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Affirming Fitness with Teddy Bass and Dr. Marissa

if you’re anything like me and struggle with the idea of working out even if it’s healthy for you then this is a show for you. Fitness expert celebrity trainer of Cameron Diaz Lucy Lu and Christina Applegate and author of Affirm Fitness Teddy Bass comes to the studio to coach Dr. Marissa on what’s getting in her way of being comfortable in her own body. Teddy takes a holistic balanced approach that is beyond just eating right and working out. Dr. Marissa puts the moose on the table about...


Joby Weeks takes the Cryptic out of Cryptocurrency for Dr. Marissa

Aloha, Great to meet ya. My name is Joby, I'm too blessed to be depressed. And that is how my guest Joby Weeks introduces himself! He educates us on the definition of bItcoin, demolicans and republicats, and how our system is keeping us JOB Just Over Broke! He shares how he became a millionaire at 19 from a famiIy that taught him entrepreneurship as a necessity. For the last 18 years, he’s been working on creating a team of social entrepreneurs committed to wiping out global malnutrition...


Jaafar Jackson and Eric Tippets raise the music energy with Dr. Marissa

How can you raise awareness and the ability to leverage social impact and realign the music industry so that musicians get their fair share of a bigger unlimited pie for their artistry? You bring together 2 fab people and interview them in studio!! Jaafar Jackson is a rising star...singer, songwriter and entertainer, second youngest son to legendary singer, songwriter, and producer Jermaine Jackson and nephew to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Eric Tippets Co-Founder of NASGO...


Jenny Carr

So you want to end pain with a Peace of Cake? Jenny Carr bestselling author talks to Dr. Marissa about ending pain from inflammation with great tasting food!


To Publish or Not to Publish with Keith Leon S. and Dr. Marissa

Keith Leon S. is a multiple international best-selling author, he owns a successful publishing company and he’s a speaker/trainer who’s well known as, “The Book Guy.” He's appeared on many popular radio and television broadcasts, and his work has been covered by Inc. Magazine, LA Weekly, The Huffington Post and Succeed Magazine and spoken at events that included Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara De Angelis, John Gray, Michael Beckwith and Marianne Williamson....


Don't Lose Money with Financial Advisor Lorraine Ell and Dr. Marissa

Lorraine Ell is the CEO of Better Money Decisions (B$D) and Better Insurance Decisions. As co-owner of B$D, she is excited to continue her long career as an investment professional which started when she worked in the 1980s as an advisor with Drexel, Burnham and Lambert and J.W. Charles and as Co-owner of a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. Author of the book, Bozos, Monsters and Whiz-bangs: Bad advice From Financial Advisors and How to Avoid it!, Lorraine is also frequently...


Thomas Bierdz, Actor Author 'The Young Gay and Restless’ n Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa

Thomas Bierdz, Actor Director and Author 'The Young Gay and the Restless' comes to talk about Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa. Bierdz' life is a classic American story, beginning with a humble, uneventful childhood to Hollywood stardom. And then slowly, systematically, a return to a humble, but hardly uneventful, private life. However the escapades in between are remarkable! His journey to loving himself starting in homophonic Nebraska, was almost a victim of Jeffrey Dahmer and then made...


Marc Demetriou shares Lessons from my Grandfather, an award-winning book on success

Marc Demetriou is a nationally recognized mortgage banker, bestselling author, and top rated speaker. His grandfather's hard work and success inspired him to write his best-selling book, "Lessons from my Grandfather: Wisdom For Success in Business and Life", and he strongly believes that success is a choice. He zooms in from New Jersey to talk to Dr. Marissa about how to be successful based on his strong loving relationship with his grandfather. Episode sponsored by...


Riadh Hamdi shares his American dream with Dr. Marissa

American dreams do come true, ask someone who came from to America up with two dollars in his pocket and knew only one word in English “Job”. Dr. Marissa celebrates his emotional heart opening and sheds a few tears on her own at the level of gratitude and appreciation Riadh has for America. He receives Dr. Marissa’s Beneficial Presence on the Planet Award. Episode sponsored by and


Piper Dellums inspires motivates and brings Dr. Marissa to tears

Piper Dellums daughter of the late great Ron Bellums, who wrote the bill that ended Nelson Mandela‘s imprisonment (even though Reagan vetoed it twice which delayed his release for 11 years) shares why and how her father’s passion for peace and humble beginnings drove him from Mayor to Congressman to a world advocate for peace. Piper tells her own story perfectly illustrating why pain in life is mandatory but suffering is optional and that all trauma plays a purifying role into magnificence...


