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J. Rock

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Is your child, or a child you know, suffering from an identity crisis? Are they being negatively influenced by their peers and the media? J. Rock offers you hopethrough the Word of Godto see your child transformed from a rebellious rascal into a mighty warrior of God in her debut book, We Are Royalty. With so many distractions and confusing messages infiltrating our schools and airwaves, such as the worldwide web, homosexuality, and pimp lifestyles, it is no wonder why children are losing touch with their true identity in Jesus Christ. It is vitally important that children get rooted and grounded in Him at an early age, because the same spirit that operated through Pharaoh and King Herod in the Old and New Testaments, respectively, is out to destroy the youth once again. If you want inspirational reading material for your child that is not filled with fluff, if you want him or her to discover their true identity and rich royal heritage in Christ Jesus, then add We Are Royalty to your childrens book collection today! This book is an eLive book, meaning each printed copy contains a special code redeemable for the free download of the audiobook version of the book.




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