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This guided imagery hypnosis program for weight loss, was designed to assist you in increasing awareness of your true wants & needs as they relate to food. This guided imagery hypnosis program for weight loss helps you discover ways to increase your comfort as it pertains to overcoming sugar cravings, portion control, dealing with emotional eating, and the role stress plays in being overweight. This guided imagery hypnosis program for weight loss offers suggestions to guide you to eat smaller portions and stop sugar cravings. You learn how to let go of and resolve the conflicts within that (often unaware) maintain unwanted habits, and deliver undesirable results. The acronym F.E.E.L. that spells “feel” is introduced to the programming of your subconscious mind, and facilitates the strengthening of your awareness of the source of your hunger. “F” = Food “E” = Energy “E” = Escape “L” = Love We often feel uncomfortable because our needs are not met. This guided imagery hypnosis program for weight loss encourages mindfulness of your true needs that cannot be met by food. When true physiological hunger is present, then healthy food choices are suggested. If you are fatigued and need energy, then exercise and breathing is encouraged. If you are bored and need to escape your current situation, rather than fill the emptiness with food, mindful awareness and constructive action is suggested. When the need for love becomes conscious, then expressing that need verbally, through writing, drawing, or music, or through social interaction is programmed in the hard drive of your mind. You will begin to notice more and more, after repeated listening to this recording, that the sensation of hunger, yes even the rumbling of your stomach is not an experience to fear, but rather an opportunity to increase understanding and appreciation of your true deeper needs. It is after all, our hunger for life that motivates us and enhances our growth. And, metaphorically speaking, EVERYTHING IS FOOD. *Disclaimer: Individual result






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