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Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Jacob Grimm

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One girl went to the forest. She got lost and began to look for a way home but didn't find it, and came to a lodge. The door was opened: the girl saw, that there was nobody in the lodge, and she entered. In this lodge lived three bears. The bears weren't at home, they went for a walk. In the lodge there were two rooms: a dining room and a bedroom. The girl entered the dining room and saw on a table three bowls with food. The girl took the biggest spoon and ate from the biggest bowl. Then she sat on a chair and broke it. After that she fell asleep. At that time three bears came back. As they saw the mess, they got angry. The bears wanted to catch the girl. How did the fairy tale end? Read «Goldilocks And The Three Bears» to know it.




Wilhelm Grimm, Anastasia Bertollo




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Chapter 1
Chapter 1