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TMLE: A Conversation About Mental Health

WIthin the last 2 weeks we lost 2 known people by way of suicide. Coincidentally, all of a sudden everyone is wanting to talk about it. Tonight we will discuss how to keep the conversation about Mental Health alive while we take notice of the signs of someone suffering. A lot of people suffer in silence. How do we have conversations about it, without lecturing and being to overbearing. Tonight on The Miss Lee Experience we discuss the importance of Mental Health. Get ready for the experience


TMLE: Fallback Fridays with Miss Lee and The Crew

Its time for a feel good fall back friday!! IT's time to laugh, and enjoy life. Escape from the stress with Miss Lee, Tee and JT this Friday on The Miss Lee Experience! We are going to talk about things that make you laugh, things that make you say oh my god, and things that will get you away from the madness. Get ready for a full experience with Miss Lee and the crew!! Let's Fallback! Sit Back Kick It and Enjoy the Ride!!!


TMLE: Education Series Ep 2 - Is a College Degree Really Important?

How important is it really to have a college degree?


TMLE: Education Series Ep. 1 Book Smarts vs Street Smarts

Which is more important book smarts or street smarts


TMLE: Conservatives and Liberals feat Kelly Fox

Tonight on the Miss Lee Experience, we will have a discussion on the differences between conservatives and liberal thinkers when it comes to politics between the democratic and republican party. So many of us may have picked a party just because it is along with the status norm of your environment but do you really understand how democrats and republicans think? We also welcome Delegate candidate Kelly Fox to the show. Miss Lee, Tee and JT are live with a new show to get you thinking!


TMLE: Guy Code and Girl Code - Are you Following the code?

Tonight The Miss Lee Experience is talking about a few of the Girl Codes and Guy Codes that govern our species. What are some of the laws that you abide by as woman or a man? How do you deal with individuals breaking the code? Are there exceptions to the rule? Tonight we discuss all points of view. Miss Lee, Tee and JT are back with a new eperience! Get ready to sit back and enjoy the show! The Experience is HERE!!


TMLE: Making Our Schools Safe -

It seems like every other week the news reports a school shooting leaving innocent children injured, traumatized, and even killed by the hands of other students, or even terrorized adults. It makes us wonder as to how do these shootings even happen. Is gun laws really the issue, or is it a deeper factor such as bullying or even hate crimes? Tonight on the Miss Lee Experience, we will discuss this sensitive topic and even provide ways to ensure that you are having the right conversation...


TMLE: Is there a difference between flirting or just being nice?

Tonight on The Miss Lee Experience we discuss the difference between flirting or being nice? Where do you draw the line? Has there been a time where the lines were blurred and put you in a situation that you weren't prepared for? Get ready because tonight its going down. We have music, topics, converation and sports tonight on the show! Get ready for the Experience with Tee, JT and Miss Lee.


TMLE: Ladies Night - Is It Ok to Submit To Your Husband?

It's Ladies Night with a Touch of Sports!! Tonight Miss Lee is having a conversation with the ladies about Submission! Is it hard for you as a woman to submit to your husband? If so, how do you allow him to take the lead and continue to keep your stance as a strong woman? Well, we are talking about it tongith on The Miss Lee Experience. Miss Lee, JT, and Tee is bringing a new show to you this friday night!! Get Ready for the Experience..


TMLE: Loyalty - Is It Important To You?

Loyalty is one of the major foundational blocks of any relationship be it friendship or relationship. How important is loyalty to you with those that you interact and engage with. Are there situations in which loyalty isn't as important? how have you responded to individuals who did not show you loyalty? Tonight on The Miss Lee Experience, Miss Lee, Tee and JT will discuss all elements of loyalty and how important it is. It's not a game! Get REady for the Expereince!!


TMLE: Music and Emotions feat Fye Jones

Sometimes it is the song. Sometimes it is the lyrics or the artist, and other times it is the instruments. Tonight on The Miss Lee Experience we talk about our favorite songs and how they tie our emotions and pull on our heart strings. Take a moment and think about what songs make you smile, angry, sad or motivated. The playlist for tonight will pull on your heartstrings. JT, Miss Lee, Tee are giving you a special show starting off your March RIGHT. Welcome special guest music producer Fye...


