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Weekly Life + Love Advice with a Badass Twist
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Weekly Life + Love Advice with a Badass Twist




How To Stop Putting Everyone Before Yourself (Without Being An Asshole) [TJJS:EP249]

JOIN AFTER HOURS ~> If it’s not your kids who need something from you, then it’s your boss. If it’s not your boss, then it’s your partner. If it’s not your partner, it’s your neighbor… or your sister or bestie or whoever else. And here you are in a cycle of being a yes-man/woman, constantly putting everyone in front of yourself and doing, doing, doing for everyone else, leaving you empty AF. Not to mention exhausted. And HELLO, Irritability! If you’ve found yourself in this cycle, let me...


Effectively Communicating With Your Partner Part 2 [TJJS:EP248]

Grab your seat in Relationship Rx! Sometimes communicating with your partner can feel like you’re trying to solve a Rubik’s cube with your feet… and with your eyes closed. And even though you feel like you are using all of the words and explaining yourself over and over and over, it seems like you are even farther away from solving this intricate puzzle. And, now somehow your partner is pissed at YOU. Wait, what? How did we get here? This cycle is unbelievably common because, um, where...


Communicating with Your Partner - Part1 [TJJSEP:247]

Grab your seat in Relationship Rx! When you are at odds with your partner, it’s highly likely that the two of you go over and over the exact same topic and get a shit-ton of NOWHERE. Perhaps you are discussing if the kids should go to public or private school or how much is reasonable to spend on new fencing for the yard or who’s responsible for taking the dog to the vet. Each of you have a strong opinion, yet it seems like you both aren’t making any headway with the other person. Why...


4 Ways to Increase Intimacy In Your Relationship [TJJS:EP246]

FIND OUT YOUR COMMUNICATION LEVEL. TAKE THE QUIZ! Tell me if I’m onto something here… You’d love to foster deeper connection and intimacy with your partner but you have zero idea where to start. And, let me guess... he/she isn’t making things any easier on you, amiright? You often find yourself thinking, “Well, why should I put any effort in? He never does.” Or, “I know how she’s going to respond, so I’d rather not even address it.” Or maybe “I can’t imagine anything changing, so why even...


5 Super Common Relationship Myths [TJJS:EP245]

GET ON THE NEW RELATIONSHIP COURSE VIP LIST! Ever think, "Jesus! How can my partner NOT know how much that means to me?!" or perhaps while the two of you are arguing you think, "How on earth does that shit makes sense? Clearly, I’m right about this." Or how about wanting to share how you really feel about her family, but you think, "There's no way I could tell her that... it would destroy her!" If any of these thoughts rush in and out of your mind, you are totally normal. And... without...


Why Love Is Not All You Need [TJJS:EP244]

NEW RELATIONSHIP COURSE VIP LIST! We’ve all heard the popular phrase and song lyric, “All you need is love”, but how factual is this statement really? Not very. A romantic idea? For sure. But factual? I find that many people falsely assume that if they are in love with someone, then everything else should come really easily. Um… No. In this episode, I dig into why being soul-mates or being madly in love with each other doesn’t always equal relationship success. Along with input from...


5 Relationship Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making [TJJS:EP243]

FREE JOURNALING PAGES WITH THIS EPISODE! Ever find yourself thinking, “If my husband would just get his shit together, this relationship would be fine”? Or maybe you find yourself keeping score? Like, if he isn’t initiating sex, why should I? Or, if he can’t pick up his shit, why should I? And, then maybe you do passive-aggressive moves like let dishes pile up for 3 weeks or some other shit to “prove a point”… which OF COURSE leads to a huge fight where you both blame each other. Hmmm....


How To Get Rid Of The Takers In Your Life [TJJS:EP242]

JOIN AFTER HOURS ~> If you took a look around you… to all of your close relationships, would they all be reciprocal? Do you have people in your world who constantly deposit into the "account" of your life or are they perpetually withdrawing? Do you ever feel like you give, and give, and give, and get nothing in return? This episode is all about looking at your relationships through a different lens… by looking at who is and who is not contributing to your life. Have a listen and learn...


Self-Blame: Constantly Assuming You Must Have Done Something Wrong [TJJS:EP241]

JOIN AFTER HOURS ~> Tell me if this sounds familiar: Your partner/bestie/boss/mom says something snarky and you immediately make it all your fault and assume that you MUST have done something horribly wrong. And then, without asking for any type of clarity, you just stew on it, ruminating, and make up all sorts of stories about what that other person is thinking and how you must clearly be a total asshat. The tendency to self-blame around every corner is actually far more common than you...


Shiny Object Syndrome: How To Stop Chasing The Next Best Thing [TJJS:EP240]

FREE JOURNALING PAGES WITH THIS EPISODE! In our society that craves INSTANT gratification for damn-near everything, no wonder we get tripped up on the the continual chase for the next best thing. The next shiny object. Surely, *this new thing* will make me happy. But, wait… now I’m bored with *that thing*, but Ooooooo, what about *this new thing over here*... and then rinse, repeat. Jumping from shiny object to shiny object. Not following through with anything and on a hamster wheel of...


