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John Galsworthy

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A small play in three acts. A kind of comic tragedy. The plot tells the story of the interaction between two very different families in rural England just after the end of the First World War. Squire Hillcrist lives in the manor house where his family has lived for generations. He has a daughter, Jill, who is in her late teens; and a wife, Amy, as well as servants and retainers. He is "old money", although his finances are at a bit of low ebb. The other family is the "nouveau riche" Hornblowers, headed by the single-minded and rich industrialist Hornblower, who throws old retainers the Jackmans out of their home (much to the Squire's disgust), and who plans to surround the Hillcrist's rural estate with factories. (Summary by catrose and Wikipedia) Cast: Hillcrist: Anthony Amy, or Mrs H.: Amanda Friday Jill: April Gonzales Dawker: Charlotte Duckett Hornblower: Delmar H. Dolbier Charles: Chuck Williamson Chloe: CaprishaPage Rolf: Chris Marcellus Fellows: Aidan Brack Anna; Auctioneer: MJ Franck Mr. Jackman: TriciaG Mrs. Jackman: Jeannie Tirado First Stranger: Kristingj Second Stranger: Elizabeth Klett Narrator: SallyMc Editors: Charlotte Duckett & CaprishaPage




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