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The Bunyip

Andrew Lang

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The story tells about how a group of young hunters from one tribe went to find food. The main character - one of the young men promised his beloved girl that he will bring to her family so much meat that it will be enough for three days. When they reached the lake, the boys began to fish. All of them used worms as a bait, but the main hero had a piece of raw meat. He was waiting a long time, but finally someone pulled the trigger strongly. From the water appeared a “creature that was neither a calf nor a seal, but something of both, with a long, broad tail” and “there was not a man amongst them who did not know what it was-- the cub of the awful Bunyip!” But it was not alone - horrified hunters realized that his mother noticed them. They whispered to the catcher to release the creature, but he refused. You can learn how the Bunyip took revenge on the hunter and his tribe if you read this exotic Australian fairy tale!




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Chapter 1
Chapter 1