TMLE: The Rich Class,The Poor Class and Everyone In Between feat Sypreme Essence

Biggie said it best, "The more money you make, the more problems you have" There are new tax laws that hit the US in 2018 and its causing an impact on the wealthy the middle class and the poor class. Tonight we discuss the different classes and talk about the impact it has on everyday life. Get ready for this informative episode of The Miss Lee Experience featuring Miss Lee Tee and JT. We have music, sports, talk and more.


TMLE: Messages in Marvels "The Black Panther"

Marvel's Black Panther hit the theaters last week and have taken the box office by storm making over $400 million in one weekend. There were so many characters that impact the story of T'Challa and Wakanda. Tonight on the show we will discuss the story, plot and character situations. Not only do we have the story of the King, but we also will discuss sports, music and more. You don't want to miss out on this great episode of The Miss Lee Experience with Miss Lee, Tee, and JT.


TMLE: Black Love Vs Love Is there a difference? feat Fye Jones

Love is a 4 letter word that ties into the feelings between two people who may share the same interests or feelings. Love can be conditional and unconditional. In the past year and in discussion of our past president there have been new documentaries focusing on the beauty of black love. We take a moment and really discuss what the differences are and how important love is between two people. We have music with Tee, Sports with JT and girl talk with Miss Lee. Don't miss out on this great...


TMLE: Play the Game or Be Real feat Malik Wade

In life we come across so many different situations where we may feel like we have to play the game to get ahead or we have to be true to how we feel and risk taking an L. Tonight Miss Lee, Tee and JT will weigh the pro's and cons of playing the game or be real. Whad do you think the consequences are. We will also be discussing the superbowl and closing out the NFL season. Between music, conversation and more The Miss Lee Experience GOT YOU!!! Tee will also be letting you know what's hot...


TMLE: What's Hot in 2018 - Pre-Recorded

On this pre-recorded episode of The Miss Lee Experience Miss Lee Tee and JT take a few moments and discuss what's really going on in 2018.. From Sex Dolls, to Time Capsules, to going to the moon, and The Black Panther! We got music, laughter and more on this special episode! The Experience is real! You don't want to miss it! It's definitely an experience!!!


TMLE: You Know You're Old When feat Comedian Mike B

Father Time has the clock of age and he is moving us through these years rather quickly. How are you dealing with aging? Do you feel like you are getting old or are you sipping through the fountain of youth? Tonight Miss Lee Tee and JT are going to have a fun conversation all about getting old? You don't want to miss out on this experience! We're getting old just thinking about it. Let's regain our youth!


TMLE: Is It Still A Man's World? Feat Actor Keith Burke

James Brown made an iconic hit "This Is A Man's World" adding to the created culture that men rule everything around us. But in 2018 is that message still meant and meaningful today? There are so many women empowerment movements that are fighting and over acheiving in the struggle of sexual orientation equality. Tonight Miss Lee, Tee and JT will be breaking down the elements of the world toay and discussing whether or not it is really a mans world.


TMLE: It's The New Year, I'm Still Fat, Broke & Lonely-What Now feat Andre Nero

Happy New Year from The Miss Lee Experience! Tonight we are going to help motivate you to make some changes as we step into 2018. So what you are not in good health.. So what you are not in a relationship.. So what you are living paycheck to paycheck. SO WHAT!!!! What matters is we can change that mediocre or unhappy life all the way around!!! It's the first of 2018 and we are welcoming back motivational speaker Andre Nero! Miss Lee Tee and JT are back with a whole new experience for 2018


The Miss Lee Experience: The Best Holiday Movie of All Time Feat Mokenstef

What is your favorite christmas movie of all time?? There are so many christmas classics that air every year. Which one do you like to watch every year? What type of feeling does it give you when you watch it? We will welcome R&B group Mokenstef!! Yes they have new music. We can't wait to catch up with them. Miss Lee, Tee and JT will be live discussing our favorites. Get ready for the experience. It's the last show of the year!!