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059: Radical Sex with Dr. Chris Donaghue

Dr. Chris Donaghue of Loveline joins the podcast with a delicious box of goodies from Tenga. The slutty scholars talk about masturbation trends, Whore's Day, objectification, and radical activism. FOLLOW DR. DONAGHUE Web SiteTwitterInstagramFacebookMedium FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants to: Sluts And Scholars is a production of sluts and scholars media.


058 Jupiter’s Slut, or The Accidental Porn Star

Jupiter’s Slut let go of her life as a math teacher and hippie homemaker to embark on a personal masturbation journey. She joins Nicoletta and Simone to talk about wholesome sluttery, how she let go of her sexual repression through fingerpainting and kink poetry and how her sexuality was used against her in her divorce. As a bonus, Simone explains just how to use a faucet or showerhead for masturbation, because apparently a lot of people don’t get it! FOLLOW JUPITER...


057 The Scarlet “V” with Bachelor Nation’s Ashley I.

You know her as “the crying girl” or “the virgin” from Bachelor Nation. We want you to get to know her as the sexy, business savvy gal who is confident and in touch with her emotions. Join us in a candid convo with Ashley I as we talk about the concept of “virginity,” what really happens in the fantasy suite, Bachelor statistics, and what it’s like to be broken up with under a microscope. FOLLOW ASHLEY INSTAGRAMTWITTER FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories,...


056 Daddy and Babygirl’s Pain is For Pleasure with Sid and Levi

Sid and Levi are in a 24/7 Daddy Dom/Little BDSM dynamic. They’re a match made in hell: a sadist and a masochist, exhibitionist to the max, and equally into anal. They answer all of Nicoletta and Simone’s prying questions about how, who and why they fuck, hit, and love blood. FOLLOW SID & LEVI Sid's TwitterLevi's TwitterSid's InstagramLevi's Instagram Resources for BDSM classes: FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments,...


055 The Feelmore Experience with Nenna Joiner

Nenna Joiner, founder of Feelmore Adult Gallery in Oakland, CA, joins Nicoletta and Simone to talk about POC and diversity in sexual spaces. Nenna helps the slutty scholars understand how to create a community around sexual pleasure and how to follow your dreams and make shit happen. FOLLOW NENNA FEELMORE WEBSITE TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants to: Sluts And Scholars is a production of...


054 Sparkles, Titties and Consent with Bitsy La Bourbon of MoreThanNo

Bitsy La Bourbon makes consent sexy. Literally. The performance activist talks to the sluts about her creation: Cabaret Con-sensual, a burlesque and variety show for and by survivors of sexual assault (and their allies). Bitsy talks frankly about her journey of survivorhood and the healing power of sexy dancing and glitter. Catch Cabaret Con-sensual’s 3rd Birthday this Saturday May 12th in Los Angeles! Tickets available here! Facebook event:...


053 From Hearts to Assholes with Dr. Evan Goldstein of Bespoke Surgical

We have had quite a few messages from people requesting more anal. Much like good anal, patience is key. So alas- we are finally ready to open up more. You’ll get to hear about all things anal from Dr. Evan Goldstein, creator of Bespoke Surgical. Nicoletta and Dr. Evan also talk about how to have LGBTQ affirming medical care, and what it takes to get the most out of anal play from one finger to fisting. FOLLOW DR. EVAN WEBSITEINSTAGRAMFACEBOOKTWITTERMEDIUM FOLLOW...


052 Should There Be Dick? With London Steele

London Steele, the “reigning den mother of male strippers” joins Nicoletta and Simon to unveil the world of men taking their clothes off. London breaks down how accurate “Magic Mike” is, his path towards male stripdom and the big dos and don’ts of watching hot guys get next-to-naked. Note: Simone would NOT grab a dick a lil’ bit without consent. FOLLOW LONDON WEB SITEFACEBOOKTWITTER INSTAGRAM FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants to:...


051 Sex After Trauma with Jimanekia Eborn

Fight, flight, or freeze. These are some ways that we respond to triggers and trauma. Being that April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, we wanted to bring you an important and vulnerable conversation about trauma, consent, and how to thrive and find pleasure after sexual assault. Tune in to hear more about how to make consent sexy, how trauma affects the body, and learn some self-care, coping, and healing skills. Spoiler alert- we cry and urge you to feel your...


050 Buttholes and Watersports: A Candid Conversation With TS Performer Morgan Bailey

Morgan Bailey joins Nicoletta and Simone to discuss her long and illustrious career as TS performer. She delves into how she got started in the industry, how TS and mainstream porn intersect and what direction the industry is going in. The three women also discuss what “woman” even means and who gets to decide who gets to be one. Oh - and watersports. FOLLOW MORGAN InstagramTwitterWebsite FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants to:...


