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Whoo Saves the Symphony - A Shenandoah Music Festival Adventure

Barbara Van Patten

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What was going to happen on this special day in this special place, the Shenandoah Music Festival? After so many years of memorable festivals, read and discover why this 45th year was going to be a Fest to be remembered above all the rest! Rhythmic verse accompanies us through the day as the anticipation mounts for the grand finale, the Symphony Orchestra Concert. Meet the people and the animals that make this a truly musical event, from the kitchen festival overture to the arrival of the crafters, musicians, and guests. What a sight and what a show it was that night! The barn owl with his feathery fusses in the old wooden trusses hoots, Whooo, Whoo, Who will play? Find out Whoo Saves the Symphony in a delightful introduction to the music festival, the families of instruments in the orchestra, and some very unique performers!




Melissa Madole




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Chapter 1
Chapter 1