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Nancy Orlando

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Nancy Orlando I was born in Galion, a wonderful small town in Northern Ohio, in 1934. My love of words started very early in life. I dreamed of becoming a writer and spent hours searching for just the right words to describe the wonder and awe in the world around me. I attended Ohio State until I left school to marry and start a family. I managed to complete the first course with the Children’s Institute while raising three children. I was in my 70’s before I finally made my dream become a reality by completing my first book. Everyone’s Child is a memoir of my childhood during WWII. The book follows the timeline of the war creating a social history of daily life in America during the war years. I keep my life as full as possible. I write every day, maintaining at least two writing projects at all times. I find I am more productive when I demand more of myself. I take piano lessons and anxiously wait for spring each year to get into my garden. I also try very hard to learn all about these infernal electronic monsters. I find them both a blessing and a curse, which depends on the moment you ask! Aside from my electronic dilemmas, life is a joy and I look forward to every tomorrow. Debbi Kern I was raised in the Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn, Illinois. My family always had pets ~ cats, dogs, fish, even a parakeet named Zubedo who would climb up your fingers and give you bird-kisses on your cheek. (It’s no wonder I’m an animal lover.) For several years I was the artist for the American Bear Association in Orr, Mn. which provided me the unique opportunity to meet and draw black bears up close and personal! The form of art I prefer over all others is pen & ink…?the black and white process used to illustrate this book. I’ve spent a lot of time drawing pets in pen & ink…? I think I’ve drawn about every breed of dog imaginable. It seems, however that ever since Nancy Orlando asked me to illustrate her first children’s book, A Garden! A Garden! all I’ve been doing is illustrating children’s books. (It’s been great.) I






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Chapter 1