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Progressive Talk Radio on KAZM AM 780, Sedona, Arizona

Progressive Talk Radio on KAZM AM 780, Sedona, Arizona


Sedona, AZ


Progressive Talk Radio on KAZM AM 780, Sedona, Arizona




Verde Valley Independent Democrats PO Box 3122 Sedona, AZ 86340 928-203-5890


Jablow Interview – Podcast June 20, 2022

Focusing On Civic Engagement. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Scott Jablow, candidate for Mayor of Sedona. Jablow moved to Sedona in 2010 after a 31-year law enforcement career in New York. In 2012, he was elected to the Fire … Continue reading →


Ploog, Jordahl Interview – Podcast June 13, 2022

The Origins Of Roe v. Wade And How Overturning It Could Change America. Steve Williamson welcomes two attorneys to the show, Holli Ploog and Mik Jordahl, to discuss what led to Roe v. Wade and the implications of Justice Alito’s … Continue reading →


Hanks, LaMaster Interview – Podcast June 6, 2022

America’s Growing Gun Violence Crisis. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Stephen Hanks and Gary LaMaster to the show. After Hanks provides details for the July 9th golf fundraiser for Democrats of the Red Rocks (DORR), they address the most … Continue reading →


Ruby Interview – Podcast May 30, 2022

Building A Democratic Movement In Rural Arizona. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Jay Ruby, Events Chair of the Yavapai County Democratic Party, to discuss the upcoming Rural Action Summit at the Mile High Middle School in downtown Prescott, Saturday, … Continue reading →


Richtman Interview – Podcast May 23, 2022

Privatization Of Social Security: The Bad Idea That Won’t Die. When President George W. Bush was re-elected in 2004, he claimed that he had earned political capital and he was going to use it to privatize Social Security. It was … Continue reading →


Ploog, Chaikin, Ferreira Interview – Podcast May 16, 2022

An Egregious Invasion Of Privacy. Steve Williamson and Kathy Kinsella welcome Holli Ploog, Peggy Chaikin, Ellen Ferreira to discuss the looming U.S. Supreme Court decision on abortion and the weekend’s women’s marches in protest of Justic Alito’s leaked majority opinion. … Continue reading →


Podcast May 9, 2022

Keeping Perspective: Looking To The Past And To The Future. As Democratic Perspective celebrates 11 years of programming, Steve Williamson and Gary LaMaster, two of the show’s founders, offer a retrospective of the past 11 years. Steve explains how the … Continue reading →


Casteen Interview – Podcast May 2, 2022

Issues Over Ideology. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Jeanne Casteen, teacher, school board member, and director of the Secular Coalition of Arizona. She is running for the LD2 Senate seat in the Arizona legislature with hopes of reducing the … Continue reading →


Indicavitch Interview – Podcast April 25, 2022

The Arizona GOP’s Long-Running Plan To Privatize Education. Karen McClelland and Steve Williamson welcome Nicky Indicavitch, Statewide Outreach Director of Save Our Schools Arizona and a self-described angry mother, to discuss why Arizona ranks dead last in per pupil funding. … Continue reading →


Bacevich Interview – Podcast April 18, 2022

Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine. The History And Unseen Consequences. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Andrew Bacevich to the show. Bacevich is a Professor Emeritus of International Relations and History at Boston University as well as co-founder and president of … Continue reading →


Baker, Segner Interview – Podcast April 11, 2022

No, Inflation Isn’t The Biggest Story Of The Biden Economy. Steve and Karen welcome Dean Baker, one of the nation’s leading economists, and friend of the show Steve Segner to discuss the economy and inflation. When asked whether inflation is … Continue reading →


Post Interview – Podcast April 4, 2022

A Modern-Day Form Of Slavery. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome international human rights attorney Dianne Post to discuss the abuses and disproportionate cost of for-profit private prisons. Post was first on our show in 2013 to discuss the same … Continue reading →


McClelland, Hermen, Isom Interview – Podcast March 28, 2022

Critical Race Theory As A Political Weapon. Our guest host, Holli Ploog, welcomes Heather Hermen, Heather Isom, and our own Karen McClelland to discuss their views of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and public education in general. To begin, let’s be … Continue reading →


Ruby, Fogel, Ransom, Sinclair Interview – Podcast March 21, 2022

Bridging The Political Divide In Arizona. Co-hosts Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome to the show three well-qualified Democratic candidates for the Arizona State Legislature along with their campaign manager, Jay Ruby. The candidates include Mike Fogel, a school board … Continue reading →


Lenze Interview – Podcast March 14, 2022

Assessing Putin’s War. Steve Williamson welcomes Paul Lenze, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics & International Affairs at Northern Arizona University, to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Asked about the news coverage of the invasion, Lenze responds, “They’ve done … Continue reading →


Fultz, Furman, Thompson Interview – Podcast March 7, 2022

Identifying And Addressing The Issues Facing Sedona. Steve Williamson welcomes three candidates for Sedona City Council: Brian Fultz, Pete Furman, and incumbent John (JT) Thompson. Steve leads the candidates in a wide-ranging discussion that addresses many of the most important … Continue reading →


Reimer, Castagno, Ononuju Interview – Podcast February 28, 2022

Critical Race Theory According To The People Who Teach It. Steve Williamson and Sedona City Councilor Holli Ploog welcome Dr. Francis Reimer, Prof. Angelina Elizabeth Castagno, and Dr. Ijeoma Ononuju, all of Northern Arizona University to discuss the now controversial … Continue reading →


Kinsella Interview – Podcast February 21, 2022

On Becoming A Candidate For Public Office. Steve Williamson and Karen McClelland welcome Sedona City Councilor Kathy Kinsella to discuss how to become a candidate for public office and run a successful campaign. Before moving to Arizona, Kinsella was elected … Continue reading →


Babaa, Jordahl Interview – Podcast February 14, 2022

GOP Assault On Free Speech. “You must pledge allegiance to Israel and to the corporations for which we stand.” That’s the message given to state contractors by Republican legislatures in the more than 30 states that have passed draconian laws … Continue reading →


Singal Interview – Podcast January 31, 2022

Making Sense Of Presidential Elections. Steve and Karen welcome back author and historian, Dan Singal, to discuss Critical Election Theory. If you are unfamiliar with the theory, it holds that, approximately every 36 years, a political realignment occurs in which … Continue reading →