Brad Yates taps beauty back into Dr. Marissa

Brad Yates is known internationally for his creative and often humorous use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Author of the best-selling children's book "The Wizard's Wish," the co-author of the best-seller "Freedom at Your Fingertips," he is a featured expert in the film “The Tapping Solution,” He has also been a presenter at a number of events, including Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success, has done teleseminars with “The Secret” stars Bob Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale, and has been...


Dr. Marissa prescribes a Book of Romance for Callers

Combining 2 special series for the show, Call-ins and Sexual Healing, Dr. Marissa tries to help Callers with Romance and Relationship finding themselves alone and wondering if there’s something wrong with them. The first caller Lilliana is wondering why after a long relationship she has not been able to find anyone from two dating sites. Dr. Marissa smog checks some of her BS belief systems that are keeping her from finding a match. Mike is worried and guilty about a partner of 15 years...


Celebrating Dr. Marissa’s Book Launch Completion with Erin Saxton and Alana Chapman

After a grueling amazing wonderful launch week for Dr.Marissa’s new book “8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are”, Dr. Marissa shares her great news with 2 friends who are great examples of advocates for women supporting women who have been important supporters during this process. Dr. Marissa did not make the top 100...BUT she made the TOP 10 in 2 very tough categories and also won three book awards! Alena Chapman‘s interview with Dr. Marissa can be found on YouTube. Alena is the...


Time management with Penny Zenker JIT for Dr. Marissa’s book launch!

Launch day for Dr. Marissa’s new book 8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are and she brings on one of her supporters. Penny Zenker is an international speaker, business strategy coach and best-selling author.She’s one of America’s leading experts in the psychology of productivity to eliminate distraction, perfectionism and self-sabotage to maximize results in every area of your life. Penny’s book The Productivity Zone was an instant Amazon Best Seller and her TEDx, "The Energy of...


Sexual Healing with Ola Ray Michael Jackson’s costar from Thriller

Singer dancer actress and costar to the number one most watched music video in the world Thriller sits down and reveals her own personal battles including revealing something she’s never revealed on any other interview before. She talks about her friendship with Michael, his real personality and how/why he died. Ola Ray talks about her path to Thriller including a Playboy centerfold and the sexual advances she had to endure which are all her book manuscript. She’s looking for a publisher...


Danny Gomez and Dr. Hope Abilities Recovery Center make Dr. Marissa cry

Got Hope? Danny Gomez and Jeffrey Lefkovitz Founder of the Abilities Recovery Center talk to Dr. Marissa about Healing the Body and Mind and what it takes to come back from a paralyzing accident. The documentary Day One and Danny’s direct message to anyone in a wheelchair brings Dr. Marissa to tears...twice! It’s a good thing that tears are the disinfectant that keep your heart soft. Both gentlemen receive Dr. Marisa’s Beneficial Presence on the Planet Award for their work inspiring hope for...


Season 6: Show #322

Today on the 2016 Podcast of the Year Top 10 in Health Award winning show “Take my advice I’m not using it: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa” Bestselling author and PR/marketing guru Jill Lublin gives free advice!


Karen Mills-Alston with 10 Principles for Dr. Marissa

Karen Mills-Alston shares wisdom from her new book 10 “Principles for a life worth living: a guide for actively and purposefully participating in your life”, with a true story of how to live in that purpose watching her husband die of cancer to how she works with her clients in seeing what is best about them instead of seeing a problem to be fixed. Accolades for our mutual teacher Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith and the ideas that help us release blame and shame from the little time that we...


3-time Oprah guest Jonathan Robinson visits the Asian Oprah in studio

Is it better to be right or Happy? Jonathan Robinson author of More Love Less Conflict talks about his encounter with Donald Trump and with Oprah, and the key to happy relationships. He says his secret to his success is his laziness because all of his tips for communication for couples are easy to use and take less than two minutes. Dr. Marissa tries not to fall for manipulation and cynicism and warms up to Jonathan's empathetic and validating/manipulating approach. Episode sponsored by...


Solutions with Kabira Stokes CEO Homeboy Electronics Recycling and Dr. Marissa

So how do you remedy a billion dollar prison that invests more in keeping people behind bars then in rehabilitating them? You create value jobs, hire train and prep people who have done their time and come out of the prison system, and truly give them a fair chance at becoming productive members of society. 30 years ago Father Gregory started his Homeboy mission and now Kabira has partnered with him in a model that works. California Attorney General candidate and former Insurance...