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Everyday we are bombarded with stories in our newspapers, on television and on the radio that make it seem as though society is spiraling out of control. But just when everything in the world seems insane, Dr. Carole Lieberman creates a sanctuary for sanity. Call or log in to get help making sense of these turbulent times or just for advice from a soothing voice. “Dr. Carole’s Couch” broadcasts each Tuesday at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern) on the VoiceAmerica begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting Channel.


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Everyday we are bombarded with stories in our newspapers, on television and on the radio that make it seem as though society is spiraling out of control. But just when everything in the world seems insane, Dr. Carole Lieberman creates a sanctuary for sanity. Call or log in to get help making sense of these turbulent times or just for advice from a soothing voice. “Dr. Carole’s Couch” broadcasts each Tuesday at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern) on the VoiceAmerica begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting Channel.






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Gays Against Groomers: A Sane Voice Amidst Shouting Over LGBTQ+

The controversy over LGBTQ+ has been getting louder and louder - especially now that Pride Month is upon us. You've undoubtedly heard news about Budweiser, Target and Disney and the backlash they've received for indulging in LGBTQ+ marketing. Unfortunately, the voices have gotten so loud that no one is listening to each other anymore. Today's guest, Chris Barrett, is the Co-Director of Chapters, Gays Against Groomers and Missouri Chapter Lead. Gays Against Groomers is a 501(c)4 organization of gay people who oppose the recent trend of indoctrinating, sexualizing and medicalizing children under the guise of “LGBTQIA+” It is one of the few sane voices in this heated irrational debate. Gays Against Groomers has existed for over a year now and it has chapters all over America and internationally. They describe their reason for existing as: Our community that once preached love and acceptance of others has been hijacked by radical activists who are now pushing extreme concepts onto society, specifically targeting children in recent years. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Carole is very concerned about the propaganda being fed to children to convince them that they are some other sex than they were born as. She says that it is one thing for a child to authentically come to the realization that they are gay or some other identity of sex or gender. But, to be convinced by teachers or activists that they should be something else, before they are old enough to understand what that even means, is child abuse. Kids are lost these days - after the lockdowns took them away from their peers - and with the world at large being an existential mess. So, they are vulnerable to people who tell them that if they become trans, or anything other than their biological sex, they will feel like they belong and life will be rosy. But, when they go along with this - and get hormones and surgeries - they sadly discover that the grass isn't greener and their life isn't happier, after all. Chris Barrett will also speak about The Detrans Care Initiative. During the month of June, 50% of all donations to Gays Against Groomers will go towards detransitioners that were medicalized as youth to assist with the care and healing they need.


Secrets of Michelle Obama in '24? The Lady Doth Protest Too Much!

Biden and Robert Kennedy Jr. have already thrown their hat into the ring to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2024... but, should we count Michelle Obama out or will she throw her hat in the ring, too? Michelle Obama has repeatedly denied that she would run for President. But, doth the lady protest too much? Today's guest, Joel Gilbert, says, Yes! He is the author of Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Story and Plan for Power, and the director of the documentary Michelle Obama 2024. His deep dive into who she really is reveals that she's NOT who she pretends to be. She has pulled the wool over our eyes for years - but not any longer when you hear what he has discovered! If she wins in 2024, Gilbert predicts Michelle will take orders from global elites...and chaos and the destruction of America will follow. So, hopefully, his book and documentary will stop her Presidential aspirations in their tracks. Be one of the first to know!


Would You Like to be the Smartest One in the Room? Hear How!

Would You Like to be the Smartest One in the Room? Today's guest, Jim Karol, will tell you how! Jim wasn't always the Smartest One in the Room - or at least he didn't know he was. His story - from humble beginnings to The World's Greatest Mentalist - will have you mesmerized and realizing that you, too, can unleash your 'super powers'! In his new book, Ultimate Memory Magic, Jim shares his cutting-edge Cogmental Intelligence program for improving memory and other aspects of mental function, at any age. And he will share highlights of this with you today. Mentalist Jim Karol is living proof that radical life transformation happens when we sharpen our thinking and regain our mental edge. Using daily memory-improvement techniques coupled with lifestyle changes, Jim grew from an unmotivated Pennsylvania steel worker to a “memory phenom” demonstrating his gifts on national media, including The Tonight Show, Ellen, Today, and The Howard Stern Show, among many others. Here are some Fun Facts About Jim Karol: -In 1990, Karol correctly predicted the Pennsylvania lottery which cost the state over 12 million dollars, that soon afterwards, changed lottery laws across the nation. -Jim also made headlines by predicting the outcome of the “Final Four” on a national radio show, BEFORE the tournament began. -Some of Jim’s abilities include knowing over 80,000 zip codes, thousands of digits of Pi, the Scrabble dictionary, sports almanacs, MEDICAL journals, and thousands of other facts. -Jim can tell you the day of the week for EVERY date all the way back to 1AD and memorize a shuffled deck of cards in less than a minute!


