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Your Inner Child's Story

Max Highstein

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How's your inner child doing lately? It's true that tapping into the 5 year old part of us can help us heal and become a happier adult. But it also opens the door to free flowing creativity and joy! In Your Inner Child's Story, you'll sit with your inner child and look at a picture-book of your life. As the scenes unfold, you'll talk together about your deepest concerns, and provide kind, caring support and encouragement. This is a relatively short but very powerful, very nurturing meditation. Have tissues nearby! Max Highstein Says: This particular meditation came out of work I was doing with one of my groups, and since making this recording some of my colleagues have been using it very successfully with their own groups and clients. The inner child exercise is one that many therapists, counselors, and spiritual guides use with their clients, to help them get in touch with feelings and release pain, fear, anger and sadness. My idea was to have your inner child sitting on your lap, looking together with you at a storybook of your life is something anyone who's spent time with a child can relate to. It's a very helpful approach, and something valuable for anyone on a path of growth and healing to explore.






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Chapter 1