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Weekly Life + Love Advice with a Badass Twist
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Weekly Life + Love Advice with a Badass Twist




4 Steps To Dealing With Anger (Without Punching Someone In The Teeth) [TJJS:EP300]

NEW *FREE* WORKSHOP ~> You’re livid. Heads are about to roll. Maybe you found out that your partner didn’t take care of an important issue at your child’s school leaving you scrambling at the last minute. Or perhaps your sister went behind your back and shared something with other family members when you specifically asked her not to. Or maybe you can’t listen to the news, get direction from *you know who* at work, or drive to the gym without feeling like you could punch someone (or many...


5 Ways To Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself [TJJS:EP299]

NEW FREE WORKSHOP ~> Ever find yourself up against a shitstorm in your life and your first instinct is to blame your partner/boss/kids/sister/economy/government, etc.? When we are contending with something challenging, we will naturally want to blame someone or something… after all, it’s much, much easier than looking at your role in the matter. Or have you found yourself attached to the notion that you are “simply not enough” or “not worthy of love” or some other bullshit you’ve decided...


4 Steps To Silencing Your Inner Shit-Talker [TJJS:EP298]

FREE WORKSHEETS WITH THIS EPISODE ~> Ever find yourself getting super pumped up about a new opportunity and all of sudden BAM! That little voice creeps in telling you why it’s going to be a total disaster, why you are sooooonot smart enough, why everyone else is surely going to figure out what a fraud you are, or simply that you just do not deserve such an opportunity? If any of that sounds waaaaaay too familiar, don’t panic! You’re super normal and this inner mind battle is something we...


I've got nothing

So... I've got nothin'. That's right. No pod this week. [womp, womp] And I really didn't want to let you down. But, if I've learned anything in the last decade I've been teaching personal development, it is the importance of walking my talk. If I am telling you to take care of yourself, then I should certainly do the same. I really just needed a week off from creating the podcast. Not to worry... Mr. Smith and I will be right back in your inbox and podcast feed next week. In the...


5 Common Relationship Pitfalls + How To Avoid Them - Part 2 [TJJS:EP297]

GRAB YOUR *FREE* JOURNALING WORKSHEETS! Tell me if this sounds familiar: You find out your partner didn’t handle a bill they promised they would handle or maybe they forgot to pick up your kid when they were supposed to (throwing your schedule into pure chaos) and your first response is to Take. Them. To. School. I mean… you just totally rip them a new one. Or maybe you just give them the full-on silent treatment. How about this one? Your partner is super upset about an incident with...


5 Common Relationship Pitfalls + How To Avoid Them - Part 1 [TJJS:EP296]

GRAB YOUR *FREE* JOURNALING WORKSHEETS! Ever find yourself thinking, “If my husband would just get his shit together, this relationship would be fine”? Or maybe you find yourself keeping score? Like, if he isn’t initiating sex, why should I? Or, if he can’t pick up his shit, why should I? And, then maybe you do passive-aggressive moves like let dishes pile up for 3 weeks or some other shit to “prove a point”… which OF COURSE leads to a huge fight where you both blame each other. Hmmm. How...


When Self-Help Goes Wrong + What To Do About It [TJJS:EP295]

NEW *FREE* WORKSHOP ~> One of the most amazing things about our current social climate is the influx of personal growth concepts and ideas. Although it’s been beautiful to see the self-help space blossom and expand, there are certainly some ways in which these concepts can stir up problems and sticking points. For instance… Ever have a situation where you’re all pumped up to speak up for yourself and the other person does NOT react well? Or have you ever heard a new podcast or read a...


5 Super Simple Confidence Hacks [TJJS:EP294]

NEW *FREE* WORKSHOP ~> Ever see super confident people and wonder how-the-hell they became so sure of themselves? Ever wonder if they were just born that way or if someone taught them or if some life experience shaped them into that person who oozes confidence and self-assuredness? However they came to that state, you could sooo get in on that action, amiright? In this episode, I dig into 5 super easy ways to build confidence immediately. You don’t have to read an entire book or become a...


4 Ways Perfectionism is Stealing Your Joy + What to Do About It [TJJS:EP293]

NEW *FREE* WORKSHOP ~> I used to flippantly refer to myself as a Perfectionist and oftentimes I would elude to it being somewhat of a badge of honor. As I got older and my anxiety increased, I realized that being a chronic perfectionist was actually STEALING my joy instead of making my job easier. But, how does one just stop being a perfectionist? Perhaps you find yourself in the same boat; Vacillating between being SOLD on the idea that everything has to be just perfect and the...


Mailbag 7.0: Boundary Edition - Speaking Up When You’re Offended + Ending Toxic Relationships [TJJS:EP292]

NEW *FREE* WORKSHOP ~> Ever have that experience where you realize aaaaaall the things you wish you would have said in a conversation earlier in the day? Or even a week ago? Like, maybe you were offended by something a co-worker said, but you chose to let it slide, and now, upon reflection, you’re totally beating yourself up for not saying something in the moment. I mean… you know you should have spoken up, but what do you do about it now? Just feel like shit about yourself? Um,...


