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Leah McSweeney, creator and CEO of Married to The Mob and Laura Stylez, radio personality from Hot 97’s Ebro and the Morning are launching their very own podcast Improper Etiquette. We will discuss love, sex, relationships and interview the strongest female figures in music, fashion and business. Join Leah and Laura as they allow you into their lives and bring you along for the ride.

Leah McSweeney, creator and CEO of Married to The Mob and Laura Stylez, radio personality from Hot 97’s Ebro and the Morning are launching their very own podcast Improper Etiquette. We will discuss love, sex, relationships and interview the strongest female figures in music, fashion and business. Join Leah and Laura as they allow you into their lives and bring you along for the ride.
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Leah McSweeney, creator and CEO of Married to The Mob and Laura Stylez, radio personality from Hot 97’s Ebro and the Morning are launching their very own podcast Improper Etiquette. We will discuss love, sex, relationships and interview the strongest female figures in music, fashion and business. Join Leah and Laura as they allow you into their lives and bring you along for the ride.




Episode: 125 Stop being P Diddy and be my Jay-Z!

We're back and today we're sitting down to discuss where we've been and what we've been up to! Laura's stay in Thailand and her experience at Wonderfruit music festival and Leahs's stay at her second home: Jamaica. We also talk about #Megxit, 'The Morning Show', 'Chernobyl' and bootleg makeup. Then we fill Laura in on what 'Don't Fuck With Cats' is all about SPOILER ALERT WARNING! 24:55-31:54! Enjoy!


Episode 124: God Save The Queens ft. Kathy Iandoli

The WAIT IS OVER! On this episode Leah & Laura sit down with friend of the show Kathy Iandoli and recap her experience creating her book 'God Save The Queens: The Essential History of Women in Hip-Hop". The ladies discuss everything from meeting legendary female Mc's, relationships with their mothers, plastic surgery, and sex trafficking. Then the ladies catch us up on what they've been up to lately. Thanks for tuning in!


Episode 123: Twerking on a Corpse

WE’RE BACK! Today we have the WHOLE gang in studio(Kristina, Reina & PRODUCER TIFF!!!) Leah and Laura discuss the hard work that goes into running a trade show and Laura catches us up on all the behind the scenes work she’s been doing for this year’s ENVSN fest ! Leah & Tiff share their horrible experiences working as stylists. We discuss men who do their eyebrows, 90 day fiancé, pets getting older, Jessica Simpson shoes, Irish dick chamber & the importance of Law & Order SVU Enjoy!


Episode 122: Smorgasbord of Dicks!

On this week’s episode we discuss growers, showers and micropenises, dope female rappers and ASAP Rocky’s arrest in Sweden. Leah tells us all about her flip phone experiment and the HBO Documentary Series ‘I Love You Now Die’. Laura fills us in on the new season of POSE and the disturbing fact that the pleather mummy was real! Enjoy!


Episode 121: Asphalt in my Asshole ft. Claire Jones!

This week we sit down with Claire Jones to discuss her journey into the music industry and signing to SONY! We also discuss how amazing Soul Cycle is and the difference it can have on our mind and body. Laura explains Euphoria’s analysis on sexting and Striking Viper. Leah addresses brands exploiting the LGBTQ+ community during pride. Then we get into some hilarious listener letters. Enjoy!


Episode 120: I Will Survive!

This week the ladies catch up on all they've been up to lately! We get into all the extravagance of Saint Tropez lifestyle the beaches, fashion and the people as Leah recounts her recent visit to the South of France. Laura fills us in on her time in Puerto Rico, visiting La placate de Santur and her crazy ass kayaking excursion! We delve into a few of our new favorite shows, grown up hangovers, traveling precautions, bootleg liquor, Hand MaidsTale, and Euphoria, Enjoy!


Episode 119: It’s Not the Time to be Grouponing Sis! ft. Dr.Rita Linkner

It’s Not the Time to be Grouponing Sis! We sit down with Board Certified Dermatologist Dr Rita Linkner @RitaLinknerMD to discuss everything SKIN! From teen acne to caring for skin of color. The doctor explains how we can schedule procedures around ovulation cycles and the ways pregnancy can effect our skin. Plus we learn all about botox , laser, fillers, kybella, cool sculpting,acutane and much more! Enjoy!


Episode 118: It’s relaxed but don’t stick anything in there!

This week we learn all about Laura’s fascination with Circus freakshow culture and the history behind Coney Island. Leah and Kristina explain why their hooked on Love After Lock up , and what we think is really going on with Britney Spears and her parents. Reina fills us in on her college reunion fuckery. Plus we discuss the Central Park 5 Netflix special,mental health,pooping during anal, relationships, and shower sex! Enjoy!


Episode 117: Our Body Our Choice! ft Gary Adelman

This week we are joined by Lawyer Gary Adelmen who breaks down what’s really going on with the the abortion bans popping up throughout the country. We also discuss our favorite characters & moments from Sex and the City and Laura’s tells us about her real life “Single and Fabulous question mark” moment! We share our embarrassing haircuts from back in the day! Then we get into Of Mics and Men; a docu-series detailing the collective careers of the Legendary WuTang Clan!



