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Sexual Fantasies for Men

Dr. Janet Hall

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Sexual Fantasies for Men Important Note: This solution is offered in two formats: Ebook and Audio. Why not get the combo (ebook plus audio) and enjoy both at a discount! Are you ready to discover how to use seductive fantasies to ‘fire up’ your sex life? How do you evaluate your current use of fantasies? Would you like to expand your repertoire? This information in the Sensational Sex Series by Dr Janet Hall, Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist will help you find the answers to these questions and design your ideal fantasy life: When do you tend to have your sexual fantasies? When you’re stimulating yourself to orgasm, when you’re first getting aroused in the presence of your partner, or while you’re having intercourse? What other times? What effect do your fantasies have on your getting aroused? What do you fantasise or think about while you’re having sex? What have your recent favourite fantasies involved? Have they been very erotic? Who’s in your fantasies? Where do they take place? And what exactly are the participants in the fantasy doing? Do your fantasies include your sexual partner? Do they reflect a wish that your partner do something in particular with you during your love making? Do these fantasies reflect any changes you’d like to see in you or your partner’s appearance or behaviour? Would you like to carry out any of these fantasy activities in your real life? If not, why not? If yes, why don’t you? Are you satisfied with your fantasies? Do any of them make you feel anxious or guilty? Dr. Janet Hall discusses: The nature of sexual fantasies. Why fantasies occur and when. The difference between male and female fantasies and who fantasises most. What are the most common sexual fantasies. Jan answers common questions such as: ‘Are fantasies ever abnormal or dangerous?’ ‘How can I change my partner’s fantasies in quantity or quality? The material also features Dr. Jan presenting three typical male-preferred fantasies. The material has been created by Dr Jan based on her researc






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Chapter 1