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Weekly Life + Love Advice with a Badass Twist
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Weekly Life + Love Advice with a Badass Twist




How to Stop Jumping to [Ridiculous] Conclusions [TJJS:EP266]

GET ON THE DEEP, DOWN + DIRTY VIP LIST! Tell me if this sounds familiar: You have a conversation with someone and you weren't sure about how you came across to the other person, so you spend hours (or days) replaying the convo in your head, convincing yourself that they must totally think you're an asshole or an idiot, or whatever, and before you know it, you've totally fabricated an entire scenario that doesn't even exist and you're convinced that person hates you and you might as well...


Who’s Talking? My Inner Critic? Or My Intuition? How to Tell the Difference [TJJS:EP265]

GET ON THE DEEP, DOWN + DIRTY VIP LIST! You put your name in for a promotion but now your mind is spinning… Is this the best choice for me? What does my gut tell me? Is my inner critic just freaking out and telling me I’m not smart enough for the job? Or maybe you’ve been feeling like a friend of yours is taking advantage of you. You’ve been thinking, Am I just being a big baby? Or is my intuition trying to tell me to establish a boundary with her? Tell me if this sounds familiar:...


What Self-Care *Really* Means [TJJS:EP264]

RETREAT WITH ME IN MEXICO. 2 SPOTS LEFT! You’re scrollin’ through Insta or Facebook and you see all these lovely inspirational memes about self-care and making yourself important and you’re like, “Yeah, lemme just book a facial. That should help me feel less stress from my shit job.” If you’ve been cynical about self-care, honey, I feel you. Self-care’s online reputation would have you believing that taking care of yourself is all about mani/pedi’s, bubble baths, and massages. While...


Mailbag 6.0: Relationship Edition - Overcoming Communication + Insecurity Issues [TJJS:EP263]

GET ON THE DEEP, DOWN + DIRTY VIP LIST! Recently, a few listeners wrote in to the show sharing some current relationship struggles they had been up against. Perhaps you can relate to one of these scenarios. One listener had been struggling with communication in her relationship because her partner looooooves to talk but she absolutely does not and it’s #def causing some serious relationship-ending probs. Another listener is currently struggling to let go of her partner’s romantic past...


I Thought I Already Dealt with This! Why Your Personal Development Journey is Never ‘Done’ [TJJS:EP262]

GET ON THE DEEP, DOWN + DIRTY VIP LIST! You spent years in therapy dealing with your “family of origin” issues, so #WTF does dad still trigger you like crazy? You learned how to deal with your inner critic, so why do you still beat yourself up time and again? You know how to speak up for yourself, but you let your MIL run all over you yesterday. So what gives? Well, my friend, this lovely little personal development journey you’ve got here… NEVER ENDS. And, that doesn’t mean that your...


Shit Your Inner Critic Tells You About Pleasing Others [TJJS:EP261]

GET ON THE DEEP, DOWN + DIRTY VIP LIST! Ever feel like if you tell someone you aren’t available to help them/do something for them, then you are totally letting them down? (And subsequently find yourself riddled with guilt?) Ever feel like you are soooo busy doing everything for everyone else that you have little, if any, time for yourself? Or have you ever felt that if you actually say NO to someone and choose to put yourself first, that you’d be a “total asshole”? If those thoughts...


6 Ways to Stay Motivated [TJJS:EP260]

GET ON THE DEEP, DOWN + DIRTY VIP LIST! So, you have this goal. This thing you desperately want to accomplish. Maybe it’s a Master’s Degree. Or maybe it’s booking a luxe vaca to Italy. Maybe it’s cleaning out your entire garage. Maybe losing that pesky 20lbs. so your knees didn’t hurt so damn much. And, yet, despite how much you really want this goal to be realized, you sometimes find yourself lacking motivation. You look at that paper you have to turn in for your latest course or you...


How to Gracefully Accept Criticism [TJJS:EP259]

GET ON THE DEEP, DOWN + DIRTY VIP LIST! So, your partner gives you a little nudge that *maybe* you could do something a bit differently and you Totally. Fly. Off. The. Handle. Or maybe your bestie gently suggests that you may want to try to actually DO something about the shit-job you are always complaining about and you completely chew him out. If you have a hard time with feedback (uh-hem, criticism), you are certainly not alone, my friend. In fact, we are actually wired to defend...


Believing You are ‘Enough’ [TJJS:EP258]

RETREAT WITH ME IN MEXICO! You want to start your own biz, but you’re not sure you’re ‘good’ enough. You want to put your name in for the promotion, but you often think, “I’m not experienced enough”. You want to go back to school, but you often feel like you’re not young enough to start over. No matter what the goal… there is this constant phrase on loop in your mind… Not enough, not enough, not enough. UGH! Sound familiar? If so, join the club. No, seriously. In my decade+ of working...


5 Ways to Let Go of Judgement (Especially If You Think You Don’t Judge) [TJJS:EP257]

You’d like to think you’re a super evolved person… all open-minded. Super embracive of everyone. But, then you see someone on social media and you make up a whole story about who they are… without knowing a damn thing about them. Or maybe you’re hangin’ with your best buds and you find yourself talking shit about someone who you both work with… without knowing all the facts. Before you start beating yourself up for being a judgey judgerson, please know that we ALL do this. Most of the...


