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How the Whale Got His Throat

J. R. Kipling

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Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936) became the Nobel Prize laureate on the literature in 1907. Vacations in the Himalaya city of Simla gave inspiration for many works of the writer. In 1888 he has published the book "Plain Tales from the Hills" with laconic, often rough stories about life of the British India. Living in America, Kipling wrote his best works. At the top of glory and wealth Kipling avoided publicity, ignored hostile criticism, refused rewards. "How The Whale Got His Throat" is a fairytale by Rudyard Kipling. Once upon a time there was a Whale. He ate all fishes he could find. So eventually only one Small fish left. It advised the Whale to taste a man. The Whale swallowed a mariner, but he began to jump in the Whale's stomach, to break free. It made the Whale hiccough. The Whale told the Mariner to come out. But he refused, because he wanted, that the Whale brought him to his natal-shore. How did the story end? Read „How The Whale Got His Throat“ to know it!




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Chapter 1