FENTANYL: Will you recognize it before it kills you or your kids?

You've heard we're in a FENTANYL CRISIS - but do you really know what this is and how you can escape dying from it? It's not just about avoiding strange men on street corners who are drug pushers - it's everywhere. Even people who don't take legal or illegal drugs are at risk. It's been coming across the border in droves and no neighborhood is immune! Today's guest, James Fishback, knows firsthand just how serious this crisis is. He's the founder and executive director of Incubate Debate, which serves thousands of middle and high school students, teaching them that open debate and free speech are essential. This school year, James has visited high schools across Florida and spoken with thousands of students about lethal fentanyl through Incubate's Not Even Once initiative. He has seen firsthand how little students know about fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that represents 80% of all fatal teen overdoses. He views the teen fentanyl crisis as a massive supply side issue and an education issue, both of which must be solved in order to save young men and women from this deadly poison. At a time when many schools insist on hosting drag queen story hour, there appears to be no time, effort, or urgency to discuss fentanyl with young people, who are peddled fentanyl via social media in the form of counterfeit pills made to look like FDA-approved drugs, Percocet, Oxycontin, Adderall. He will tell you what kids really think!


The Woking Dead: How Society's Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture

Everywhere you look, there are more signs of wokeness devouring American culture bit by bit. Today's guest will help you fight back. It's A.J. Rice, the author of the new bestseller, The Woking Dead: How Society's Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture. It is a book that should be required reading for all high school and college students, and encouraged for everyone else. It may be the only thing that stands between American freedom drowning in a sea of woke cancel culture and becoming a totalitarian Marxist state. Americans are asleep at the switch - too dazed or to afraid to open our eyes to the insidious destruction of all our institutions and everything that made America great. It is a life raft that explains what has been engulfing our country and we need to grab onto it while there's any shred of hope to be had. It tells it like it is - and we need to hear it!


Manifesto, Monarchy & More

Dr. Carole talks about the hot topics of the day: Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale's manifesto and why all the fuss about it; the British Monarchy and the Coronation... and more.


What They're Hiding About Joe Biden's Mental&Physical Health!

This is a replay from Biden's run for President in 2020 - His mental & physical health have only gotten worse! We're all suffering from Election Stress Disorder. Find out what it is, why this year is different from all other years, and what you can do to feel better and cure it. Dr. Carole will also touch on the most controversial issues of the day - from why people blame President Trump for Coronavirus, to what it means that a fly stole the show at the Vice-Presidential debates, why childhood and not politics should be the focus of the Amy Coney Barrett's hearings for the Supreme Court - and what you need to know about Joe Biden's mental and physical health! She also urges you to sign her change.org petition to be sent to the Commission on Presidential Debates to: Save Our Election! Demand 2 More In-Person Debates! No Valid Medical Reason for Virtual! Especially since President Trump has tested negative for Covid19! https://tinyurl.com/yxp3k3d8


Who's GEORGE SOROS & Why Is He Destroying America With His Money?

George Soros is a man with billions at his disposal and one of the most powerful networks in the world, whose motto is: If I spend enough, I can make it right. But what is right, according to Soros? Today's guest, Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of The Soros Agenda, perceptively predicted, Unchallenged, Soros would change the political landscape of the U.S. Join her on the journey as she exposes the Orwellian lingo, schemes, and strategies Soros has been using to transform America from a thriving, law-and-order democracy into a Sorostian world. George Soros's past as a survivor of World War II is an experience he applies as his primary credential to justify meddling in the political and social affairs of countries around the world. The self-proclaimed agnostic, Soros disputes Israel's right to exist as the Jewish State but exploits the religion he was born into as a tactic to shield him from criticism. For the past four decades, Soros has been using his multibillion-dollar, political-philanthropic global network to impose his Weltanschauung on the world. By 1993, Soros was heralded as The Man Who Broke the Bank of England. He used the praises and publicity to create a network of powerful foundations dedicated to his overriding ambition and objective to reshape the world's only constitutional democratic republic, the United States of America. By 2023 the nation's political and social landscape has changed beyond recognition. The financial speculator's enormous sums of money oiled the Democrat Party's machine that advanced his agenda that turned the American dream into a nightmare. How did he do that?



