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Jacob Grimm

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Brothers Grimm are the greatest storytellers of all times. They were born in Hanau, Germany on the edge of the 19th century. We proudly present you one of the most wonderful tales by Grimm brothers The Little Folk’s Presents. When a tailor and a goldsmith were travelling together they heard music. The music was coming from a hill, where little people were happily dancing in a circle. An old man in the center invited them to come into the circle. He cut off their hair and told to fill their pockets with coal. They obeyed. The next morning they woke up and found out that the coal in their pockets turned into gold and their hair grown again. But the goldsmith was quite greedy and decided to come back to the old man the next night and try to get more gold. Whether he succeeded or not you are going to know when you read the whole story.




Wilhelm Grimm, Anastasia Bertollo




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Chapter 1
Chapter 1