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088 Body Kindness with Rebecca Scritchfield

How are YOU doing with your New Year’s goals and resolutions? If you have been getting down on yourself because of diets, weight, and body image, we hope you will tune in to this amazing conversation with author, nutritionist, and coach Rebecca Scritchfield. We talk diet culture, body acceptance, health and well-being, and how to battle your inner self critic. Also included: Nicoletta admits her hot sauce “problem;” sociocultural messages about body expectations. Find Rebecca:...


087 New Year, Same Us

Nicoletta and Simone take some time to reflect on their podcast journey. They discuss if they feel an obligation to have a vibrant sex life because they host a sex podcast, work on their own communication issues, delve into childhood tales of girls being mean to them and their increased appetite for response to catcalls. It’s been a while since it was just us, so we hope you enjoy! FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants to:...


086 Can We Talk About Queefing for a Hot Sec?

We're feeling the holiday spirit, so we want to re-gift y'all with a good one. Talk about a throwback Thursday! This episode features Pan, who was the first dude on the show, so the sluts decided they had to unpack all the weird shit our bodies do when we want them to be at their sexiest. Squirting, farting, smells and menstrual blood are ALL on this menu. It's an oldie - straight Simone even makes an appearance. FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants...


085 A Vagina Friendly Company with Meika Hollender

This week Nicoletta and Simone are joined by Meika Hollender, the founder of Sustain Natural. They discuss vagina-friendly ingredients, things to put (and not put) in your vagina, the power of periods, tampon taxes, and more! Sustain: Meika: FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants to: Sluts And Scholars is a production of sluts and scholars media.


084 Minor Attraction: A Chat with a Non-offending Pedophile and his Wife

This week we are joined by James and Anna, a happily married couple. James happens to be a non-offending minor attracted person (NO-MAP), meaning that he has a desire for young girls that he has chosen to NEVER act on. We know this subject can be triggering for many, and that some of our listeners have experienced some type of sexual trauma, but we hope that you will tune in with an open mind as we talk definitions, stigma, sexual orientations, how to manage relationships with these desires,...


083 HIVperbole with Benjamin Di’Costa

This week Nicoletta and Simone are joined by a fan and queer activist- Benjamin Di’Costa. In preparation for World AIDS Day, they discuss everything from conversion therapy, to HIV, and queerness and religion. Also included: go-go dancing and a pinch of sex work. Warning: we also discuss some aftermath of mass shootings as Benji used to work at Pulse Nightclub. We hope you will tune in for this crucial discussion. To find Benji: FOLLOW...


082 Merciless Feminist Savages with Stephanie Lumsden and Dr. Cutcha Risling Baldy

In order to discuss and call out the erasure of Native Americans during a holiday founded on genocide and oppression, Nicoletta and Simone gratefully welcome two amazing scholars of the Hoopa Valley Tribe in Northern California. They discuss land, settler colonialism, menstrual huts, flower dances, menstrual taboos, gender, and more! We could not think of a better "Thanksgiving" correcting learning opportunity! To contact our...


081 Real American with Julie Lythcott-Haims

This week Nicoletta is on location back at her Alma mater Stanford University, where she has the privilege to interview Julie Lythcott-Haims, a former Stanford Dean turned bestselling author of How to Raise an Adult and Real American: A Memoir. Join in for a heartfelt conversation about the over parenting trap, being Black in America, and sex-positive parenting. About Julie: Ted Talk: Twitter:...


080 A Lover's Pinch: A History of Sadomasochism with Peter Tupper

This week Nicoletta and Simone get scholarly with Peter Tupper around the history and origins of Kink and BDSM. From etymology to the Marquis de Sade, and early examples of D/s relationships, this is an episode for anybody interested in Kink and/or history. Also included: how Kink expressions differ from culture to culture and the fetishization of violence. How would YOU feel if you went to a BDSM event and someone was dressed as a Nazi? Peter's Book and...


079 The Tiniest but Mightiest Sex Worker with Alice Little

This week the slutty scholars are joined by sex entrepreneur and relationship expert Alice Little, who is currently the most successful legal sex worker in the United States. At only 4’ 8”, she is also the tiniest licensed prostitute at Dennis Hof’s world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Tune in for a convo about sex work legislation, the renowned Moonlite Bunny Ranch, negotiating payment, dick checks, miniature pigs, and more! Don't forget to review us on iTunes! Contact Alice: Email:...