Montecito, California is in the news these days, thanks to Harry and Meghan. But, before they came to live here, there were bigger true stories. Today's guest, Kim Cantin, is the author of Where Yellow Flowers Bloom: A True Story of Hope Through Unimaginable Loss. It's a heartfelt memoir that recounts her healing journey in the midst of tragedy that gives rise to unexpected wisdom, affirming love that transcends beyond life. A natural disaster stoking tragic headlines Is the backdrop of the profound retelling of the survival of Ms. Cantin and her daughter and the search for her missing son in the wake of the loss of her husband and home. In the early hours of January 9, 2018 heavy rainfall combined with deforestation from recent wildfires caused a series of mudflows northwest of Montecito, California. The incident was responsible for 23 deaths and cost $177 million in property damage. News of the mudslide that ravaged the unsuspecting community made national headlines. Among those headlines was the tragic story of the Cantin family. Before the devastating slide reached their home, Kim and Dave Cantin, along with their children, Jack and Lauren, tried to escape in the middle of the night with their beloved dog. Separated during the impact, their fates were now out of their control. After waking up half buried in a pile of mud, boulders and debris that carried her away from where her home once stood, Kim Cantin was all alone, unaware if any of her family had survived.... To find out the rest of the story, tune in.


Can INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY Survive in Our Age of Judgment?

Repeating this show today as former President Trump is being illegally and unconstitutionally arraigned - Can we still get justice in a world where Guilt or Innocence is decided in the court of public opinion before the actual courtroom trial has even begun? Today's guest, Doug Bremner, M.D., a Forensic Psychiatrist, is co-author of the new bestseller, Justice in the Age of Judgement: From Amanda Knox to Kyle Rittenhouse and the Battle for Due Process in the Digital Age. Have you been noticing how much public opinion has been growing - for or against defendants - with mobs outside courtrooms and inside social media? Have you wondered how much these activists have affected the eventual verdict of high profile cases? Can juries be objective anymore when they have to pass by throngs of threatening protesters? Justice in the Age of Judgment looks at these issues as they relate to high profile murder trials - from Amanda Knox to OJ Simpson, Derek Chauvin, Kyle Rittenhouse, Casey Anthony, Michael Jackson and many more. It is an unparalleled and unflinching look at the captivating cases tried on Twitter and TV, where the burden of proof and fundamental legal tenet of “innocent until proven guilty” is under assault from the court of public opinion. Anne Bremner, JD is the other co-author - making a perfect team her brother, Doug - to analyze this issue.


Is America on the Brink of Civil War?

America on the brink of Civil War? How could this be? It's almost too surreal and scary to think about! Isn't the Civil War something that happened in the history books? Why hasn't America learned from the bloodshed that went on back then? Then it was the North vs. the South, but today it's the Left vs. the Right... and the Left are the ones who are provoking it. How? Why? What can we do to stop it? These are the urgent questions that today's guest, Robert Spencer, will answer. He's warned us about it in his most recent book entitled, The Sumter Gambit: How the Left is Trying to Foment a Civil War. And whether you're on the Left or the Right, you will want to know what's coming - because just like the original Civil War tore America to pieces, literally, another one, at this time in history, would be even worse. What is the Sumter Gambit? It’s the concerted effort by the Left to push the most extreme policies and ideologies into American public life, while simultaneously labeling any opposition to their overreach as treason. While this strategy has been developed for decades, only since the Trump years has it become their central organizing principle and, indeed, the only governing strategy of the Democratic party. Critical Race Theory in schools, extreme gun control and abortion laws, Covid lockdowns and mandates–and all that is just the beginning. The purpose of it all is to push non-Leftist Americans into an impossible corner–where they are forced to choose between giving up their liberty and their most dearly-held principles; going to jail; or fighting back. When the last becomes the only choice, the Left plans to unleash the entire might of the Military-Industrial Complex to defeat and destroy any vestiges of dissent. They’ll have to do it, they’ll say, to protect us from an “insurrection.” There is no doubt that America is suffering from grave crises today. Here the noted political analyst, Islam expert, and historian Robert Spencer shows just how severe those crises are–and points the way back from the brink of civil war to political, societal, and cultural sanity.


