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Max Highstein

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Program Includes: 1) Introduction 2:30 2) Guided Meditation Program 30:00 3) Music and Stream From The Program 30:00 Within you is a sanctuary of peace, the antidote to an over-stimulated mind. This program guides you gently into your inner sanctuary to help you regain balance and serenity. Most people who try to meditate say that they have a hard time focusing within, because their busy mind keeps distracting them. Sanctuary of Peace helps you learn how to enjoy a period of deep, centered inner peace whenever you have a bit of time. The narration track helps your mind to stay focused, and the background sounds help to soothe you, allowing you to go deeper, and deeper. How This Program Works Over gentle background sounds, the narration begins by helping you learn a simple, relaxing breathing pattern. As the background music continues, the narration helps you focus inward, and provides further instruction for letting go of distractions and going deeper. The 30 minute program includes both coaching and practice, each practice period a little longer, so you can easily learn as you go. The continuous background is composed of soothing meditation music, combined with the sound of a mountain stream. This background is offered again by itself for 30 minutes, so you can practice without the narration, using the support of the soundtrack to help you stay centered and relaxed as you spend time on your own. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to meditate, or want to go deeper into your meditation practice, this program can help you! Max Highstein Says: 90% of people who approach me for spiritual counseling say they have trouble meditating, are unable to focus, have tried to meditate but gave it up, and would like to establish a regular meditation practice but have a hard time doing so. Our mind and nervous system has become conditioned to go, but not to stop, so putting on the brakes doesn't seem to come easily. It does take some practice to get results, but the benefits are so worth the effort! In this program






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