This week, we are joined by the whole IE gang including a cameo by the incredible Producer Tiff! On this episode, Leah tells us all about the time she was a Penthouse Prisoner in Miami, spills on weening off of Lexapro, and how impactful exercise has on our mental health. Also, we get into Wendy Williams divorce updates, the importance of a poppin soul cycle instructor & playlist, and Laura tells us about the time she lost her mermaid hair clip-ins in an all-out brawl at the club! As always...



Episode 115 we recap our amazing time at the Reebok x Mob collab event and the outpour of donations for I Support the Girls! Leah spills about her dad's wild Woodstock adventures and her recent sibling rivalries. We get into Kanye’s very Rajneeshee Sunday Service, Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s, recent engagement and the ladies open up about their outlook on religion and spirituality. Laura let's us in on us conversations she's had with Dr. Sebi’s family regarding Alkaline diets and we get into your...


Episode 114: I Got Entered!

This week we are joined by the lovely Reina and she updates us on her new job, applying to grad school, and the horrors of Netflix and Chilling. Leah fills us in on a story of a young YouTuber (who might be 13 married AND pregnant?!), Laura tells us all about the madness she witnessed during Coachella, and we share our thoughts on Shannade Clermont’s sentencing. Plus, we talk about the Democratic Town Hall, and read your listener letters! Don't forget to join us this Thursday at Reebok in...


Episode 113: The Kitchen’s Closed!

This week on Improper Etiquette the ladies get into Beyoncé’s Netflix special announcement and meeting her in person! We talk about exes checking up on you when you've moved on and the Netflix documentary ”Social Animals” about teens and their digital and real lives. We find out that Leah is our very own Regina George making slam books in high school. Laura shares getting jumped by 4 girls and her and her homegirls fighting back. We also declare our love for Andrew Yang’s politics and we get...


Episode 112: TIMES UP, YOURE DONE! Ft. Sandrine Charles

Sandrine Charles PR extraordinaire and actual crew athlete lets us pick her brain about what's it's like coming up the PR industry and starting her own agency, remaining accountable in your work and interning do’s & don'ts. We also discuss the importance of having friends that know you and networking. We send our condolences to Nispey Hussle’s family & friends and we still clash on the Adnan Syed case! Enjoy!


Episode 111: A LIL DICK SUCKIN!

This week join us as we figure out how we feel about Wendy William’s recent media whirlwind and Laura’s African Ancestry results. The HBO documentary The Inventor sparks inspiration for our own start up company. Laura discusses getting coach shaming ,having 8 hour nightmare and Vice’s minority report. Leah is on the hunt for the best dude ranch and exploring the idea of domestic traveling Plus Jussie Smollett’s charges have been dropped! And we read your listener letters! Like, Rate, Comment!


Episode 110: Outraged Over the Outrage!

This week Destiny of New wave feminist and Pro-life advocate comes to the show to discuss challenging the Pro-life movement in becoming more women centered, removing the stigma of being a pro-life feminist, providing information, resources and support for pregnant women. Then we discuss our upcoming live show, the dark side of politics on twitter and the Adnan Syeed case gets spicy! Then we get into a letter from a listener too consumed with her boyfriend’s social media! Enjoy


Ep 109 We Give you Murder & Positivity!

Join us this week as we discuss college admissions fraud in Hollywood and figure out whether happy endings on dates are ok? Laura sheds light on her experience in Havana,Red-bull’s music academy hip hop festival and the amazing art instillations and food Cuba has to offer. Leah gives us the drop on the HBO special on the Adnan Syed trial and announces Reebok 3AM Married to the Mob Capsule Launch/Improper Etiquette live podcast. Foot Locker Times Square – 1460 Broadway New York, Friday March...


Episode 108: Do We Still Dance to Thriller? ft. Christine Serdjenian Yearwood

This week on Improper Etiquette we sit down with CEO and founder of Up-Stand Christine Serdjenian Yearwood as she educates us on improving accessibility for pregnant women and parents in our cities and workplaces. We discuss everything from breastfeeding to changing tables and how we can advocate for these issues. Then we get into the R Kelly interview, Michael Jackson documentary and the backlash Oprah’s receiving for her after show. Then we share our Fuckboy Of the Week and read your...


Episode 107: He’s worried about your bowel movements :That’s love!

Join us this week as we discuss pregnancy discrimination in the work place,this Jussie smolett media circus and NYC transit filthiness! Laura explains how Black Mirror is coming to life and the need for social media breaks. Leah shares some recent relationship milestones and differentiates between having a Midwife and a Doula. Plus we get into Fuckboy of the week Enjoy!


Episode 106: Ft. Doctor Angela The Vagina Whisperer!

This week we sit down with the marvelous doctor Angela, Brand ambassador for Astroglide , to uncover what's really going on during the female orgasm. We also discuss the importance of sex education in and outside of schools, how to ensure your PH is balanced and the benefits of introducing lube to your sex life! Leah shares a gynecologist horror story, and Laura has questions for squirters! Then we get into some of your questions for Dr Angela! Enjoy!