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Season 6: Show #322

Today on the 2016 Podcast of the Year Top 10 in Health Award winning show “Take my advice I’m not using it: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa” Bestselling author and PR/marketing guru Jill Lublin gives free advice!


Karen Mills-Alston with 10 Principles for Dr. Marissa

Karen Mills-Alston shares wisdom from her new book 10 “Principles for a life worth living: a guide for actively and purposefully participating in your life”, with a true story of how to live in that purpose watching her husband die of cancer to how she works with her clients in seeing what is best about them instead of seeing a problem to be fixed. Accolades for our mutual teacher Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith and the ideas that help us release blame and shame from the little time that we...


3-time Oprah guest Jonathan Robinson visits the Asian Oprah in studio

Is it better to be right or Happy? Jonathan Robinson author of More Love Less Conflict talks about his encounter with Donald Trump and with Oprah, and the key to happy relationships. He says his secret to his success is his laziness because all of his tips for communication for couples are easy to use and take less than two minutes. Dr. Marissa tries not to fall for manipulation and cynicism and warms up to Jonathan's empathetic and validating/manipulating approach. Episode sponsored by...


Solutions with Kabira Stokes CEO Homeboy Electronics Recycling and Dr. Marissa

So how do you remedy a billion dollar prison that invests more in keeping people behind bars then in rehabilitating them? You create value jobs, hire train and prep people who have done their time and come out of the prison system, and truly give them a fair chance at becoming productive members of society. 30 years ago Father Gregory started his Homeboy mission and now Kabira has partnered with him in a model that works. California Attorney General candidate and former Insurance...


A Panel of Millennials talk Sex with Dr. Marissa

In her monthly special series Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa the new Asian Dr. Ruth, a panel of smart cute and brave Millennials open up about their own experiences and agreement/disagreement with the statistics around millennial hook ups and reticence towards romantic relationships. Dr. Marissa makes some suggestions on balancing out the current state of sexual education and gets big head nods from the panel members Elise Quintanilla 18 Aldrick Chavez 16 and Annette Welsh 23. Episode...


Dr Nelly advocating Mom’s for peace with Dr. Marissa

So how do you talk to your children about peace with all of the violence on TV? Dr. Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri Psychologist and Global Child Advocate and her eight-year-old daughter Chloe give listeners practical ideas on how to take a breath and join communities to help each other start a new generation called the Peace Generation. Dr. Marissa reads a beautiful Mother’s Day From her daughter also named Chloe and share some balance tools that she’s used with her own kids to promote peace at...


Dr. Marissa gives Callers a Smog Check from Stinkin Thinkin about hating Jobs and Mothers

Dr. Marissa works her BS Belief System calling with Lisa and gives her practical balance tools to allow whatever new prosperity is waiting to come into her. Appreciation for where you are and Google play for allowing limitless possibilities were part of the advice given that Dr. Marissa doesn’t use 😜. Camellia who struggles with forgiving her mother is stuck going to the tractor for milk, and Dr. Marissa reframes motherhood for her so that she can stop using her relationship with her...


Happy Days Mom Marion Ross celebrates Dr. Marissa 6 year anniversary on the air!

There’s no better way to celebrate six years of my show than with the amazing mom of the iconic TV show Happy Days. Marion Ross proves that a positive attitude and a curious mind will keep you looking super young at almost 90. Her incredible career that spans from Humphrey Bogart Cary Grant and Lauren Bacall to the grandmother voice on SpongeBob Square pants and 11 seasons of Happy Days gives her no hesitation to Dr. Marissa’s question “Any Regrets?” “NO!!!” Emmy and Golden Globe...


Sexual Healing after Divorce with Research with Sara Davison and Dr Marissa

Divorce Coach Sara Davison zooms in from UK to give us practical tips on how to get back that loving feeling. And to prove that she knows what it feels like, Sara gives her own painful true story of what she went through...And the reason she has created the bestselling book Uncoupling and The programs that help others heal so that the voice does not become a life sentence to heartbreak. Episode sponsored by the 21 Day Fast from Complaining with Dr. Marissa APP


Dr. Marissa helps Callers with Stress Relief

Danna calls in from Florida to ask Dr. Marissa about stress relief which is hurting her health. Dr. Marissa offers a myriad of balance tools including naming the critic, using the power of Chi and recovering perfectionism to help. Joy Grace calls in from Las Vegas to ask about ways in which to deal with Shift happening. Dr. Marissa pulls out Balance mantras that she uses when things go wonkers in her own life Including what happened on today’s show! Episode sponsored by...


