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episode thirty three

Welcome to bed hoppers - episode thirty three. In this charming little number we talk about Wednesday to Saturday of our Desire trip. There's some imagination applied to a hot tub situation, sexy photos, a return of the week that was and also some sexy times. Next week will be our Desire summary and a step towards normal service. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at bedhoppersuk. Thanks for hopping into our bed!


episode thirty two

A bonus episode you say? About our first four days in Desire? Go on then - welcome to number 32. Following on from our crossover episode last week, we kick off with an update addressing some of things we've been reading about online relating to consent at Desire, we talk about arriving in Desire, how we fuck up a bit and how we also make some great connections. As ever our journey is super bumpy but this time there are some amazingly brill times too. Want to get in touch, hit us up on...


episode thirty two

A cheeky little bonus episode? We don't mind if we do! So here is episode 32, which is all about our first four days in Desire Pearl. We talk about how we felt getting to the resort, how we messed things up, how things clicked and what we had for lunch (well, most of those things are true). We have some amazingly sexy and fun times - but we also, as ever fuck things up a bit. We're still processing much of the week - with extremely positive experiences being matched against disappointment...


bed hoppers - episode thirty one

We're back, baby! Episode 31! This one is a special cross-over with our good (and sexy, handsome, pretty) chums at By the Bi podcast (Bradford might just be Mr H's brother from another mother). It was recorded half way through our stay at Desire and covers a host of things - from consent to compersion to well, you'll just have to wait and see. We give a run down on how we're feeling, who is stealing the champagne and who gets a pillow fort fall down on them. Don't forget to hook up with us...


bed hoppers - episode thirty

Episode thirty - this one is all about the week before we set sail for Mexico and a good status check on how we're feeling about the Desire trip. It's not been easy but we're pretty much ready to go (at last). Join us as we talk about our costumes, our crappy week in the wind up to Desire and what we're looking forward to. We also talk about our little break - so see you at the end of November! Thanks for hopping into our bed!


bed hoppers - episode twenty nine

Welcome to episode twenty nine! In this edition we go back to our journey and talk about two different couples we met following our time in the kink house. One is a long time investment and the other a curious experience. We also have a little fun with a special feature called 'get us in bed hopper bingo'. You can play along too and see if you can predict the tips to get us into bed. Although in hindsight, they aren't really tips - more things we like. Oh well, Mrs H doesn't always follow...


bed hoppers - episode twenty eight

Thanks for downloading us and getting episode twenty eight in and around your ears. This time we catch you up on our lovely weekend (gin tours, buses, sex clubs, shirtless wonders and sexy friends). We also have a special feature for anyone looking to visit the UK and get their swing on. We talk about moving to a fortnightly show and what bed hoppers might look like post Desire. Join in the conversation at bedhoppersuk on Twitter or email us at Thanks for hopping into...


bed hoppers - episode twenty seven

It's the bed hoppers, episode twenty seven. In this exciting episode we talk about a recent house party (with doors) and interview a sexy unicorn about her experiences with us two, latex and BDSM. Mr H doesn't get to make a bear joke and is still sore about it even now. So, the usual fun and nonsense! Don't forget to check us out on Twitter at bedhoppersuk. Thanks for hopping into our bed! PS - this episode was uploaded in a pub, fact fans.


bed hoppers - episode twenty six

Welcome to bed hoppers, episode twenty six. In this episode we have some special guests (well hello there, Average Swingers!), talk about a recent party and explore some of the fun and sexy things that went on. If the audio drops out with our skyping chums, don't worry it's just our technical abilities and not your ears. Hit us up on Twitter at bedhoppersuk. Thanks for hopping into our bed.


bed hoppers - episode twenty five

Thanks for downloading bed hoppers, episode twenty five. Well, assuming you have - you could just be reading this while browsing. In which case, go on, give us a shot. In this episode we talk about our sexy party prep, our journey (with a weekend away in an educational house) and also have some tips on rejection. Thanks for hopping into our bed and letting us whisper naughty nothings in your ears. Got a question? Get in touch on Twitter at bedhoppersuk or on email at


bed hoppers - episode twenty four

Thanks for downloading the bed hoppers podcast. This is episode twenty four - which is all about our recent club visit, Mrs H's potty mouth and a just the tip that's all about online communication. There's a new intro and a little bit of an out-take too. Get in touch at or twit us at bedhoppersuk. If you're in the UK - friend us on on Thanks for hopping into our bed!


