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Dr. Janet Hall

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Do you, or someone you love, have problems with alcohol? Are you afraid to admit it, but you think your partner is an alcoholic? Is it time to be alcohol free and forever sober? Hypnotherapy can help you! Dr. Jan's Stop Drinking Alcohol: Be Alcohol Free Now hypnosis audio can help anyone say no to alcohol and be alcohol free. Enjoy being healthy and proud of your decision to have a healthy body and happy mind forever. Make smart choices for your success. Be successful and be proud that you save a lot of money every year and have so much more rewarding times on your hands. Dr. Jan's Stop Drinking Alcohol hypnosis audio is the result of many years success with clients. Hypnotherapy can help you! You must lose the inappropriate association of: going out to dinner to get drunk, going off to social gatherings to get drunk, going off with mates to get drunk. You must break the association with: drinking alcohol for fun, drinking alcohol to celebrate, drinking alcohol to commiserate or grieve, drinking alcohol for inspiration, drinking alcohol kidding yourself it's for clear thinking, drinking alcohol for relief from stress, bitterness or disappointment, drinking alcohol for a feeling of acceptance and belonging, drinking alcohol to heighten the pleasure of music, drinking alcohol "to find that magical place." The benefits of ceasing to abuse alcohol include: not overspending on alcohol so you save money, not overspending on food, etc, to legitimize spending on alcohol!, not overspending like a deranged, pathetic philanthropist when drunk, not prodigally shouting when drunk, getting sharp, getting your memory back, getting your wit back, improving your health and longevity, improving your appearance, being proud, yet again, of beating something that could have compromised you. The consequences of not stopping drinking alcohol now include: ruining your relationship, ruining your family, risk of losing home and having to start again, ruining your mind and memory, ruining your health and appearance, setting a ruinous e






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