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Next Generation Marketing - Making Social Media Work for You in 30 Minutes a Day

Rory Vaden

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Will you be left behind in the next generation of professionals? Finally someone has figured out how to turn all of this social media hoopla into some hard cash. Business professionals must learn to use these tools to be successful in the next generation. Being ahead of the curve means knowing what their capabilities are and learning to leverage your network and maximize your time to get results. In this cutting edge resource you will learn: • What social media can do for your business • Who is on these various platforms and why you might be missing out on your perfect audience • Exactly what the major tools of social media are and which ones will be most relevant to you • How to leverage these mediums to maximize your marketing, increase your income, and catapult your career! With so many people wondering if social media is the next “escalator” to success Rory has gotten intimately involved with what social media can and can’t do. In this program he will expose the truths about social media while also cutting thousands of hours off your learning curve by sharing tried and true techniques for taking advantage of this exciting phenomena. You can expect the same entertaining delivery style of this 2 time world champion of public speaking finalist juxtaposed with his consistently pragmatic approach for taking your life and business to the next level!






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