How to Ruin Already Horrible Songs with Jackie Beat

This week, Nicoletta is joined by Drag superstar Jackie Beat. While she is self admittedly "paid to be a bitch," Jackie also provides some real honest advice on how humor is healing, how to own yourself and cope with bullying, and how to love and own your body. Tune in to find out what is too sacred to joke about (if anything) and why Jackie loves the movie Carrie. FOLLOW JACKIE websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants...


048 Pleasure Is More Than What You Can Do With Your Penis with Dr. Paul Johannides

Dr. Paul Johannides, author of the famed Guide to Getting It On, walks the scholars through the evolution of sex ed through the nine editions of his semen-al text. The ubiquity of porn coupled with the fact that we’ve spent 2 BILLION DOLLARS on abstinence-only sex ed has created “the most ill-informed generation” in the sexual health space. Also on the docket: “premature” ejaculation: why it happens, what causes it and if it really matters. FOLLOW DR. PAUL WEB SITE FOLLOW...


047 Clitter with Veronica Moonhill

Join the clitterati and get on board with the newest glitter sensation: Clitter. This pussy powered confetti, created by Veronica Moonhill, will soon be taking over the Senate floor, literally. Are you tired of penis only games and decorations at your big events? Tune in to hear about the creation of this amazing product, the gendering in our culture, and get inspired to start drawing vulvas on people’s dirty cars. FOLLOW VERONICA WEBSITEINSTAGRAMFACEBOOK FOLLOW...


046 51 First Dates with Kimmy and Liza

Kimmy and Liza of Chix Productions join Nicoletta and Simone to talk about their podcast “51 First Dates.” We talk about first date do’s, don’ts, and hell no’s. We also get a look into what it’s like to go on a new date every week! Do you split the bill? Where’s the ideal location? Also, what’s your sign?! FOLLOW 51 FIRST DATES PODCASTFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants to:


Jilling Off with Sasha Grey

Yes, Sasha fucking Grey joins the podcast this week! The scholars get in the mood with some pterodactyl porn, then talk about whether or not Sasha asked Rocco to punch her in the stomach, the #metoo movement and how porn is a healthy way to explore your sexuality. Also touched on: Sasha’s new novel, Sasha’s favorite standup comedians, her pornographic mission statement, and what she discovered about sex once she stopped doing porn. Sasha’s books (new book out next week): The Juliette...


What Happens in Vegas Goes on Sluts and Scholars

Ever wonder what a porn expo is like? Nicoletta and Simone take you on the ride of your life as they explore the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Hear from some eager fans (including a guy who brings lightsabers for the porn performers) and some of your favorite past Sluts and Scholars’ guests including Nina Hartley, Blair Williams, and Siouxsie Q. Ever wonder what a flogger sounds like on our butts while we talk about Tolstoy? Tune in to find out… FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send...


Sex, Pot and Ashley Manta

Amazing Ashley joins the slutts scholars to talk about the orgasmic and healing potential of the combination of cannabis and sex. She teaches them about the shitty racist history of “marijuana”, gives major pro-tips on how to not be TOO high and explains alllll about getting your private parts nice and stoned. FOLLOW ASHLEY WEB SITEFACEBOOKTWITTER FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants to:


Sex Talk with My Mom

Would you want to know how your parents make whoopie? Self-proclaimed cougar Karen-Lee Poter and her pro-clown son Cam of Sex Talk with My Mom podcast join Nicoletta and Simone to surprise set Cam up with Simone. Will they or won’t they? But actually we talk dating, cougars, dick pics and how you can buy Cam’s underwear. Also, if you want to get paid for pooping in a bag and leaving it in a hotel room, tune in to find out how… FOLLOW SEX TALK WITH MY MOM WEB...


#ImARealStripper with Caroline Blaike

Caroline Blaike sexy-danced into Nicoletta and Simone’s life when they were out for Ava’s (“But Her Fingernails!”) birthday at Jumbo’s Clown Room, a Los Angeles institution. She fully embodies both being a slut and a scholar as she paid for both her undergraduate and master’s degree by stripping. She gives the deets on how to audition for Jumbo’s, the perks of working for a women-owned club and teaches how to sign some dirty talk. Oh, yeah, did we mention she’s fluent in ASL and works as a...


Night Shift with Joanna Angel

Do you ever wonder what happens to a curious Floridian girl who works the sex shop overnight? Who and what does she do?! Nicoletta and Simone get an insider’s peak into award-winning porn performer and producer Joanna Angel’s new book Night Shift: A choose-your-own erotic fantasy. To choose this slutty and scholarly adventure, click play now. FOLLOW JOANNA ANGEL TWITTERINSTAGRAM JOANNA WEBSITE BUY JOANNA'S BOOK FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants...