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Trying to find the balance between acting like an adult and hanging onto the last shred of youth while living in New York.

Trying to find the balance between acting like an adult and hanging onto the last shred of youth while living in New York.


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Trying to find the balance between acting like an adult and hanging onto the last shred of youth while living in New York.






Episode 17 - Uncomfortable Questions Part 2 "Game Night"

Part 2 of our crossover adventure is here with the girls from the "You've Thought It, We're Saying It" podcast. And they brought in a "game night" theme where we draw cards and must answer the cringeworthy questions. From threesomes to cockblocking to fantasizing about guests and much much more. The conclusion to this rollercoaster ride is here and what a ride it has been !


Episode 16- Uncomfortable Questions Crossover Part 1

This is part 1 of a 2 part crossover special with the NO filter mouthed girls from the You Thought It, We're Saying It podcast. Pregnancy sex, baby weight, dating, first impressions, cheating and married life are all on the table here.


Episode 15 - Can NYC "bounce" back ?

Joining us this week are the 2 founders of Official Music Group NYC. They are two top tier DeeJays in the heart of New York. It seems that the entire nightclub scene has been forgotten about amidst this pandemic. We break down if, when and how can NYC's nightlife resurrect itself once everything goes back to normal.


Episode 14 - Owning your mistakes is half the battle

This episode we get real deep and personal with our guest who went through a major ordeal. A long relationship turned engagement turned entanglement real quick. Why do people feel the need to please everyone around them when they are not happy themselves? How do you get out of a relationship headed for the big I DO ? Can you look in the mirror every day and have no regerts ? Not a single letter ?


Episode 13 - Backyard Party 101

Here is the guideline for anyone who has only attended a party and never hosted. There are plenty of people out there that have no idea whats involved in hosting a party and we break it down for you all. We deem what is absolutely essential and what are bonus things to include if you have the money or space. Check it out and let us know if you agree or disagree with out formula for a good party.


Episode 12 - Who says opposites attract ?

Majority rules on another cold case.


Episode 11 Austoleum

This episode we bring in a good friend that's a bartender for one of the oldest and largest staples in the Bay Ridge south Brooklyn area. Enjoy it everyone


Episode 10 - Guest Mikey Mo'

Our next guest is one of the "older guys" from the neighborhood in which we all grew up around. A bit of a role model figure in the sense of learning how to do certain things growing up. All the tips and tricks when it comes to girls, drinking, etc. Now we catch up with him and see where his life is at. From leaving NY, to work, to quarantine things, to having kids and his relationship with his wife. Lots of topics covered in this one ladies and gentlemen so enjoy !


Episode 9- Switch it up

Majority rules would like to welcome our first female guests to get a little different perspective on things. Welcome Lauren & Simona !


Episode 8 Politics and Michael Jordan

Party of 5 gets wild with our first political guest who is also a neighborhood pal.


Episode 7 Deep Quarantine

Hey guys ! We know its been too long but here we are. We are back and ready for action. Some of us coronavirus hit us hard and some of us have been summoned as essential workers to handle going to work everyday in a hot zone like New York. But as things are slowing down, we felt it necessary to come back and fill everyone in on whats been going on. Remember you are not alone out there, we are all going through the same stuff together. We are also starting to put actual videos of the podcasts...


Episode 6 - Hiatus Recap

Within this episode includes all the events that we have missed since our last episode. And a lot of action has transpired within that time. We touch upon all the things that have been going on around us. We are back America !


Episode 5 - Really grinds my gears ?!

What are some things people do in society these days that really gets under your skin ? We take a deep dive into some things that people do whether its on purpose or not that we find to be irritating to our daily lives. Bonus cut - Aliens ?!


Episode 4- Alright Frankie

Juggernaut Barstool sports has been over-analyzing our favorite pizzerias for quite some time now. Is it okay that a guy from Boston is the one who gauge's our favorite places within the 5 boroughs? Or is it totally acceptable because of who he is ?


Episode 3 - Happy New Years !

Is New Year's Eve overrated or not ?


Episode 2- 20s VS. 30s

This one contains a comparison of the difference in our lifestyles from our 20s versus our 30s. Also, the difference in the dating pool for those of us that are single now in comparison to a decade ago.


Episode 0- Hi my name is

A brief introductory to Majority Rules and a little backstory of the "tripod" of hosts.


Episode 1- Merry Christmas