bed hoppers - episode twenty three

Great Scott, Marty! It's only episode twenty three of the bed hoppers podcast. In this edition we talk about our adventures with one couple in particular and how Mr H nearly quit the lifestyle. Trying to work out what to say in your first message to a couple? We've got just the tip for that! And Mrs H hangs her head in shame after using the 'p' word... whatever happens, thanks for hopping into our bed! Find us on Twitter at bedhoppersuk or email us at


bed hoppers - episode twenty two

Welcome to episode twenty two. This week we finally pick up our journey of old and talk about a couple who make texting tough and how the wrong words can certainly send you over the edge. We ketchup on a last minute cancellation and some plan Bs what done good. There's also a just the tip for users of (and other sites too). Say hello to us on Twitter at bedhoppersuk or on email at Thanks for hopping into our bed.


bed hoppers - episode twenty one

Episode twenty one and we're back, baby! After a two week podcation we're here to give you an update on our second house party, offer some tips about checking in pre-date and also review the atom from British sex toy makers It's our usual blend of songs, references and madness - oh and Mrs H finally does the chicken impression. Follow us on Twitter at bedhoppersuk or email us at Thanks for hopping into our beds (again!).


bed hoppers - episode twenty

Episode twenty - here at last. This one really is a game of two halves (think that's a sport reference but can't be sure). First part is all about our recent house party and the fun, sexy and odd times we had (yurt sex?!?). Second bit is all about when the kids found out. It gets a little bit serious. There's also a just the tip where Mrs H needs your help. Find us on Twitter at bedhoppersuk and email us Like what you hear? Give us a review on iTunes - go on, you know...


bed hoppers - episode nineteen

Want the score on episode nineteen, eh? Well, this one sees the bed hoppers answer some pen pal questions from our good chums at By the Bi. There's some fun questions, interesting topics and really challenging ones like 'who is your favourite Batman?'. Just the tip returns after having a brief holiday (that's vacation to some listeners across the globe). We hope you enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed making it. Catch us on Twitter at bedhoppersuk. Thanks for hopping into our bed! xx


bed hoppers - episode eighteen

Welcome to bed hoppers - episode eighteen. This week sees us follow on from our last episode and answer listener questions from Twitter, email and Reddit. If you sent one our way - thank you very much! Watch out - there's some singing, tough topics and the usual bants. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher and some other places - and/or follow us on Twitter at bedhoppersuk. Thanks for hopping into our bed, love Mr and Mrs H! xxx


bed hoppers - episode seventeen

Thanks for taking a look at bed hoppers - episode seventeen. We're Mr and Mrs H! This week we asked listeners to submit their questions and boy did you folks come through. We didn't get chance to answer them all in this edition - but there will definitely be a part two. We talk about everything from condoms, racial play, what worries us most to the future of swinging in the UK. There's some laughs, honesty and us tackling tricksy questions precious. Got more questions? Head to Twitter at...


bed hoppers - episode sixteen

Welcome to episode sixteen. In this edition we talk about our first naughty hotel meet, a spooky encounter and safety in the lifestyle. Mrs H uses the 'p' word (twice) and Mr H throws some amazing impressions out there (well it's me writing this, so I would say that). We hope you have fun listening. Let us know your safety tips by getting in touch on Twitter at bedhoppersuk. Thanks for hopping into our bed (or on our sofa or whatever we decided in the end). xxx


bed hoppers - episode fifteen

Welcome to bed hoppers - episode fifteen. Back to our journey this week - and the week of five meets (we might cheat slightly on that, but it does sound good, right?). We talk about our tips on getting through a dry spell and talk a little bit about playstyle. There maybe a slight doggo based moment too. Hope you enjoy - despite us moaning our way through the weather. See us on Twitter at bedhoppersuk. Thank you for hopping into our (very hot and uncomfotable) bed. xxx