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Counting down the best songs from the best decade in pop music history! With your hosts: DJ CK1 and AK47

Counting down the best songs from the best decade in pop music history! With your hosts: DJ CK1 and AK47
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Counting down the best songs from the best decade in pop music history! With your hosts: DJ CK1 and AK47




#40: Level 42 - Something About You

:00 We're Back Intro :04 Up to Level 42 :13 8-42 Albums :29 Commercial Break :34 Enlightening Peter Hook & the Light Concert Review (w/ John and Andrew) :48 No-Mercy Cobra Kai Review :57 Classic SNES Review 1:01 Half-Way Memories Featured Links: Author HM Clay DonorSee: Send money to people all over the world and see the impact you make.


#41: Weird Al Yankovich - Dare To Be Stupid (& OMD Concert Review)

:00 Yummy Intro :03 The Abridged Al :30 Commercial Break :33 OMG! An OMD Concert Review :57 Half-Way-Outro :58 Promonogamous Bonus 1:00 Kid-Appropriate Bonus Featured Links: Weird Al & Stanley Spadowski on Nickelodeon's Total Panic DonorSee: Send money to people all over the world and see the impact you make.


#42: Samantha Fox - Touch Me

:00 Fist of Intro :02 Five by Fox :15 Commercial Break Winter Listens... :18 Michael Jackson :19 Phil Collins :20 Living in a Box :21 Weird Al Yankovich :24 Michael McDonald :27 Gary Numan (concert review) :31 Me Not You :33 OMD :34 Alphaville :35 Bonus Trivia Outro :37 Fantastic Mr. Fox :39 Huey Lewis & the Nerds Featured Links: Touch Me Video Samantha Does Bollywood Lock Is Lit Podcast


#43: Depeche Mode - Everything Counts

0:00 Intro of Rage 0:07 DM of the '80s 0:32 Commercial Break 0:34 DM of the '90s 0:50 DM Live: Was it worth it? 0:57 Clown Porn & Tom Petty 1:00 Stranger Things 2 Review 1:11 A Special Outro 1:14 A Special Sandwich Featured Links: World's Most Popular '80s Halloween Video Playlist! DMK covers Everything Counts Flood talks about Enjoy the Silence A/V Club Everything Counts song review


#44: Morrissey - The Last of the Famous International Playboys

This is a podcast about joy. The joy of nipple bandages. The joy of a facial angle. The joy of sweat. The joys of worldwide fame. The joy of cruising for girls. The joy of penetrating the couch. The joy of the poof. The joy of rescuing lab rabbits. The joy of murder. The joy of putting your balls to the wall. The joy of it. Other mentioned artists: The Smiths, Spandau Ballet, David Bowie, The Beatles, Depeche Mode, Accept, Genesis, Lush, Pet Shop Boys, Oasis, Blur, Suede, Pulp, Simple...


#45: Newcleus - Computer Age (feat. Cozmo D Interview)

0:00 Technoriffic Intro 0:07 Exclusive Interview with Newcleus founder: Cozmo D! 1:03 Commercial Break 1:05 Listener Mail 1:13 OMD: Punishment of Luxury video review 1:18 As our machines decide how we'll fare 1:22 Twilight Phone Featured Links: Jam On Productions Official Website Newcleus Hip Hop Family Tree Comic Press Continue Podcast


#46: Marc Almond - The Stars We Are

:00 Chilling Intro :02 Recklessness of Immature Bliss :18 Commercial Break :21 The Gist: Marc's Albums :33 New Reviews: Erasure, OMD, Mike & The Mechanics :38 It Was Live: Hall & Oats and Tears for Fears :45 Listener Mail Featured Link: Sprite Castle Podcast


#47: Donna Summer - This Time I Know It's For Real

:03 Fully-Loaded Intro :03 Summer Stock :20 Drug-Free Commercial Break :22 5 More :27 Oats For Fears :28 Despicable Trailer :29 '00s: What Is It Good For? :31 New From Erasure & Goldfrapp :33 Shameful Corrections :37 Country In My Genes Featured Link: Lock Is Lit Podcast


#48: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Souvenir

:00 Semi-Professional Intro :03 "It's So Hard" :13 Some Albums :18 If You Leave Duckie :26 Commercial Break :30 More OMD (OMG!) :41 Shame of AK-47 (explicit) :45 DM's Spirit Prereview :48 Listener Mail :52 As the Balls Drop Featured Links: Please Please Do Our (Very Short) Survey! OMD Documentary Throwback Reviews Podcast Stuck in the '80s Podcast


#49: The Cars - Hello Again

:00 Intro The Mode :05 The Winner Is? :10 Smorgasbord of Sound :17 Friends of P :22 Please Survey (part 1) :24 Solo Driving :32 Super 7 :45 Commercial Break :47 Stuck on the '80s Cruise :52 Duck to the Future :57 Another Bogus Outro 1:00 Wrath of AK-47 (explicit) Featured Links: Please Please Do Our (Very Short) Survey! Stuck in the '80s Podcast


#50: Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

:00 30-Something Intro :04 Lunar Explorations :11 Ian's Oddity :17 Deep Ocean Delving :25 This Donnie Darko Bloke :29 Commercial Break :31 Listener Mail: RIP2016 :35 Remembering Bowie (again) :48 Grim Outro Featured Links: Old Time Radio Podcast Full David Bowie BBC Interview


#51: Expose - Point Of No Return (& Video Game Music Pt.2)

:00 You Can't Pronounce That On This Podcast :05 Exposing Expose :15 Aural Basketball :20 Commercial Break :22 Freestyle Session :29 Your Favorite '80s Video Game Music (Part 2) :43 RIP2016 :46 Hanna Barbarism Featuring the Music of: Expose, Alan Thicke, Shannon, Pet Shop Boys, The Voice in Fashion, Will To Power, Debbie Deb, Sequal, Sandee, Joy Division, Thunder Castle, Golden Axe, Bionic Commando, Super Mario Bros, Metriod, Mega Man, TMNT... and more! Featured Links: Miami...