The Low-Down On Work/Life Balance [TJJS:EP291]

NEW *FREE* WORKSHOP Ahhhh… The lovely concept of “Work/Life Balance”. So… is this really something that can actually be attained or is it some bullshit notion we feed ourselves that actually leaves us feeling worse about not even remotely being, ah-hem, balanced? I would argue for the latter. In our world of perpetual busyness and glorifying burnout, OF COURSE we often feel like we are coming up short, we’re letting people down, we’re constantly behind, and we’re chronically overwhelmed....


How to Break-Up with a Friend [TJJS:EP290]

NEW *FREE* WORKSHOP Tell me if this sounds familiar: You have “this friend”… and this friend is perhaps someone you’ve known forever. Maybe you saw each other through some tough times, but at this particular place in your life, this friendship has been feeling downright toxic. But you guilt yourself saying, “Well, we’ve been friends since college” or “Am I a dick if I don’t want to be there for her anymore?” If that sounds at all familiar, you are in the same boat that many people find...


Forgiving Others - Especially When They Don’t Deserve It [TJJS:EP289]

NEW *FREE* WORKSHOP So, your boss is a micromanaging asshat. Or your parents were pretty assholey to you while you were growing up. Or maybe your ex pulled some seriously shady shit. And let’s just say that the idea of ‘forgiveness’ seems at the very least, laughable, and at the most, completely impossible. If you’ve found yourself hell-bent on blaming and resenting your mother-in-law, your ex, your annoying colleague, or whoever, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself feeling angry,...


COMMUNITY FAVORITE: How to Stop Caring Sooo Much What Others Think

JOIN THE AFTER HOURS CLUB~> We grow up buying into the idea that we are responsible for everyone else’s emotions. As we move into adulthood, that often looks like NOT bringing up important topics to your spouse, overlooking offensive comments from family, or allowing coworkers to walk all over you. Quite simply, we buy into the notion that everyone else’s thoughts, opinions, and beliefs are more important than ours. Perhaps you can relate. Perhaps you worry so much about what others may...


Dealing with Loneliness [TJJS:EP288]

JOIN THE AFTER HOURS CLUB~> Being alone. It’s likely that those two words spark an emotion in you. If you’re a self-lovin’ introvert, those words may sound like heaven, but I would guess a majority of people view “being alone” as a negative and undesirable situation. Our society glorifies busy-ness and applauds shutting down our emotions, so is really that surprising that so many people grapple with loneliness? I think not. Not to mention that the idea of NOT being partnered in some way...


Breaking Free From a Shitty Job [TJJS:EP287]

JOIN THE AFTER HOURS CLUB~> Let me guess. You’re absolutely miserable in your current J-O-B but you have no idea how to get out of this soul-sucking sitch. Or maybe you aren’t straight-up miserable, but you know you are wasting heaps of potential, spend most of your days bored as fuck, and would looooove to find your soul’s true calling. Or maybe you already know exactly what you want to do, but you have no idea how on earth you could ever get there. If you have found yourself in one of...


I NEED CLOSURE! How to Stop Waiting for Closure + Start Creating Your Own [TJJS:EP286]

JOIN THE AFTER HOURS CLUB~> Ever find yourself attached to the idea that you really need closure for something you’ve experienced? Maybe you have a friend who ghosted you and you’re left wondering what-the-hell happened. Maybe you are plagued by needing to know the real reason you were let go from the job. Or maybe you are still waiting on an apology from a family member… or an ex. Our brain naturally wants a conclusion to the stories of our life, so if you feel like you’ve been left...


5 Daily Happiness Hacks [TJJS:EP285]

FREE DAILY CHECKLIST WITH THIS EPISODE ~> If you’ve been diggin’ into personal development, you’ve undoubtedly realized that you don’t get many results by simply hoarding “good ideas”. You know what I’m talking about… scrollin’ through Insta or Facebook, double-tappin’ it up on inspiring messages, or reading a powerful book but not DOING anything with the info. If you ever fall into this trap, honey, you are soooo not alone. It’s kinda like reading a book on Pilates and expecting to get a...


7 Reasons Goals Fail + How to Make Sure Yours Don’t [TJJS:EP284]

NEW *FREE* WORKSHOP ~> At the start of every year, it’s likely you get pumped up and excited to make some serious change. You decide on a handful of things that you are GOING to conquer this year, god-damn-it! But what actually makes those goals a reality? Throughout my decade-plus in this work, I have found that noble intentions have very little to do with bringing goals to fruition. Good ol’ fashioned gumption and desire are not enough to make your dreams come true. [sad trombone] But...


How to Make Epic Shit Happen in 2019 [TJJS:EP283]

FREE WORKSHEETS WITH THIS EPISODE ~> If you’re like most people, you have an overwhelming sense of excitement and ambition come the new year. Also like most people, perhaps you hit Jan gang-busters-style, but when Feb rolls around you have slowly begun to lose steam, fervor, and action. Many people (and maybe YOU) enter the New Year with many plans and intentions, but somehow end up a bit off track sooner than later. In this episode, I address the biggest obstacles people unknowingly...