From Convicted Jan 6th Rioter to Today's Congressional Hopeful

To some people, Derrick Evans is an enigma: how can someone be a part of the Jan. 6th riots, be convicted, apologize and then run for Congress? There's no question that he was there at the January 6th, 2021 Capitol riot - he live-streamed himself on Facebook Live shouting such things as, We're taking this country back whether you like it or not.... Patriots stand up! He was one of the more prominent defendants and he faced more serious charges because he was considered a leader, as he had been a West Virginia state legislator at the time. He pleaded guilty to a felony civil disorder charge and was sentenced to 90 days in jail. He is now out and more committed than ever to saving America. Will his role in the Jan. 6th riots help him get elected - or hurt him? What was the riot really like? It's not the narrative that the mainstream media has been feeding us. Now that we have seen some of the previously hidden video, we know it's not what they've been trying to sell us as the truth!


Tiny Blunders-Big Disasters: Mistakes that Changed the World

Today, we’re going to experience the ‘Butterfly Effect’ of human history with guest, Jared Knott. He is the author of Tiny Blunders/Big Disasters: Thirty-nine Tiny Mistakes That Changed the World Forever. How often does it happen that a single tiny mistake causes an entire civilization to collapse? More often than you think! You will be amazed at the little things that changed history in a big way. Here are a few examples: -A single document poorly designed by one single clerk in one single county changed the outcome of a presidential election and led directly to a major war. -A soldier accidentally kicks a helmet off the top of a wall and causes an empire to collapse. -A small mechanical device several inches long fails to function, which changes the outcome of WWII and leads to the death of millions of people. A man fails to gather his army in time to defend against an attack because of the temptation of opium and a young slave woman.



Due to current events where the Democrats' narrative of Jan. 6 is being exposed and proven to be a LIE - here is an encore of a prior podcast that already told you just that! The events of January 6th, the 'trespassing' of the Capitol to protest a fraudulent election, has been the banner cry of Biden supporters and Trump haters - but they have been telling you LIES from the beginning - and continue to perpetuate these lies with the Congressional January 6th committee hearings. This is a desperate attempt to turn half the country against the other half, and to hide election fraud so that they can continue to perpetuate it at mid-terms and future elections. They are stealing democracy and freedom away from Americans! Fortunately, two bold men - today's guests - have created a film to tell the REAL story. It is shocking that this could happen in America, but you won't have any doubts once you see it. Meanwhile, you can hear what Director Chris Burgard and Producer Nick Searcy have to say, on this episode of Dr. Carole's Couch.


The Ghost of Dr. Zev Zelenko Returns To Inspire Us To Stay Well!

Dr. Vladimir 'Zev' Zelenko was the wisest, bravest and most humble physician of the 21st century. He risked everything to stand up to the medical establishment, politicians, and sheep (people who were afraid to think for themselves when it came to deciding how to protect against Covid19 and how to treat it if they got it). Dr. Carole had the honor of interviewing Dr. Zelenko on an previous episode of Dr. Carole's Couch. (You can find it in the Archives.) Unfortunately, Dr. Zelenko passed away (NOT from Covid19) in 2022, but today's guest is his 'ghost' so to speak. Brent Hamachek is the co-author of ZELENKO: How To Decapitate The Serpent. This book is the story of Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko’s rise from a modest family physician to an internationally recognized champion for medical freedom. This final memoir gives the reader a chance to know Zev as a person as you journey with him through the COVID storm. Dr. Z. also makes his arguments as to why the COVID virus was manmade, why it was treatable from the outset, and why the “vaccine” should be avoided, especially by children. Taken from over 60 hours of interviews and containing numerous research citations, this book reads like part biography, part research paper, and part thriller.


Russian Author of PUTIN'S PLAYBOOK Reveals His Ominous Secrets!

For the 1 year Anniversary of Putin's Invasion of Ukraine-here's a replay of this episode-just as relevant today as it was: Today's guest, Rebekah Koffler, is a Russian-born American, who became devoted to helping American intelligence since 9/11. She's the author of PUTIN'S PLAYBOOK: Russia's Secret Plan to Defeat America - a book that's a must-read for every American who cares about the future of America - which is more at risk than we realize. While Americans are nonchalantly sipping lattes and believing the lies much of the media feeds us - either out of their ignorance or self-serving intentions, Russia is continuing on its secret plans to defeat us. We know something about the danger they pose as a nuclear power, but we're clueless about what Russia has already been doing as an 'inside-job' to destroy us. School children should be reading this book instead of learning CRT and why-being-trans-is-better-than-the-sex-you're-born as. This book predicted what's happening now in Ukraine, and what Russia has in the works. The previous show of March 8, 2022 (and repeated on March 15, 2022), Biden & Putin & Ukraine-Russia War on My Couch is a great companion piece to today's show. In the previous show, Dr. Carole psychoanalyzes Putin. In today's show Ms. Koffler analyzes Putin in the context of the Russian mindset and history.



