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"Bringing the Village to the Brothers and Inspiring Average Black Fathers to Be Exceptional"

"Bringing the Village to the Brothers and Inspiring Average Black Fathers to Be Exceptional"
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"Bringing the Village to the Brothers and Inspiring Average Black Fathers to Be Exceptional"




Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 71-Dynamic Conversation on Fatherhood and being inspired by books Authored by Black Folks with Author and Filmmaker Dr. Khalid White

Sponsor: Grab a copy of "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" via or ...its also available on Today's Conversation is with Author and Filmmaker Dr. Khalid White. He's the author of the Film and Book "Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations Testimony & Triumph". visit to grab a copy and see what else Dr. White has going on. This dope conversation will inspire you for sure! some of the things...


Black Fathers, NOW! :Ep: 70-True FREEDOM means being a Slave to Nothing! (Wisdom)

Sponsor: use code "summer" at checkout for 10% off through the end of August 2018! Grab a copy of my new book, "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" by visiting or Its also available on Today's Quick Message Presents the concept, "Being a Slave to Nothing", and how that leads to True Freedom! I'd Love to hear your thoughts on this concept. Make sure to subscribe to this podcast via iTunes/Apple Podcast,...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 69-Roundtable discussion of 3 Married Black Couples Traveling in Jamaica (Sneakers and Planes)

Sponsor: Make sure to visit or to grab a copy of my new book, "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto"...its also available on Today's Episode is another installment of the "Sneakers and Planes" series. In this episode you'll hear a round table discussion between My wife Myisha, My sisters in law Sparkle and Victoria and my brothers Daniel and David and I on our recent trip to Jamaica. We chop it up on the...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 68-Before You Criticize... (Wisdom)

Sponsor: use code "summer" until 8/31/18 to receive 10% off total order!!! Visit or to grab a copy of "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto". 10 Commitments Black Fathers need to make to improve our Families and Communities! Grab a copy from as well. Today's Quick episode uses an example to challenge whether or not you should "Criticize" before you peel the layers back to see if there is something for you...


Black Fathers, NOW!: Special Anniversary Episode!!! Celebrating 9yrs of Marriage to my Beautiful Wife Myisha J. Dorsey

Today's Episode is a Happy Anniversary Shout out to my Love, My Wife, Myisha Dorsey! Fella's, we MUST take time to celebrate our Women! Happy Anniversary Babe...I Love YOU!!! Grab a copy of "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" on!!! Be Blessed, Well and Wise!!! Mike D


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 67-Understanding Islam and Creativity with International Storyteller and Father of 9, William Mustafa

Sponsor: visit the site and use code "Summer" at checkout for 10% off your total order through 8/31/18!!! Be sure to visit or and grab a copy of my new book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto". Its also available on Today's Interview was absolutely powerful!!! I had the unique opportunity to interview my Cousin; the world-traveling artist with a dynamic story...William Mustafa! William is an...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 66-"I came Alone, I stand with 10,000"-Maya Angelou...Timeless Wisdom

Sponsor: visit or to grab a copy of my hot new book, "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" A commitment to excellence in Life, Fatherhood and the support of Dynamic Black Men. Today's quick episode references a quote from Maya Angelou...Simply put, You are NOT alone! make sure to share this episode with family a friends!!!! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play. Follow @BlackFathersNOW via...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 65-Our Black Family's trip to Cancun (Sneakers and Planes)

Sponsor: Also, visit or and grab a copy of my hot new book "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto"...A commitment to Excellence in Life, Fatherhood and the Support of Dynamic Black Men. Today's episode is the first installment of a periodic segment we're calling, "Sneakers and Planes". The Sneakers and Planes segment of Black Fathers, NOW! is here to inspire you to venture out and have dynamic experiences locally and...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 64-Its Not Quicksand, Thats Just Gum on the Bottom of your Shoe (Perspective and Wisdom)

Episode Sponsor: Grab a copy of "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto" the New book that is a commitment to Excellence in Life and Fatherhood and the Support of Dynamic Black Men. visit or and grab your copy!!!! Also available via This quick thought provoking episode spawned from a recent conversation i had with a young brother who's contemplating a new chapter in life. For each and every one of you...take...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 63-Harrison Anderson creator of Melanated Fathers of America

grab a copy of my new book via Amazon: Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto Sponsor: Today's Guest is Father and Entrepreneur from Sacramento California, Harrison Anderson. Harrison is the Founder of . In our dynamic conversation we disucss: -Stephon Clark -Becoming a Father of 4 children by age 23 -the Journey of Becoming an Entrepreneur -the impact of losing his parents early in life -the inspiration behind "Melanated Fathers of...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 62-The Story Behind the New Book, "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto"

