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'No easy answers' - How should farmers best tackle the scourge of bovine TB?

Farmers must do more to combat bovine tuberculosis – arguably the biggest challenge facing the UK's beef and dairy industries, says an independent report. There are no easy answers to bovine TB, says Sir Charles Godfray's review of the government's 25-year strategy to eradicate the disease and ensure England is TB-free by 2038. Published on Tuesday (13 November), the report says badger culling can make a modest but real difference – and argues that livestock farmers must take more...


Emergency Water Bank for drought-hit farmers

An emergency service has been launched to help drought-hit UK farmers who urgently need water for their crops and livestock. The NFU Water Bank follows an appeal to the Environment Agency for more flexibility in the abstraction licensing system. The agency has agreed to fast-track approval – where possible – for short-term water trading so farmers with a surplus can help growers and livestock producers facing a shortage. This podcast examines how the scheme works - and how it might help...


Fighting farm theft: are police getting enough resources to tackle rural crime?

Rural crime is rising at its fastest rate since 2010, according to the latest annual report by UK rural insurer NFU Mutual. But crime in the countryside is about much more than thieves stealing tractors and other machine from farms – although that is a major problem too. This podcast speaks to a farmer whose family has been repeatedly threatened by a criminal gang of hare coursers – and asks are police getting the resources needed to catch those responsible? As well as farm theft and...


The end of farm subsidies: examining the impact of Michael Gove's Agriculture Bill

Plans by UK environment secretary Michael Gove to phase out farm subsidies herald the biggest changes faced by British farmers for more than 50 years. Rather than making annual direct payments to farmers, Mr Gove wants to abolish subsidies and replace them with a system of 'public money' for public goods. Yet thousands of farmers rely on those payments to stay in business. In this first episode of Inside Farming, we look at the likely impact of Mr Gove's plans – and examine what his...