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Standard of Proof: The degree to which something must be proven

In Canada, not all legal matters have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and it’s not just inside criminal courts where you have to apply a standard of proof test. Tribunals, civil proceedings and even governmental bodies like the Insurance Corporation of BC have to abide by standard of proof requirements. Lawyer Paul Doroshenko looks at how far these different matters must be proven. You can follow Paul Doroshenko on Twitter twitter.com/PaulDoroshenko If you have a legal matter that you...


Smartphones: how laws against using an electronic device behind the wheel are strictly upheld

Smartphones have taken over our lives. Our addiction to the devices means people are frequently caught using them while driving. Lawyer Paul Doroshenko takes a look at how laws against using electronic devices behind the wheel are upheld in BC and how the government's fervour to clamp down on distracted driving might be going too far. You can follow Paul Doroshenko on Twitter twitter.com/PaulDoroshenko If you have a legal matter that you need help with, you can reach Paul through Acumen Law...


The Necessity Defence: True friendship and the tale of the mountain man

Acumen Law's new and improved Justice Radio continues with this latest instalment on the necessity defence. Paul Doroshenko examines the legal defence by delving into some case law, including a man who had to drive his buddy to the hospital despite being drunk and the strange story of mountain man Jim Nelson who broke into a home and raided the fridge after going two months without food. You can follow Paul Doroshenko on Twitter twitter.com/PaulDoroshenko If you have a legal matter that you...


The Schryvers Test: How a routine speeding ticket changed law enforcement in BC

The Schryvers Test is a checklist police officers in BC must ask you whenever they pull you over. But where does it come from? Paul Doroshenko explores the origins of this peculiar legal requirement which dates back to a single speeding ticket issued in 1960. Paul also explains what information you are obliged to tell an officer at the roadside and which questions you are entitled not to answer. You can follow Paul Doroshenko on Twitter https://twitter.com/PaulDoroshenko If you have a legal...


Liberals taking aim at Canada's gun store owners in Bill C-71

The federal Liberals are at it again. Bill C-71 is proposing changes to Canada's gun laws. While they claim this will not bring back the long gun registry, the proposed system is very similar and puts the burden on gun store owners. Acumen lawyers Paul Doroshenko and Kyla Lee break down what the new laws mean for Canadian gun owners and sellers, as well as what to do if you are taking care of a family member who might be keeping guns in their home. You can follow Paul Doroshenko and Kyla Lee...


Canada's criminal records affect jobs, travel plans, and licences

You were convicted for a crime years ago and have a criminal record. Even though you might have made your reparations, your struggles could be just beginning. Acumen Lawyer Paul Doroshenko lays out the ways a criminal record can have far-reaching, longterm consequences. While we cannot account for all the ways a criminal record can impact your life, Paul runs down a list of some of the most harmful ways a criminal record can continue to hassle you years after the offence. You can follow Paul...


People of BC's Justice System: lawyer Chris Carta

Acumen Law's Kyla Lee kicks off the first episode of People of BC's Justice System — a new podcast focusing on the personalities and roles in the B.C.'s legal world. In our debut episode, Kyla talks to lawyer Chris Carta from Trial Lawyers Advocacy Group about what child support matters get litigated in B.C., and poses a legal conundrum around how far you can push responsibility in personal injury cases. Chris is a civil litigator and family dispute resolution professional at Trial Lawyers...


Bill C-46 Lets Cops Back Extrapolate To Charge You For Drunk Driving

New Canadian drunk driving laws let cops charge drivers for impaired driving even if their breathalyzer results are below the legal limit. Acumen lawyer Paul Doroshenko explains how this legislation can be a nightmare for drivers. For more Paul Doroshenko, follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/pauldoroshenko


Paul's Warning to Parliament on Changing Drunk Driving Law

Acumen Lawyer Paul Doroshenko has seen it before. The last time Canada introduced new drinking driving laws, the new set of rules created so many delays for court that numerous cases were thrown out entirely. All signs suggest even more serious court delays are about to hit the Canadian judicial system. For more Paul Doroshenko, follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/pauldoroshenko


Canada's new DUI laws will cost taxpayers millions

Lawyer Paul Doroshenko explains how sweeping changes coming to Canada's drunk driving laws will cost taxpayers millions of dollars and years in litigation. The legislative changes will profoundly affect the rights of Canadian drivers and will be undoubtedly challenged dozens, if not hundreds of times in the courts. Like what we do? Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/VanCrimLawyer or visit one of our websites at http://vancouvercriminallaw.com or http://acumenlaw.ca


Drug Impaired Driving: Chill Out Dude (The Censored Presentation)

Here it is. The presentation BC Government didn't want you to hear. Back in March, we attempted to educate a group of lawyers on the challenges of prosecuting drug-impaired driving. Unfortunately, BC Government wanted to censor this information from the public. We thought some of this information is pretty relevant, though, and have reproduced it for you here. Like what we do? Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/vancrimlawyer or come visit our websites at...


The Presentation BC Government Didn't Want You to Hear

Earlier this year, lawyers at Acumen Law Corporation were asked to offer their expertise on the topic of legalizing marijuana, and what that would mean for the challenges of policing. What Acumen's lawyers didn't know was that BC Government would insist on removing Acumen's expertise from the published materials. More information at: https://vancouvercriminallaw.com https://acumenlaw.ca Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/VanCrimLawyer https://twitter.com/IRPLawyer


How to claim wildfire insurance in British Columbia

Acumen Law Corporation lawyer Roy Ho discusses how to claim for wildfire insurance to cover your losses after devastating wildfires tear through much of British Columbia's interior in 2017. More information at http://acumenlaw.ca/bc-wildfire-insurance-deal-insurance-companies-fiery-season Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/royacumenlaw http://twitter.com/vancrimlawyer