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Buzzbands.la founder Kevin Bronson

After 35 years in the newspaper business as a designer, editor & sportswriter, Kevin Bronson took his LA Times "hobby" column Buzzbands and launched Buzzbands.la - quickly becoming the go-to spot for all things music discovery in Los Angeles. Kevin's been called "the last great music journalist" and his track record for picking talent reads like a who's who of industry success and radio stardom. Take note as he runs-down his list of the hottest artists coming out of So Cal. Kevin is an...



Co-founder of Swollen Members and an initiate in The Rock Steady Crew, Madchild is a rapper's rapper: a true hip hop artist. This underground MC from BC hustled his way to the top before an addiction took him to rock bottom. Madchild survived, thrives and tells his story as only he can with valuable insight on failure, hard-work and ingenuity. We discuss the business of having fans (Madchild breaks down Insane Clown Posse's Juggalos) and he shares tattoo regrets, the questionable means by...


John Ivey, KIIS programmer & musician, talks music biz

Equal parts musician & radio junkie, John Ivey found his way onto the radio at age seven. His experiences since span half a century, to tap into his insight I present a wide range of industry topics: singles (hits & misses), egos, Bono, radio edits, guitars, his retirement, NEW music, layoffs vs firings, the art of programming, John's affinity for Nick Jones - too name a few. Any Stories? Plenty, from Pit Bull to The Black Keys and Taylor Swift to Jimmy Buffett. Perhaps most endearing (and...


Ras MG of Sublime & Long Beach Dub All-Stars

Marshall Goodman, aka Ras MG, is a producer, drummer, turntablist, song writer and key player in the creation of what became the "So Cal Sound". An instrumental part of Sublime, he shares personal stories and insight into his relationship with the band's prolific, talented, yet substance-troubled front-man Bradley Nowell. Ras gets into the creative process of several Sublime hits - the serendipitous sample in "Doin' Time", the quick magic of the #1 Alt-Rock standard "What I Got", the deep...


Trina Green

Police officer, Homeland Security, TSA Agent, Social Worker, US Army vet, Music Journalist: just a taste of the fascinating resume of Trina Green who dedicates her daylight hours to public service while in the evening devouring the Los Angeles music scene and chronicling it on High Voltage. Trina, with golden, well-versed ears, shares her picks for the next crop of bands to become household names. Are you listening to any of these artists? You should.



Slaine's story starts on the streets of Boston and since the age of 9 his life's saga has been chronicled in meticulously crafted rhymes. It would take 10 years of penning raps before Slaine's first lyrics, with much artificial courage, were dropped live on stage. Movies & music are equal passions for Slaine - he tells the tale of getting kicked out of film school in New York only to be sought out and cast years later by Ben Affleck. With an ingenious knack for the hustle, Slaine found an...


Billy Corgan, No Doubt, Cypress Hill

Hit play for a quick audio rundown of this week's session with modern music pioneers Billy Corgan, No Doubt, and Cypress Hill


The Last Internationale

Edgey Pires & Delila Paz A rapper and scholar turned guitar shredder meets a shy folk-singer - they bond over political views and build an epic Rock platform with a message: The Last Internationale. The addition of Brad Wilk brings a strong, one-of-a-kind foundation with his Rage Against the Machine spirit on and off the drums. Edgey and Delila, NYC natives, talk about 9/11's impact on their lives, US imperialism and declare the social issues they see effecting this country the most....


The Mowgli's Katie Earl and Josh Hogan

As indie rock's Wu-Tang Clan, The Mowgli's, are a harmonizing, heartfelt, 7-piece on-stage party from LA with one of the hardest working stories in music. Katie & Josh tell about the band's busking days just a few years ago and how they pulled off playing 3 to 5 shows a week around LA's west side. Now, The Mowgli's are on a nationwide tour and their songs are on radio, TV, film and video games - one is even a city's anthem... They share social media strategy, career advice, their stance on...


Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen

Dave Krusen, who played drums on Pearl Jam Ten and would drum for Hoovercraft, Candlebox and countless other projects, shares stories of gigging around Seattle's Punk-Metal scene in the late 80's when bands like Mother Love Bone, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden played the bar circuit. He illustrates the immediate chemistry during those pre-Pearl Jam rehearsals with Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard. Krusen goes in-depth on the Ten sessions: the quick brilliance of "Alive", the haunting flow of...


Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio

After 20 years as an artist, making music, touring, and amassing an undying worldwide fan base, Matt Skiba has a lot to say about who he works with and the music business. In this riveting, in-depth conversation Matt reveals, for the first time publicly, his recent sobriety and the tools he is using to stay sober. The guys go on to discuss books, film, religion, aging-well, meditation, malt liquor, Matt's ability to write a song in an hour, and yes, even rock stars have tattoos that need...