The Koren Brothers talk music and magic with Dr. Marissa

So what do you do after you retire from opening for Coldplay, Rod Stewart and pink? You put yourself in the service helping other people find their own true authentic voice. The brothers Koren Isaac and Thorald, who immigrated from Australia as young teens,brilliantly share their music their passion and their understanding of the wonder of our voices with Dr. Marissa literally! How everyone can be a singer and the way our songs can help us read discover and believe in ourselves again....


Upside of Millennials with Victoria Ruke and Dr. Marissa

Introducing my favorite millennial Victoria Ruke a storyteller and business woman. Her passion for storytelling began at a young age leading her from acting all the way to creating the stories themselves. In high school she got her first directing role as Assistant Director for the drama club, and she fell in love… After launching several business, her newest adventure has brought her to be Co-founder and President of Ruke Studios, an interactive storytelling company. Their first project,...


Dr. Mensah revolutionary solutions to Depression, Alzheimers balancing with Dr. Marissa

Dr. Albert Mensah, M.D., is the board certified co-founder of Mensah Medical, a biomedical clinic specializing in advanced nutrient therapy for anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral disorders, mood disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and other cognitive conditions. Mensah Medical’s integrative approach works in conjunction with both traditional and natural medicine, often addressing...


Emmanuel Kelly brings Dr. Marissa to tears

What do you call someone who is born in war-torn Iraq witnessing the worst in human-unkind, left in a box, taken to a Mother Teresa orphanage with no way to walk, only hop...brought to Australia for 11 rehabilitative surgeries surgeries in eight years, adopted by an angel and then follows his desire to be a pop star and goes on X-Factor to standing ovations and a half billion views. His name is Emmanuel Kelly and his journey has a dream to sing his heart in and out continues to inspire and...


Healing from Sexual Trauma with Wendy Darling and Dr. Marissa

If you’re suffering from the Weinstein Effect and are ready for Healing from Sexual Trauma, this Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa series invites Wendy Darling, transformational results expert to share hope and advice with listeners in studio. Putting the moose on the table, Dr. Marissa’s Canadian version of elephant in the room, the duo address the role of respect and the positive changes now occurring with #metoo in society. Episode sponsored by and...


City Gala Founder Ryan Long and Beneficiaries Dale Godboldo and Lisa Lewolt chat with Dr. Marissa

Calling in from Minnesota, Founder of City Gala/City Summit Ryan Long re-visits my show with this year’s amazing event on Oscar weekend with billionaire speakers where proceeds fund the star studded City Gala after Oscar party...and help seed non-profit beneficiaries like Project Now and Fire Light Foundation founded by Dale Godboldo and Lisa Lewolt respectively who are guests in studio. With a lot of laughter and heart, all agree in promoting the new paradigm where helping others is not a...


Dr. Pat Allen celebrates Dr. Marissa’s 300th show and Valentines!

On her annual visit for Valentines otherwise known as SAD Single Awareness Day Dr. Pat Allen explains why strong women are still unmarried and why men who are attracted to strong women are wusses. In her characteristic no nonsense way, Dr. Pat uses science to support the biology in relationships between the feminine and the masculine Yang Yang energy and how feminism has upset that balance. She explains why kids parents and society are now in trouble because of the loss in valuing stay at...


Quintangled a game of life with Karen Stuth and Dr. Marissa

A new game that captures the shift from Monopoly’s focus on material things acquiring property and staying out of jail is replaced by Quintangled: a game of strategy chance and destiny. Karen, my editor for my upcoming book 8 Ways to Happiness explains how this game incorporate the lessons and wisdom from the ups and downs of life as well as the help that we can have with our destiny with spirit animals and mentors. The eight archetypes parallel Joseph Campbell work in the Heroes journey...


Jocko Marcellino of ShaNaNa and Cathy Richardson of Jefferson Starship talk Woodstock with Dr. Marissa

Jocko Marcellino the 'Na' in the iconic group ShaNaNa tells Dr. Marissa the inside story of how the group was helped by Jimi Hendrix get on stage at Woodstock way back when and trades stories with Cathy Richardson lead singer of Jefferson Starship. Dr. Marissa met Jocko on the Red Carpet at the Grove last year at the Salvation Army Kettle Kick-off Fundraiser. Sha Na Na, as fellow college students at Columbia University in New York in 1969 combined their love for the classics of Rock & Roll...


Relief from PTSD with Dr. Eugene Lipov and Dr. Marissa

Are you experiencing pain from past trauma? Dr. Eugene G. Lipov is a board certified pain specialist. After completing his M.D. at Northwestern University in 1984, he went on to complete advanced pain management training. He is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Illinois, and a Chief Science Officer at GPTSIF focusing on treating PTSD. Dr Lipov has lectured internationally on his innovations and authored over 40 scholarly articles. PLEASE WELCOMEEpisode sponsored...