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How Cincinnatus Saved Rome


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Cincinnatus was a roman patrician dictator multiple times.. He was well-known and respected for his wisdom, courage and valor. Once there was a war between Rome and Aequians. Romans sent their army to the enemy near Mount Algidus, but Aequians besieged it. The people were sorely dismayed to hear such tidings; nor, when they cast about for help, saw they any man that might be sufficient for such peril, save only Cincinnatus. By common consent, therefore, he was made Dictator for six months, a thing that may well be noted by those who hold that nothing is to be accounted of in comparison of riches, and that no man may win great honor or show forth singular virtue unless he is well furnished with wealth. For here in this great peril of the Roman people there was no hope of safety but in one who was cultivating with his own hand a little plot of scarcely three acres of ground. The Senate asked him to become a dictator again and he agreed. Being a good strategist, he brought the victory for Rome. How did he do that? Read the book to know.




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