Bryan Kohberger finally has a woman who isn't rejecting him. Indeed, Brittney Hislope declares that she is lovesick for him and sends him love letters and sexy photos. But, Bryan wasn't her first prison romance. Her first love was Cody Hall, in prison in Kentucky, after being convicted of a deadly 2017 shooting and machete attack. Brittney was just as lovesick for Cody as she now claims to be for Bryan. She sent Cody love letters and visited him until Cody realized that she was too over the top, even for a man facing 23 lonely years in prison. Today's guest, Donna Hubbard, Cody's mom, courageously steps forward to tell the true story of Brittney's obsession with her son. Donna wrote, My son was convicted of murder, something I’m not proud of, but it is what it is. She became obsessed with him. Showed up at his court hearings, went to the jail, put money on his books. He was gonna play her along for commissary, again not proud, but she showed up for a visit one day and told him she loved him more than she loved her own child. That was finally when my son said enough. She would not stop. I finally recorded a video of him telling her he wanted nothing to do with her because when I told her she said I was a liar. After watching the video, she claimed the jail and me made him record it. She definitely has mental health issues and extreme narcissism.” Donna is a strong mental health advocate and states that the system failed her son. If they hadn't let him fall through the cracks, he wouldn't be in prison today. Dr. Carole wrote an open-letter to Brittney, after being asked by Newsweek to address her obsession with Bryan Kohberger. Dr. Carole's bestselling award-winning book, Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them and When to Leave Them, has a chapter on The Lethal Lover, which explains the phenomenon of women falling in love with men in prison.


Why is This Valentines Day Different From All Others?

This episode first aired in 2019, but it fits for this year's Valentine's Day, too. Valentine’s Day: Dr. Carole explains how it is different from all other Valentine’s Days - and why the forecast for romance is cloudy with a chance of rain. It’s a perfect storm of: the #MeToo movement dampening men’s libido, political affiliations overtaking dating apps, and her gallery of Bad Boys and Bad Girls (as described in her two award-winning/bestselling books of the same titles). Dr. Carole tells you everything you want to know about sex and love that you were afraid to ask, and helps you avoid heartbreak on Valentine’s Day and every day.



Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction.” Ever since the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump, the White House (Obama, Biden and Kamala) have been driving America into destruction - like a runaway train. Our freedom is hanging by a thread and it will take each and every one of us to do something to hold onto it. Fortunately, there are some special people, like today’s guest, Christina Bobb, who is helping us fight like hell. She currently serves as attorney for Donald J. Trump. Her new book, Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of The 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024, takes us behind the scenes and exposes what really went on in the backrooms of polling places, legislatures, Congress and more. By breaking down the crimes that were committed by both Democrat and Republican politicians, woke leftist activists, and people who don’t realize that the Democratic party is not what it used to be, Ms. Bobb provides us with a blueprint for how we can and must save 2024. The Washington D.C. swamp lied, cheated and stole, to make it seem like Biden won, a man with encroaching dementia. We can’t let them pull the wool over our eyes again to sell out our country to socialism and the global elite . They were, and still are terrified of President Trump because they know Trump is wise to them and would continue to make America Great Again, Again!


FATHERLESS IIN KENOSHA: Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse

Do you think you know the stories of Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse? You only know the superficial and politically slanted version that the media has presented in soundbites. You may think that Jacob Blake was another black man unfairly targeted by white cops who shot him at random, and you may think that Kyle Rittenhouse was out for blood when he attended the riots that set Kenosha ablaze. Neither stories are true. Today’s guest, Rob Montz, co-founder and CEO of Good Kid Productions, has created a stunning documentary. Stunning - not only visually - but by the shocking truth it reveals. The Broken Boys of Kenosha digs beneath the surface to find out the truth. Who are these people, really? What brought them to their spots in history? What is the profound connection that they share? How does fatherlessness affect boys (and girls) - and what is the danger of its growing impact on America? These questions - and more - are answered in today's podcast, and you can find this documentary - as well as many other exceptional ones - at goodkidproductions.com