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"Bringing the Village to the Brothers and Inspiring Average Black Fathers to Be Exceptional"

"Bringing the Village to the Brothers and Inspiring Average Black Fathers to Be Exceptional"
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"Bringing the Village to the Brothers and Inspiring Average Black Fathers to Be Exceptional"




Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 107-Effective Communication from the Notorious B.I.G (Wisdom)

Sponsor: Use Code "Family" for 10% off Sponsor: The Book, "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto": Buy NOW! via Amazon This Episode dives into the Lyrics and Wisdom of the Notorious B.I.G. as it pertains to Effective communication! This one will challenge you to view information through the lens of where you are in life. It will also challenge you to find opportunities to learn from just about anywhere and anyone. Make sure to share this episode with your friends...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 106-From Managing Nelly, to Partying with Prince to going ALL IN on Fatherhood with Mark Winkler

Sponsor: Grab a copy of my book: Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto via Amazon! To have me come and speak to your group, business or school: visit for clips and info! This episode is an Action Packed Conversation with my friend Mark Winkler Formerly a music agent for United Talent Agency (UTA) where he represented talents such as superstar rap artist Nelly, Cash Money Record artists, the legendary Patti LaBelle,...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 105: As a Black Father, What Direction are YOU headed in?

Sponsor: Sponsor: The Book, "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto": Buy One NOW!!! Today's Quick Episode uses an example to question What Direction you're Headed in. When you come to understand that the World is extremely vast and opportunities are truly limitless...What Direction do YOU CHOOSE to travel in? Do you make concessions for those around you??? These are thoughts and concepts that we'll explore. Make sure to visit and Subscribe...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 104 Energy, Meditation and Black Fatherhood with Jeff Shannon

Sponsor: Grab a copy of my book, "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto": This Episode is an interesting Discussion with my Cousin and Frat Brother Jeff Shannon. This Conversation is definitely out of my comfort zone, yet there are some nuggets of Wisdom that Jeff drops that will definitely...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 103-Why Do WE wait for something Bad to Happen to Change or Improve???

Sponsor: Grab a copy of my Book: Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto How many of us are reluctant to change? How many of us rarely consider improvement until something bad happens? Well This Episode is for YOU!!! Today's Episode will completely CHALLENGE your thought process around Change and Improvement. What Change or Improvement have YOU been putting off??? make sure to visit to check out speaking clips and book me to come in a speak to...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 102 "The Next Step is the Most Important Step" with Diondre Jackson

Sponsor: Grab a copy of my book, "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto"...NOW!!! Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto: To inquire about having me out to Speak, visit NOW!!!! I'd love to come and share with YOU and your group... Today's Journey is a Powerful one! The Calling and Inspiration behind Diondre Jackson is Unbelievable!!! This brother is a Husband, Father, former SEC High-jumper and Major community figure that's had his...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 101-The Importance of LISTENING to your Kids

Sponsor: Grab some Dope Apparel that Celebrates the Nuances of the Black Family! Grab a copy of my book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" via Amazon: Buy NOW via Amazon If You're interested in me speaking or facilitating a workshop at your school, conference or next meeting....please visit and check out some speaking clips and submit a request! I'd love to come out and pour into the people!!! Today's quick episode Challenges the...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 100-"The Power of Imagery: Jesus, Culture and the Black Male Experience" w/ Rev. DaHenri Thurmond Sr

Sponsor: Grab a copy of my book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" via or for bulk pricing (20+ copies) email If you're interested in having me come and speak to your Group, visit and submit a request! Episode 100!!!! Thank YOU to the tens of thousands of folks who have downloaded or listened to an episode of "Black Fathers, NOW!" This episode is special because I'm joined by my Uncle and close...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 99-Can YOU handle the Hype? Fatherhood, Zion Williamson and Success

Sponsor (Make sure to visit and grab some awesome Apparel): Make sure to grab a copy of my book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" via or from for bulk pricing email For more about me and Inquiries on Speaking....please visit for more info. This Episode asks the simple question, "Can YOU handle the Hype?" This was spawned by the recent bizarre injury to College Basketball's...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 98-"You Don't Fix Issues "In" your Relationship, Outside of Your Relationship" with Relationship Coach Troy Spry

