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Matthew Ferry

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Does your work drain your energy and dampen your spirits? Do you count the minutes until the weekend? Do you dream about the day when your life will have more meaning and fulfillment? What if you could find joy and happiness at work today without changing jobs? Imagine jumping out of bed excited about your work day. Life coach to the biggest players in the world, Matthew Ferry will help you do just that. In his powerful program Ridiculous Bliss at Work you will learn: 1. How to eliminate stress and find fulfillment in the work you do 2. How to eliminate hopelessness find your purpose 3. How to get out of doubt and get back to inspiration 4. How to effortlessly resolve conflict and bring peace back into your work place 5. How to get the praise you deserve 6. How to achieve the respect of your co-workers 7. How to rapidly move up the ladder and become a key player in your organization The work you do right now can be come totally fulfilling and joyous. You can find Ridiculous Bliss at Work and Matthew Ferry knows exactly what it will take. Give yourself this powerful gift of inspiration and hope today. You deserve it.






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Chapter 1