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The Blinded Giant is a very popular English fairy tale. It was first published by Joseph Jacobs in his book More English Fairy Tales in 1894. The writer was inspired in his work by Brothers Grimm, he wanted English children to have free access to English fairy tales. The author starts with the description of a mill in the long mound called “The Giant’s Grave”. According to the story many years ago a one-eyed Giant owned a mill. He used to ground men’s bones to make bread. Once he caught a guy Jack, who then became his servant. He worked for the Giant for seven years and had no holidays at all. Once he decided to escape. He thrust a knife in the Giant’s single eye when he took a nap and blinded him. But when the Giant woke up he locked the door. Then Jack came up with another plan. Whether he succeeded or not you are going to know when you read the story.




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Chapter 1