Sponsor: Grab a copy of my book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" via or from This Episode is DEEP and Full of Insight! My guy Troy Spry joins us again to dive into All Things Relationship...from the Black Male Perspective. To connect with Troy, visit and show him some love! We talk about: Open Marriages, Celebrity Influences, Fidelity, Commitment, Contentment, Growth Mindset, Parenting and so...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 97-Information without Presentation is just Data...(Wisdom)

sponsor: Make sure to grab a copy of my book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" via Today's QUICK EPISODE jumps into the concept of "Information without Presentation is just Data". How YOU present things Matter!!! Make sure to take time to reflect on this information and think about how this Applies to YOUR life! Make sure to visit and Follow @BlackFathersNOW via Facebook/Instagram and @BlkFathersNOW via Twitter. Subscribe...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 96-The Title of "Daddy" Never Goes out of Style with Fashion Entrepreneur Marcus Hall

Sponsor: and the Book, "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" currently available on For Inquiries regarding booking me to speak at your next event, conference or school...visit Today's Episode is Absolutely FIRE!!! I sit down with my friend Marcus Hall. Marcus is the founder of Marc Nelson Denim "A Craft Denim Brand that curates high end custom Men's Clothing" in Knoxville TN. This story is Full of...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 95-The Importance of Intuition AND setting up Processes and Systems (Wisdom)

Sponsor: Make sure to Visit if you're interested in me speaking at your next event, school or conference! Grab a copy of my book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" via Amazon or directly from Today's Quick Episode emphasizes the importance of BOTH Intuition AND Processes/Systems. Marinate on this concept and see how YOU can incorporate it into your life! Make sure to follow @BlackFathersNOW via Facebook/Instagram...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 94-"Everything is a Set Up for Something Else" with Sports Radio Entrepreneur and Former All-American Jayson Swain

Make sure to visit and join the email list!!! While you're there, grab a little Apparel that Celebrates the Nuances of the Black Family and a copy of my book, "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto"!!! For more about my speaking schedule also visit This Episode's Guest is non other than Former HS Football All-American, Former University of Tennessee Vol receiver and current Sports Radio Entrepreneur Jayson Swain. What you'll hear in this episode is...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 93-Right NOW vs. Long Term Thinking (Wisdom)

Make sure to visit From there you can Access the Podcast, Grab some Apparel or Link to and grab a copy of my book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" Subscribe to "Black Fathers, NOW!" via Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Google Play...and make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more Dope Content: follow @BlackFathersnow via Instagram and Facebook and @BlkFathersNOW via...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 92-The Journey From Haiti to NYC with Bidjamson (BJ) Darius of DariusDestinations

Sponsor: Grab a Copy of my Book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" via for Bulk Order Pricing (20+ books) please email This Powerful Episode is my interview with Bidjamson (BJ) Darius. We dive into his powerful story of being 1 of 12, immigrating from Haiti, the challenges of adjusting to Life in NYC, Marriage, Fatherhood and Traveling the World with his Wife and Son. This is definitely a Powerful Story! To connect with...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 91 Happy New Year: How Understanding are YOU as a Black Father?

Sponsor: Grab a copy of My book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" via For Bulk order pricing (20+ books) please Email Happy New Year!!! Today's Quick Episode poses the simple question, "How Understanding are YOU as a Father?" This Conversation was spawned by a comment by a relative of mine, Aubrey Pompey! He spawned a thought process after an assessment i made on a recent Breakfast Club interview with rapper Yella...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 90-Merry Christmas! Full Ocho Rios Jamaica Travel Breakdown, Costs and All

Sponsor: Grab a Copy of my Book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" via! For Bulk order Pricing (20+ Units) email Merry Christmas!!!! Today's episode is the Full Breakdown of My Wife and I's trip to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We talk Prices, Logistics, Reviews...EVERYTHING! As you plan your travel for 2019, make sure to Add Jamaica on your List!!! Make sure to Share this Episode with your friends and Family... Subscribe via...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 89-Are YOU a Drain or a Catalyst? A Personal Look in the Mirror (Wisdom)

Sponsor: Grab a Copy of "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" via ASAP...they are GREAT Stocking Stuffers!!! Today's Quick Episode is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT...Especially during this "Reflective" time of the year, The Holiday Season. Are YOU a Drain or a Catalyst? Do you Add or Take? Do you Break things or Fix Things? Are things Better after you leave, or are Things Better "Because" you left? Take a Look in the Mirror Fellas... Make sure to subscribe...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 88-Straight Outta Compton to Successful Trucking Entrepreneur with Marlon Pennington

Sponsor: Grab a Copy of my Book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" via just in time for Christmas!!! email for bulk order pricing!!! Today's episode is a conversation with Marlon Pennington. Marlon is is a father, husband and entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Compton, Ca and has had an awesome journey on his way to creating Penny Transportation. Lots of Life lessons in this episode! Make sure to Subscribe to...