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Exploring sex, relationships, sexuality, race, and identity from the perspective of two melanated LGBT women.

Exploring sex, relationships, sexuality, race, and identity from the perspective of two melanated LGBT women.


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Exploring sex, relationships, sexuality, race, and identity from the perspective of two melanated LGBT women.




9 - Is This What Happiness Looks Like?

We're back and we are asking, "What is happiness?" We explore the social and familial pressures of happiness and how they can influence our lives. We discuss whether happiness is taught or intuitive, how wearing the mask of "Everything is fine" can have toxic side effects, and how to get happy on your own terms. Share your questions and comments on our Instagram @collectivelypodcast, on Twitter @CollectivelyPod, and at Stay tuned for our next episode on Black...


8 - Discovering Witchcraft in 2019

Fatima & Alex dive into witchcraft! We discuss our pasts with growing up religious and explore our journeys to discovering our own beliefs. We explain history's erasure of the early contributions in medicine and health that women and witches gave to the world.We get into how we heal ourselves with our practices and describe our favorite tools. We also ask, "What is a familiar?" We give our top 3 tools every witch should add to their craft and give advice to baby witches not yet out of the...


7 - Interracial Relationships & Being Pro Black

Say it loud! This episode, we discuss being pro black and interracial relationships. Is it pro black to support and fight for the black community while dating a non-person of color? We share our experiences of growing up in Georgia and the hard lessons we learned in racism. We explain what an interracial relationship is and explore the troubles that may arise outside of the relationship, such as racist friends and family disapproval. We explain how a non-POC can make themselves an ally and...


6 - Dating & Relationships in Swipe Culture Part 2

This episode we continue our discussion on the cultural changes of dating and relationships in the fast paced world of swipe culture. We debate on the differences between asking to "hang out" and asking someone on a date. We also ask, "who should really pay?" We share our favorite pre-date routines and how we like to be courted. We get into how to approach the exclusivity talk and what happens when you assume things. Spoiler: It makes an ass out of you, Ed Sheeran. We end the discussion on...


5 - Self Care

In this episode we get into self care and self love! We start with the different types of personal care, from physical to spiritual. We dive into our favorite methods of implementing care, whether you're at home or work. We discuss the importance of routine and and sharing your boundaries. Listen to our weirdest self care practices followed by our answer to the question: Who Needs Self Care? We end things after discussing the Standard of Happiness and ask what it looks like to us. What does...


4 - Dating & Relationships in Swipe Culture Part 1

This episode we get into the chaos that you find in the world of online dating, discuss whether trying IRL is even worth it anymore, and debate on which apps give you the best results. We explain the methods we use in communicating what we are looking for with our matches and each give our top three deal breakers that immediately make us swipe left. We end part one with our top 3 tips for swipes. Maybe they'll make you a swipe master, maybe they'll make your match smile. Either way, you're...


3 - Black & Kinky Part 2

For part 2 of our Black & Kinky episode we dive into the BDSM community and ask, are people of color represented in the community today? We start this session with our stories of popping our kink cherries and local places we have explored. We give tips on discussing safe words and what to do when you cannot say those words. We share our ways of finding kink buddies and the importance of having platonic friends in the lifestyle. We end the episode with a discussion on ice breakers and sharing...


2 - Black & Kinky

In this episode of Collectively we are definitely going to get a little dark...and sexy...wait, no..BLACK AND KINKY! We are going there. Everything from breaking the stereotypes of race and sex to our personal experiences. We discuss our first kinky experiences, how society fetishizes The Other, and why after care is important no matter which side of the whip you're on . We get into what kinks are considered too kinky for black people and The Movie that Shall Not Be Named that had everyone...


1 - Body Talk

This episode we explore Body Talk in the context of the female body. We discuss from the surface of the skin and beauty, how sex education in Georgia failed us, perm trauma, the struggles women face behind the bathroom door, and the weird questions we are too afraid to talk about. We applaud the recent strides towards representation that our society has seen while we tackle how to deal with the negative messages we receive daily in the media. Things get messy when we dive into The Blunder...