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Smart Negotiating

James C. Freund

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DEAL YOURSELF A WINNING HAND! Whether you're closing a multi-million dollar acquisition or the purchase of a new family home, securing a raise from a tough minded boss or reaching an agreement with a partner, the pitfalls of negotiating are the same. Now the brilliant strategist behind some of the business world's toughest negotiations tells you how to avoid these pitfalls and achieve your goals -- without being a bully or a wimp. Attorney James C. Freund forged hard-won victories in many of the major corporate takeover battles of the 1980s -- from TWA to Federated Department Stores. In Smart Negotiating, he offers a "game-plan" approach that will help you strike a balance between striving for advantage and compromising too quickly. You will learn how to: * Determine in advance your realistic expectations on key bargaining issues * Deal with bluffs and other gambits * Motivate the other side * Use leverage and information to your advantage * Formulate the terms of the ultimate compromise A fresh, straight forward audio program that brings you right into simulated negotiations with vivid real-world examples, Smart Negotiating will help you succeed at closing a deal.




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