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The Ethics Based Approach - Or, Keys to Human Fulfilment

Dallied Kien

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Can we live happy? Is there a safe way to act minimizing the risk of errors? And in case of failure, what to do in order to protect our physical, mental and psychological being? Dallied KIEN proposes to serve one guide to help you discover the main thing and answer the most important question of your life. Can we be happy on earth? The answer to this question will make your life easier in many areas, give to your lives its true meaning as well as its purpose, and most importantly prepare you to the test of death and possibly for eternity if you are a believer. This book is written for you. At the bottom of yourselves, you unconsciously have sought to have in your hands such a book. Today, it's done. This is not a book like other. This book presents the tool, to date, the most powerful to know yourself better, know your neighbor, the natural laws that govern human relations and the keys to success of any project that you initiate. You will be convinced of the concepts and themes tackled in this book because your own life will testify about them. You will then understand the underlying reasons for your failures and past successes. This book aims to make you understand that being happy does not happen by accident, but is rather the result of the awareness of how you act or operate in life. This will lead you to greater awareness, which will give you the strength to respond to the difficulties and challenges of life. This book is accessible to everyone. It is written in simple language, that of your life. How can we seek to discover the mechanisms of human happiness, the main aim of every man, without knowing the man? That is why, the author discusses in the first three chapters the basics to help you better understand the essential tools to improve the quality of your life. The business model that describes the keys to human happiness, will be useful in all areas of your life. These are the keys that govern all aspects of your existence. And whatever your skills and current behaviors, you ca




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Chapter 1