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Lighten Up! - Stop Being Hard on Yourself

Max Highstein

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This program includes: Lecture 7:30 Guided Meditation 21:00 If anyone has ever told you to "lighten up", you know how unhelpful that suggestion can be! But being hard on ourselves is a serious problem that bears looking into. It keeps us unhappy, makes us not much fun to be around, and tends to keep us from being successful -- or enjoying success even if we have it. But as with many negative patterns, this one is often unconscious, so it's difficult to get a handle on. That's what this program is all about -- bringing that pattern to the surface so you can recognize it, and giving you tools to release it. In the lecture, author Max Highstein explains how this patterns begins, and outlines key steps you can take to shift it. Then, in the guided meditation he'll lead you through a gentle process to make a shift on a very deep level. From the first time you listen, you'll begin to treat yourself better. And working with the program over time you'll make a lasting change. Then perhaps instead of telling you to "Lighten up", your friends will begin to say things like "You seem a lot happier these days." This carefully composed and produced guided meditation features a good dose of humor, but is seriously helpful!






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