciation to those who have helped plant the seeds that supported the development of the paperback book, e-book, album, video book, and online lecture. As a professor I usually start my lectures by explaining a little about my background so that students understand and recognize the meaning and revelation behind what I am saying. It is important for students to recognize that what is being presented is based on fa






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