078 I Will Never Be Loved Again - AA for Heartbreak with Naz Perez

Naz Perez joins the sluts to discuss heartbreak and reality romance. She used to be a producer on the bachelor and now hosts monthly heartbreak support group. The womxn discuss some of their most painful heartbreaks (including friendship ones!), how having a sex podcast changes how you think about the world, what love is and why America loves the Bachelor franchise. Follow Naz @nazperez @heartbreak_anonymous FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants...


077 Men Wearing Panties with slaveboy julia

Nicoletta and Simone are joined by gender-fluid kinkster and fetish photographer slaveboy julia- yes it's lowercase. They talk cross dressing, gender fluidity, sexual shame and Simone’s pseudonym. Have you ever wondered why men like to wear panties? Tune in for a heartfelt conversation about the endless possibilities of gender slaveboy julia instagram: FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants to:...


076 What is Your Therapist Thinking? with Dr. Hernando Chaves

In this episode the slutty scholars welcome sex therapist and educator Dr. Hernando Chaves. He educates us about early and delayed ejaculation, what your therapist really thinks about you, mindful sex, and more! Nicoletta and Hernando also discuss what therapy and internship training is like- which is timely since Nicoletta just passed her licensing exam! Also featured: sex toy reccomendations; sex surrogates; Simone’s “vag of...


075 The Unicorniest Unicorn in New York City

Jeena Bloom, transgender comedian and engineer, found her sluttiness once she transitioned 3 years ago. She schools Nicoletta and Simone about what sex was like for her pre-transition and how glorious it is for her now, reaffirms that there are many different ways to be trans and is unabashed about being a "motherslut" unable she is to fuck to the Eagles. We talk about passing privilege, avoiding misgendering and the surprise at being way more a Phoebe than a Monica. PS: If you're an MM...


074 Phone Boning with Amberly Rothfield

In this episode, Nicoletta and Simone interview successful phone sex operator Amberly Rothfield. And yes- phone sex operators still exist and can make a lot of money! In this episode we cover: how to create your phone sex persona; what phone sex operators are really doing when they are on the phone with you; do phone sex workers enjoy their work?; who calls in?; what is rule 34?; getting doxxed; sex work and the military. Amberly's...


073 Sex and Death with Elise Geithner

The ladies are joined by Nicoletta’s college friend Elise Geithner, who is now a sex educator and soon to be Pediatric Critical Care Nurse Practitioner. In this episode you’ll hear about Adolescent sexuality; How to answer questions from teenagers about sex… even the seemingly out there ones like “Why can’t a girl get pregnant if she swallow nut?”; being a nurse; critical care, and death and bereavement. Find out why healthcare providers avoid sex as a topic and how we can improve health and...


072 The MomCast

The moms are here! Simone and Nicoletta come clean to their moms about the innocuous items they used to masturbate as children, the first time they got fingered and if they maintained their “virginity”. Also, the moms try to suss out how their girls became confident and comfortable enough to host a sex podcast. This episode is sponsored by Maude! Get your modern, body-safe sex essentials at and enter promo code "SandS" for 15% off! FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send...


071 Can I Get a Witness? Sex and Religion with Brandon Montero

This week the slutty scholars are joined by Jehovah's Witness turned sex coach Brandon Montero to talk religion and its effect on sex and sexuality. Covered: what it's like growing up as a Jehovah's Witness, life after a religious upbringing, how to masturbate with a sheet, infidelity, transcendent oral, the rapture, sexual exploration, and purity retreats. This episode is sponsored by Maude! Get your modern, body-safe sex essentials at and enter promo code "SandS" for 15%...


070 Head Bitch In Charge with Mistress Justine Cross

Head Bitch In Charge with Mistress Justine Cross Mistress Justine Cross joins the sluts to discuss pro-domming and running not one, but two dungeons. Covered: all the stuff she can, can’t and won’t do, how to navigate clients attempting to cross boundaries and the ins and outs of the small-business owning that is sex work. Allowing her to subs worship her feet, lube her up in a latex catsuit or letting her sadism shine through are just few of the things on the menu at this...


069 Pubes and Camming with Delilah Cass

Nicoletta and Simone are joined by super successful cam girl Delilah Cass. Delilah helps the slutty scholars understand how to be successful and stand out as a cam girl. They also chat about body hair and how it fits into culture and sex work. Also in this episode: What's it like dating a married couple? How much can you make as a cammer? What are some requests you get? When do you fake orgasms? Tune in to fine out! FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories,...