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Recession Proof Your Business Using Agile Management

Mishkin Berteig

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In today's uncertain economy, companies are struggling to preserve revenues while at the same time dramatically cutting costs. Business leaders are desperately seeking solutions to maintain profitability in the face of global economic pressures. Any solution that can help this situation is seriously looked at by executives, leading many companies to adopt radical changes to their existing business processes. In a world where "survival of the fittest" rules, it is those who can adapt most rapidly to the changing environment who will succeed. Join host Kevin Aguanno with his special guest, Mishkin Berteig, a noted agile consultant and trainer, as they discuss how agile management techniques are being used today by companies to help them survive the current economic crisis. Learn how to spread agile techniques to non-software projects to maximize the benefits to the company, and position yourself as the business leader who helped save your company from financial ruin.Participart will Discover: Types of non-software business projects that can benefit from agile management.Ways to "sell" the use of agile to senior management How you can fast-track your career and be seen as a leader within the organization. How to translate your agile software development management skills into general business situations






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