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Max Highstein

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The Story Of The Healing Forest One fine evening, not so long ago, Mother Earth and Father Heaven made a plan to help us. They agreed to designate a special piece of land, a magical and sacred forest, as a sanctuary for healing. And Heaven’s angels would gather and send down beautiful, uplifting energies through the air, the mists, and the trees; and Earth would gather her powerful, healing energies and bring them up through the ground. And thus, this forest would become a place so filled and saturated with love, that anyone could travel through, in dreamtime or quiet meditation, and readily be healed and made whole. And so it was that The Healing Forest came into being, and has been awaiting your visit... About This Meditation: Journey on the back of a gentle old horse, through The Healing Forest. After a complete body relaxation, receive the healing energies of the forest, Heaven and Earth. Then receive a special message, before continuing on your ride. From the Journey: "Soon, your horse comes to a stop next to one particularly beautiful tree, a very tall one, that appears quite old. Knowing that this tree has something special for you, you gently dismount, stepping down to the soft ground. Your horse knows to wait for you, and as you turn to face this tree, you can feel your heart begin to open. Something magical is being exchanged between your heart, and the heart of this tree, something that goes deeper than any words could describe. It is as if all the loving energy from heaven and earth is being communicated from the forest, directly to you. Take a deep breath, and let it in..." Max Highstein says: "I've always felt the woods to be just about the most healing place to be, and I've wanted to make a guided meditation about this for quite some time. This one combines the things I find most healing about the forest -- the colors and light, the sense of peace I get from the trees, the earthy smells -- with a quiet ride on horseback. I hope you'll find this meditation relaxing and healing, and will let me k






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Chapter 1