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What Are You Looking At? (Audio Series): Suprematism/Constructivism

Will Gompertz

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What is modern art? Why do we either love it or loathe it? And why is it worth so much damn money? Join Will Gompertz, the BBC Arts Editor, and probably the world's first art-history stand-up comedian, on a dazzling audio tour that will change the way you think about modern art forever.In the tenth of this 20-part course, discover how, for all the importance of the Russian Revolution, it was their artists who actually changed the world; and came up with the epitome of cool abstraction which we still so love now. Suprematism / Constructivism is part of a downloadable audiobook series taken from the book What Are You Looking At?: 150 Years of Modern Art in the Blink of an Eye. You can take the whole course, or pick and choose which movement suits you.Whether you are a sceptic or an art lover, this funny, lively and accessible course on modern art is bound to make your next gallery or museum visit a little less intimidating, and a lot more interesting.






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Chapter 1