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The Fire Spirit - A Spanish Folk Legend

S.G.C. Middlemore

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When the elderly widow Cipriana is visited by a strange and scary fire spirit, he tells her that he will help her to make her fortune. The weird elf tells her that he is responsible for fires all over the world and he tells her of a major fire that will break out in the city of Murcia in two weeks time. He advises Cipriana to go to the authorities there and predict the fire. Of course, she will not be believed at first...but when her predictions come true, she will be in great demand and will be well rewarded. Things do not go quite according to plan. Cipriana is suspected of belonging to a gang of arsonists and is thrown into jail. When the fire breaks out, she is released and rewarded...but increasingly, people suspect her of being a witch. As she flees from town to town, always predicting fires as she goes, she finds herself increasingly in danger of being burnt at the stake.




Cathy Dobson




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