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The Day's of 49' - America's Gold Rush Days

Jimmy Gray

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The Days of '49: The Golden Highway: Pioneers in Petticoats Sutter's Mill and schoolmarms: the contradictions of the new frontier were never so evident as when gold was discovered in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Welcome to Tales of Americana: Days of '49, this approximately 3-hour audio collection brings to life the tumult that was Northern California circa 1849. Chronicling the lives and times of a cast of characters both rapacious and refined, Days of '49 takes the listener on an evocative exploration, from prologue to aftermath, of the California Gold Rush, an era of grubstakes and greed, hoopskirts and hope. Jimmy Gray serves as a senior staff writer and is the inspiration behind many audio books. Jimmy has written for various periodicals including, Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. Additionally, he has been a contributing writer for USA Today newspaper. Jimmy is a living history book. Donnie Blanz is a real cowboy, actor, model, and TV show host. He has narrated several audio books for Readio Theatre. Randy Moomaw is a successful actor and voice-over artist. He can be heard on hundreds of National commercials and many audio books. Cathy Martindale is a television host and radio personality in Nashville. Her voice-over credits are numerous.




Donnie Blanz, Randy Moomaw


2h 57m


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