Sponsor: Today's Episode dives into the Back Story and unique inspiration behind my new book, "Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto". Make sure to visit Amazon and Grab a copy via Paperback or Kindle: Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto Link Please Leave Reviews on Amazon!!!!!! I quickly dive into the 10pts of the Manifesto and present the case for why every Black Man and every Woman Connected to a Black Man needs a copy of this! Enjoy! Make sure to Follow...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 61-Coming of Age in the 1960s as a Black Man in Greenwood, MS with Mac McSwine

Launching THIS WEEK grab a Copy of Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto (Paperback and Kindle) via Amazon!!! A New Book that sets the Tone for 10 Areas that Black Men and Individuals Connected to Black Men Need to commit to in order to improve our communities for generations to come! Grab a Copy!!! As always, This is also brought to you by . Visit Black Family Apparel to grab some awesome apparel that celebrates the nuances of the Black Family! Today's Episode...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 60-The Importance of Knowing Yourself (Wisdom)

Sponsor: Grab some dope gear to celebrate the Black Family! Today's Quick Episode Dives into the concept of "Knowing Yourself". This is a Quick Listen! make sure to share with friends and family. Also, PLEASE visit Apple podcast, stitcher or Google Play and give us a great rating!!!! I would really appreciate it. visit and Follow @BlackFathersNOW via Facebook/Instagram and @BlkFathersNOW via Twitter Be Blessed Well and Wise!!! Mike D


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep. 59-Love, Laughter, Life Lessons and Fatherhood with Comedian Doug Williams

Sponsor: This Episode's Guest is Comedian, Producer, Father and my frat brother (Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc) Doug Williams. Doug has an AMAZING Story! We walk through his journey all the way from Montgomery Alabama to Hollywood California. We dive into how a night in a Huntsville Alabama Comedy club and an encounter with his Mentor Steve Harvey helped to change his trajectory. Some of the topics we discuss: -Experiences on BET's Comic View, Showtime at the...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 58-How You Gonna Win if You Aint Right Within? (Wisdom)

Sponsor: Today's Quick Episode references a Powerful line from Lauryn Hill's Album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill from 20yrs ago. "How You Gonna Win if You Aint Right Within?" Thats the Question!!! Tune in and leave your thoughts. Please visit and follow @BlackFathersNOW via Instagram and Facebook and @BlkFathersNOW via Twitter. Subscribe to the Podcast via iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Google Play and PLEASE PLEASE Leave a rating...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 57-Embracing The Detours in Life with Author, Speaker and Transition Coach Daron K. Roberts

Sponsor: visit Black Family Apparel for dope apparel that celebrates the Black Family! This Episode is Blessed with the presence of Daron K. Roberts Daron is a husband and Father of 5, has 2 Degrees from Harvard, is a Former NFL and Major FBS College Football Coach, Speaker and Author of Call An Audible: Let my Pivot from Harvard Law to NFL Coach Inspire your Transition. This Episode is Absolute Fire! We discuss: -My Dad was ALWAYS...


Black Fathers, NOW! Ep: 56-Personal Development STARTS with Personal Responsibility (Wisdom)

Episode Sponsor: visit Black Family Apparel and grab some awesome apparel that celebrates the nuances of the Black Family! Today's Quick Episode is going to make YOU think! Personal Development STARTS with Personal Responsibility...Listen, Internalize...Then ACT! Thoughts??? visit follow @BlackFathersNOW via Instagram, Facebook and @BlkFathersNOW via Twitter Subscribe to Black Fathers, NOW! via Stitcher, iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google...


Black Fathers, NOW! Episode 55-Honoring My Father Through his Imperfections with Pastor Derick Wakefield

Sponsor: Today's Guest is Pastor Derick Wakefield of Freedom Fellowship Christian Church in Knoxville, TN. We have a deep discussion about his life and how he developed the will to honor his father through his imperfections. A few concepts we discuss are: -Being Present yet not Perfect -Not Allowing others perceptions of my father to impact my own personal viewpoint -Mindset and Commitment -Lessons from my father and so much...


Black Fathers, NOW! Episode 54-Black Men and Mental Health with "The Black Therapist" Arron Muller, NYC

Today's Episode is sponsored by Grab Some awesome apparel that celebrates the Black Family!!! Our Guest is "The Black Therapist" Arron Muller. He's a Husband, Father and Social Worker from New York. He's also the Chief Operating Officer and Therapist at Life Matters Psychological Services alongside his wife Dr. Trudy Ann Gayle. In this episode we dive into the importance of Mental and Emotional Health...especially in Black Men. The Best Way to connect with Arron...


Black Fathers, NOW! Episode 53-Creating your own Money, Entrepreneurship and Fatherhood with Jay Jones; founder of The Black Entrepeneur Blueprint

Today's Episode is brought to you by Our Guest is non other than Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Podcaster and founder of Jay Jones. Jay drops some serious Game that we can put into practice RIGHT NOW! We rap about: -balancing being a father and an entrepreneur at the same time -Knowledge vs. Know How -Inspirations and Motivations and so much more... Jay has a few resources available for the Black Fathers, NOW!...