#52: Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - Together In Electric Dreams (& Video Game Music Pt.1)

0:00 Kraftwerk-Free Intro 0:01 Host to Host AM Radio Presents: 1984: The Great San Francisco Hysteria 0:09 DeLorean or Phone Booth? 0:13 Electric Snooze 0:16 Moroder in Space 0:25 6 Leagues of Human 0:38 Commercial Break 0:40 Your Favorite '80s Video Game Music (Part 1) 1:10 Listener Mail 1:12 More Like Krapwerk 1:15 The World's Sexiest Featuring the Music of: Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Blondie, Klaus Nomi, Human League, Kid Icarus, Legend of Zelda, Ms Pacman, Castlevania,...


#53: Dio - Holy Diver (& 80s Halloween Songs 2 & Sandii)

0:00 Sticky Button Intro 0:03 Holy Alien Jesus 0:10 Metal These Days... 0:21 Commercial Break 0:23 '80s Halloween Songs: Season 2 0:41 A New Challenge Appears 0:43 DJ Serious Presents: J-Pop's Sandii 0:59 Listener Mail 1:04 Semi-Horror Featuring the Music of: Dio, Black Sabbath, Ronnie & the Red Caps, Ozzy Osbourne, Fred Schneider, Karel Fialka, Oingo Boingo, Whodini, Rockwell, The Chameleons, Fun Boy Three, Roky Erickson, Fresh Prince, Jan Terri, Castlevania, Gauntlet, The...


#55: Gary Numan - I Dream of Wires (& TR-808 & Yuming)

I am the final silence. 0:00 (PG-rated) Bathtime Intro 0:05 The Nuncanny Valley 0:31 Commercial Break 0:34 Repenetraiting the Sludge 0:36 DJ Flack Presents: The Roland TR-808 0:46 2016 Reviews: Super & Lexicon of Love II 0:51 DJ Serious Presents: J-pop's Yummy Yuming 1:07 Shark or Shak? Featured Links: Rob O'Hara's Podcasts iO Virtual 808 Tyler King's NuReviews Sustain and Decay Blog


#56: Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (& 80s Summer Songs & J-pop)

:00 A Star Wars Holiday Intro :03 Em Say We're Crazy! :09 The Diane Warren Report :12 The Mannequin Factor :15 We Built This Collective Construct :19 In The Slick of Time :25 The Jefferson Tugboat Demographic :29 Commercial Break :30 Summer Songs :45 DJ Serious Presents: J-Pop Classics Vol. I :59 An Outakey Outro Featuring the Music of: B-52's, The Cars, Bananarama, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Michael Jackson, Midnight Oil, XTC, Abba, Blow Monkeys, Alphaville, YMO,...


#57: Siouxsie and the Banshees - Arabian Knights (& Damokles Interview Pt. 2)

0:00 Stinkin Thinkin 0:04 Into The Sioux 0:16 Countdown's Countdown 0:30 Commercial Break 0:31 Damokles Interview (Part 2) 1:02 Listener Mails 1:13 National Lampoon’s Mid-Atlantic Vacation Featured Links: Sprite Castle Podcast Damokles Soundcloud Damokles Video & Store Damokles Facebook Fake Jewel


#58: Debbie Gibson - Out Of The Blue (Damokles Interview & More!)

Epic Synthtacular! 0:00 Awesome Mother’s Day Intro 0:05 Into The Blue: The Gibson Gab 0:25 Commercial Break 0:27 DJ Nurmix Presents: Pure Influences - The Horns of Synth 0:40 Pee Wee’s Big Movie Review 0:44 Damokles Interview (Part 1) 1:15 Purple Pain: Prince Ponderings 1:20 When Fans Cry: The Thrill of the Hunt (excerpt) 1:24 Closing with Clothing Featured Links: The Intellivisionaries Podcast Damokles Soundcloud Damokles Video & Store Damokles Facebook Sustain and Decay Blog The Thrill...


#59: Prince - When Doves Cry

May U live 2 see the dawn. Other discussed artists: Human League, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, St. Lucia, FM-84, Chvrches, The 1975, Men at Work, Mike Flowers Pops, Eddie Murphy


#60: Wang Chung - Hypnotize Me (& Interview with Intellivisionaries)

From The Breakfast Club to Innerspace to Tron, why is it, the more we talk about Wang Chung, the more ‘80s movies come to mind? DJ CK-1 is the subject of an enlightening, thought-provoking, and lengthy interview, courtesy of the Intellivisionaries Podcast. And VH-1 inserts its “Worst Ever” list into its bumhole. Click here for the unabridged Intellivisionaries interview.