6 Ways to Kick Procrastination in the Ass [TJJS:EP256]

GET ON THE RETREAT VIP LIST! Ever find yourself dragging your feet on something you know you must get done, but you just keep putting it off and putting it off? Um. Yeah. Me too. And so does everyone else. So what is this really about? Often it’s stuff we know will help us be more productive, change our quality of life, or make us healthier but we still put it off as long as we possibly can. Well, there actually may be some concrete reasons WHY you’re doing the constant “feet drag” and...


Organized AF: How to Implement Household Systems for Far Less Stress + Overwhelm [TJJS:EP255]

GET ON THE RETREAT VIP LIST! Tell me if this sounds familiar: You get home and you’re like, “Omg, WTF am I going to make for dinner?” or you are about to leave the house and you’re like, “Did anyone take the dog out? Or feed him?” Or maybe everywhere you turn you just see stack after stack of shit you need to get to or pile after pile that you were sure someone else would have taken care of by now. If you’re in the boat of constant stress and perpetual overwhelm, there is actually a...


How To Apologize With Grace + Kindness [TJJS:EP254]

GET ON THE RETREAT VIP LIST! You’ve made a mess. And you need to clean it up. But, GOD DAMN it’s so uncomfortable to apologize to someone when you’ve fucked up. What do you usually do instead? Maybe sweep it under the rug? Maybe try various acts of kindness so they magically get the hint that you’re sorry? Totally ghost them because it’s just tooooo embarrassing and shameful to face? I get it. It is so uncomfortable and truly vulnerable to own up to your mistakes and actually ask for...


6 Ways to Combat Overwhelm [TJJS:EP253]

GET ON THE RETREAT VIP LIST! Ever find yourself trying to add yet another thing to your already-packed schedule and that little voice in your head screams, "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!!" Or how 'bout this one: You just can't bring yourself to tell someone "No", so you pack on an additional obligation that totally sends you over the edge into Full. Blown. Overwhelm. Total straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back style. And, then you proceed to unleash that overwhelm on your hubs, or kids, or...


6 Ways To Get Through Shitty Situations Like A Boss [TJJS:EP252]

GET ON THE RETREAT VIP LIST! Shit has officially hit the fan. You just got laid off… or fired. You just went through a break-up. You lost someone super close to you. You got passed up for the promotion you thought you nailed. You just found out you have a condition that will require a scary-ass surgery. Your kid just got in legal trouble. We’ve all been there. Up against seemingly insurmountable odds. Feeling like the only perspective is one of “well, my life fucking sucks”. Not a...


Breaking the Cycle of Self-Sabotage [TJJS:EP251]

GET ON THE RETREAT VIP LIST! Many years ago, I had a discussion with my coach which started out with me bitching and complaining about how unhappy I had been in my life lately. After working through a handful of things, I became SUPER clear that my day in and day out life wasn't reflective of the things I knew brought me joy and happiness. I wasn't taking care of my health, wasn't meditating, wasn't connecting with like-minded spirits, wasn't involved in creative projects... so NO WONDER...


Tough Convos 101 [TJJS:EP250]

GET ON THE RETREAT VIP LIST wonder why having difficult conversations causes soooo much anxiety, often leaving you tongue-tied, frustrated with how you're getting your point across, and down-right bummed-the-fuck-out? It can be super stressful to approach a sticky topic with someone in your life, especially if you are anticipating a less than enthusiastic response. Believe it or not, there are actually a handful of things you can totally shift in your approach in order to get your...


How To Stop Putting Everyone Before Yourself (Without Being An Asshole) [TJJS:EP249]

JOIN AFTER HOURS ~> If it’s not your kids who need something from you, then it’s your boss. If it’s not your boss, then it’s your partner. If it’s not your partner, it’s your neighbor… or your sister or bestie or whoever else. And here you are in a cycle of being a yes-man/woman, constantly putting everyone in front of yourself and doing, doing, doing for everyone else, leaving you empty AF. Not to mention exhausted. And HELLO, Irritability! If you’ve found yourself in this cycle, let me...


Effectively Communicating With Your Partner Part 2 [TJJS:EP248]

Grab your seat in Relationship Rx! Sometimes communicating with your partner can feel like you’re trying to solve a Rubik’s cube with your feet… and with your eyes closed. And even though you feel like you are using all of the words and explaining yourself over and over and over, it seems like you are even farther away from solving this intricate puzzle. And, now somehow your partner is pissed at YOU. Wait, what? How did we get here? This cycle is unbelievably common because, um, where...


Communicating with Your Partner - Part1 [TJJSEP:247]

Grab your seat in Relationship Rx! When you are at odds with your partner, it’s highly likely that the two of you go over and over the exact same topic and get a shit-ton of NOWHERE. Perhaps you are discussing if the kids should go to public or private school or how much is reasonable to spend on new fencing for the yard or who’s responsible for taking the dog to the vet. Each of you have a strong opinion, yet it seems like you both aren’t making any headway with the other person. Why...