Want A Happy Relationship? Answer These 10 Questions [TJJS:EP239]

FREE JOURNALING PAGES WITH THIS EPISODE! Have you ever found yourself at your wits end with your partner and you think something to the effect of, “Well, if he would just _________, we’d be just fine!” Or “I totally wouldn’t get all worked up if she would just ________.” It’s totally normal [and much easier] for us to blame our partner and conveniently NOT look at our role in the matter. Here’s the rub with all things relationships: We aren’t ever really taught how to communicate with...


Didn't Want to Let You Down!

GRAB YOUR FREE eWORKBOOK: STAND UP FOR YOURSELF WITHOUT BEING A DICK JOIN US IN THE FREE AFTER HOURS CLUB ON FACEBOOK! Thank you so much for your continued support and I soooo appreciate your understanding! I'll be back in your feed in a week's time! Love you!


MAILBAG: 5.0: Answers to Listener Questions [TJJS:EP238]

JOIN THE AFTER HOURS CLUB! Every so often, I do a special episode of the podcast that focuses on specific questions submitted by the PODiance. On this week’s episode, I tackle three listener submissions that you may find helpful. One listener was unclear on knowing the difference between taking some down for herself and when she was slipping into isolating behavior. I mean… she does have 2 kids, a hubs, and a full-time job to worry about, so is she just trying to chill-the-F-out at the...


7 Ways To Get “Unstuck” [TJJS:EP237]

JOIN THE TRIBE! Recently a listener wrote in to the show, asking what to do when you find yourself feeling stuck. You know that racket, no? Stuck in a relationship... stuck in a soul-sucking job... stuck in a friendship that doesn't serve you. The list goes on. Many times, when we feel "stuck", we look outside ourselves for the magic answer instead of addressing things that are totally within our power. Without knowing it, we fall into patterns and habits that ultimately leave us feeling...


7 Reasons Goals Fail & How To Make Sure Yours Don’t [TJJS:EP236]

FREE WORKSHOP! 3 WAYS TO IMMEDIATELY SILENCE YOUR INNER SHIT-TALKER. SWING BY THIS PAGE TO SECURE YOUR SEAT! At the start of every year, it’s likely you get pumped up and excited to make some serious change. You decide on a handful of things that you are GOING to conquer this year, god-damn-it! But what actually makes those goals a reality? Throughout my near-decade in this work, I have found that noble intentions have very little to do with bringing goals to fruition. Good ol’ fashioned...



FREE WORKSHOP! 3 WAYS TO IMMEDIATELY SILENCE YOUR INNER SHIT-TALKER. SWING BY THIS PAGE TO SECURE YOUR SEAT! We grow up buying into the idea that we are responsible for everyone else’s emotions. As we move into adulthood, that often looks like NOT bringing up important topics to your spouse, overlooking offensive comments from family, or allowing coworkers to walk all over you. Quite simply, we buy into the notion that everyone else’s thoughts, opinions, and beliefs are more important...


How To Make Shit Happen In 2018 [TJJS:Ep234]

BE THE FIRST TO KNOW WHEN THE NEXT TRIBE IS OPEN FOR REG. SIGN UP FOR THE TRIBE INTEREST LIST If you're like most people, you have an overwhelming sense of excitement and ambition come the new year. Also like most people, perhaps you hit Jan gang-busters-style, but when Feb comes around you have slowly begun to lose steam, fervor, and action. Many people (and maybe YOU) enter the New Year with tons of plans and intentions, but somehow end up a bit off track sooner than later. In this...


The Imposter Syndrome: Feeling Like a Fraud + What to Do About It [TJJS:EP233]

BE THE FIRST TO KNOW WHEN THE NEXT TRIBE IS OPEN FOR REG. SIGN UP FOR THE TRIBE INTEREST LIST You land your perfect job. And then your inner voice tells you that you are horribly unqualified and everyone is going to find you out. You enter a super healthy relationship with an awesome partner. And then your inner voice tells you how damaged you are, why you aren’t good enough, and why it’s all going to come crashing down in a blazing inferno. You finally finish that graduate...


How to Stop Feeling Like Shit with Guestie Andrea Owen [TJJS:EP232]

BE THE FIRST TO KNOW WHEN THE NEXT TRIBE IS OPEN FOR REG. SIGN UP FOR THE TRIBE INTEREST LIST Ever feel like you’ve checked off aaaaall the things, all the boxes, all the accomplishments and you look around and you’re still like, “Why do I still feel like shit!!?” If you’re like most, you’ve bought into the idea that the perfect husband/wife/body/career/baby/pair of shoes will surely bring you happiness. And then it doesn’t. So maybe you try perfectionism. Or people-pleasing. (I mean…...


Vulnerability: Why It’s Scary As Shit, Why You Need It, And Where To Start [TJJS:Ep231]

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SPOTS AVAILABLE! WANT SPECIFICS? OF COURSE YOUR DO. SWING BY THE PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Ever find yourself desiring deep, rich connections with your partner or your friends and family but have a hellova time letting your guard down? Maybe you even find yourself craving deep intimacy but you’re absolutely terrified to really “be seen”. I mean, isn’t it just safer to stay walled up? Well… if the otherparty was vulnerable first... maybe then it would be safe. Maybe....


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