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Real Friends Real Talk Episode 5: Where Have We Been!

In this episode, our hosts explain what has kept them from releasing a new episode. Kev discusses his mom's recent breast cancer diagnosis and how that has heavily impacted both our hosts and where we are with that now. Jess and Kev also discuss their future potential living arrangements and Jess's idea for a chore chart, Kev's laziness, and math anxiety as well as they're next road adventure to see Heart, Joan Jett, Alice Cooper, and Korn in concert. They also discuss their excitement for...


Real Friends Real Talk Episode 4: Most Memorable TV Moments

TV has had a profound impact on everyone's lives. Especially our hosts. In this episode Jess and Kev discuss the TV moments that touched them, made them cry, made them angry, and some that even made them sick. They discuss how Sons Of Anarchy had so many memorable moments from its 7 season run to how Game Of Thrones also had significant impacts for them. From SOA, Game Of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, to Beverly Hills 90210, our host discuss how well written TV can truly hit ya right in the feels!


Real Friends Real Talk Episode 3: Our Musical Influences

In this episode Jess and Kev discuss what music had the most impact on their lives. They discuss the top concerts they've been to and how their musical tastes involved. Hear the album Kev was given in Junior High School that almost got him kicked out of his house and the misunderstood TLC lyric that has haunted him to this day. They discuss what songs have an emotional impact on them and why. Listen as Jess and Kev represent their home town of Brooklyn NY with some big ups to Notorious BIG.


Real Friends Real Talk Episode 1: Can Exes Be Friends

Although this would technically be episode 3, since Episode 1 suffered from severe technical issues and glitch, today's episode we are revisiting the topic of Can Exes Be Friends. How do two friends who used to date make their friendship work? What boundaries do we set for ourselves with our significant others? After dating 20 years ago, Jess and Kevin remain best friends. Through many relationships, ups and downs, highs and lows, and many arguments over the years they remain two really...


Real Friends Real Talk Podcast Episode 2: Addiction and how it affects those around it

Real best friends Jessica and Kevin sit down with special guest caller Seth Friedermann as they discuss addiction and substance abuse and it affects those in or around the addicts life. Seth breaks down his battle with substance abuse and how he still struggles to maintain sobriety. Hard hitting, touching, and most of all real and honest.