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Episode 26: It's never too late to get in the indutry

This week we're talking about GILFS or why it's never to late to get in the industry whether it's camming or making clips.


Episode 25: What does it take to run a cam network

This week we're talking about the latest news in the adult industry. If you wanted to see the video of Bangbros burning pornwikileaks to the ground there you go: We're also talking about what it takes to run a cam network. From hardware to all the man power it takes to run a smooth cam platform. As always, questions, comments, ideas of topics and anything in between follow us on Twitter @streamatemodels #smpodcast or...


Episode 24: Coming out as an adult performer

This week we're talking about coming as an adult it easy? is it a good idea? What are the long term repercussions? If you want to share your experience with us coming out to your family, friends or significant others, please do. Follow us on Twitter @streamatemodels and use the hashtag #smpodcast


Episode 23: Newbie Struggles

This week we're talking about the newbie struggles when you start camming...whether is dealing with an empty room, dealing with trolls, what expectations to have when you start, what days work better than others if any....and everything in between. As usual, comments, concerns, ideas...#smpodcast on Twitter.


Episode 22: Pricing

In this episode we're talking about pricing. Whether it's your pay per minute price, your clip price, is your price reflects your self worth? Or is it all about strategizing? Any comments, thougts, ideas about this episode or about our podcast tweet us @streamatemodels and use the hashtag #smpodcast.


Episode 21: Mental Health Support with Leya Tanit

This week we're touching on a very heavy subject: mental health in the adult industry. It's not always easy in this industry to find resources available. We talked to Leya Tanit, founder and President of Pineapple Support who provide mental health support in the adult industry. For more information on Pineapple Support, visit their website: They're always looking for volunteers, so if you are a performer and want to help with your time and be a listener for all...


Episode 20: Instagram update and Camming side hustle vs career

Last week we had the pleasure to have Anna Bell Peaks and Catherine Tayler as special guests to talk about the camming business...unfortunately it was way to good so we had some issues and the recording is pretty much lost:( So here's our attempt to wrap up what we talked about. If you think about getting into the industry check out Anna Bell Peaks mentor program Follow Anna Bell Peaks @annabellpeaksxx and Catherine Tayler @catherinerawks on Twitter for...


Episode 19: Trans Erotica with Kristel Penn

This week we're talking about trans erotica. How easy or not it is to get into the industry as a transgender? What resources are out there to help the community....Our guest, Kristel Penn has a long resume...Marketing and editorial editor at, board member, 2017 XBIZ Industry Exec Award for Brand Ambassador, and owner or If you have any questions for Kristel, follow her on Twitter @Kristel_Penn. Follow Grooby @groobydotcom.


Episode 18: Femdom with Empress MIka

This week we're talking about femdom. Because we don't know anything about it, we had to ask the insights of a real pro domme, Empress Mika. How does it work on cam? How do you explore your dominant or submissive side? All the answers and more with Empress Mika. If you have any more questions about everything femdom check out Empress Mika's and follow her on Twitter @YesEmpressMika As usual, questions, comments...#smpodcast on Twitter @streamatemodels


Episode 17: Male Webcamming with Camstar Johnny Stone

This week we're talking about camming for it hard or easy? Can a male cammodel be as successful as a female cammodel? Johnny Stone gave us his prospective, his wisdom and all the things that make him an award winning male camstar. Follow Johnny Stone on Twitter to know more about Johnny. Questions, comments, queries...use #smpodcast on Twitter or message us here.


Episode 16: How to not get banned on social media

This week we are talking about #instastrike again and what happened last week with APAG meeting with Instagram...We take that opportunity to remind everybody what to do or mostly what NOT to do on social media to make sure your account doesn't get banned. As usual, comments, ideas...message us on Twitter #smpodcast


Episode 15: #instastrike and the evolution of webcamming

In this episode we talk about #instastrike, what's going on with Instagram and the adult censorship and a bigger topic about the evolution of adult webcams from the early 2000s till now.


Episode 14: Xbiz Miami, Bucharest Summit and Exxxotica Portland Recap

In this episode we all came back from our world tour. It was time for a recap of the various events we attended last month: Xbiz Miami, The Bucharest Summit and Exxxotica Portland.


Conversation With... Laylaa Leon

We talked to Laylaa Leon at the Bucharest Summit. Introvert cam model, she got out of her comfort zone coming to her first industry event and talk to us on her birthday about her experience with her studio, how she transitioned from working at a studio to working from home, how she manages her cam gig and her day job.


Conversation With...Sophie Kennedy

We met super star Colombian model Sophie Kennedy at the Bucharest Summit...She shared with us her "secrets" to be the top Colombian model for the last 3 years...well it appears that there's no secrets, it's hard work, working 7 days a week 15 hours a day. In between, she likes to travel and network at various industry events across the globe with her plans to be the best model in the world!


Conversation With...Margo4u

We met Margo at the Bucharest Summit...our probably one and only Podcast listener from Belarus. She shared with us her personal experience in the industry as an independent model in Belarus. We sat down with a nice glass of Champagne and discussed her AirBnb business, her cam fun...and all her suggestions for future podcast topics...


Conversation With...Juan Carlos

We met with Juan Carlos Ocampo at the Bucharest Summit. Juan Carlos is Streamate Latin America representative. From his first steps in the adult industry to his Rica Suave story...learn everything you want to know about JC;)


Episode 13: Step up your lighting game with Siren SaintSin

This week we're talking about lighting and we had Siren SaintSin (@SirenSaintSin) share her wisdom and expertise about how to lit your cam or your clip depending on your budget. Follow Siren SaintSin: Website: ManyVids: ModelHub: Twitter: Follow us on Twitter @streamatemodels and use the hashtag #smpodcast to let us know about your thoughts, comments....


Episode 12: Working as a couple with Macy Kennedy and Ricky Rodeo

This week we're talking about working as a couple. Whether it's camming, or as Neil calls it "clipping" to manage your life on and or camera. To join the conversation we asked power couple Macy Kennedy and Ricky Rodeo...Beware this episode gets VERY explicit;) Questions, comments...use hashtag #smpodcast and let us know your thoughts and your experience.


Episode 11: Social Media in the Adult Industry

In this episode we're talking about social media and how complicated it can be to handle with all the restrictions regarding adult content. We're talking with social media guru Alex (@ALX_online) from @7_veils who shares his wisdom and experience...Follow us on Twitter @streamatemodels and use the hashtag #smpodcast to let us know about your experience