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Winter Solstice (Mix)

A two-hour mix for the longest night: Winter Solstice. To be played (and hopefully enjoyed) in the deepest darkness. "Dream All The Dark Away" ... --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


Radical Candor (Mix)

The mix title, Radical Candor, comes from the (management) philosophy that argues that feedback (on behaviour) is most effective if it is 'challenging' but at the same time shows that you 'care'. I felt there was a resemblance: the mix is 'caring' at times but can also be quite 'challenging' to the listener. At least, that was my intention. Now you decide. --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


Delusional (Mix)

"For me, personally, a mix has the most impact when it feels like I'm watching a movie. With ups, downs, some drama, sentiment, moment of joy, climax and anticlimax. And yes: tension and release." --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


James & Anne (Mix)

Headphone Commute, Ambientblog and Slowcraft Records are proud to present a unique mix by a colleague and partner in crime, Peter van Cooten, of beautiful works from a beautiful couple: James Murray and --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


No Stars (Mix)

"Follow me into a movie that you might want to see sometime... a movie that's happening in the back of your own head..." And remember: "use your ears, not your prejudices"... --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


Bipolar (HC-PvC) (Mix)

What better way to start a new year with a brand new mix?!? And a very special one: a collaboration mix with Headphone Commute's Mike Lazarev, in which we take five minutes for each turn without knowing the others tracklist. The result: Bipolar! --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


Mind Awake, Body Asleep (Mix)

The moment I heard Rami Malek whisper "Mind awake, body asleep" (Mr Robot, series 2) I knew this would be the inspiration for a new mix. A mix about half-sleep, lucid dreaming impressions... ungraspable images... and about "letting go". After all, Mr. Robot's tagline was "Control is an Illusion". This mix was created for - and is co-hosted on - Headphone Commute. --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


Perception Management (Mix)

Your reality is manipulated. Your perception is managed. Your thoughts are not your own. Reality is imaginary. Mix inspired by 'Hypernormalisation'; created for Headphone Commute. --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


Solace (Mix)

"Life can only be remembered backwards, but it must be lived forwards." The central piece provides the title for this mix: Solace - "Comfort in sorrow, misfortune. Consolation." This Fovea Hex track literally breathes consolation in every single note, so it seemed a good starting point for this mix. It is also one of the few tracks in the mix that are included in its full length. Even though there are quite some dark moments in this mix, I hope it may bring some 'solace' - if...


Secret 41 (Mix)

Because of the drones, atmospheric field recordings and insect sounds, this mix will be labeled as an 'ambient' mix by most listeners. And of course it is.... but at the same time it isn't. It simply isn't 'unobtrusive' enough to be 'ambient'. An hour-long journey of scene changes, meandering between *Kitsch* and *Kult* - a bit more 'psychedelic' than 'ambient', in fact. --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


Anniversary Collection: “Rope To The Sky” (Mix)

On October 26, 1985, Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown arrives in his flying DeLorean time machine and persuades Marty McFly and his girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, to come back to the future with him. They arrive on October 21, 2015 Only now we found out why they chose this date! --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


Entropic (Mix)

.... slowly evolving to a state of inert uniformity .... retracing information that was lost from the message ... searching for the uniformity in what seems to be randomly disordered ... This mix is published simultaneously on Headphone Commute: "You're in for a treat!" --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


Ghost Road Stroll (Mix)

This mix is made to be published in the excellent series of mixes on the "Sounds of a Tired City", part of the larger website with the same name. It is published exactly on its first year's anniversary, so it's in fact a birthday present too! Inspired by the site name, I decided I wanted to try to create a sonic 'walk' through a 'tired' city. A mix with a lot of scene changes... like walking through an unknown city on a (quiet sunday?) morning - finding hidden surprises and marvels around...


Jam Karet (Elastic Time) (Mix)

"Jam Karet" is Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) meaning "Elastic Time" (or "Rubber Hours"). To me, this concept also applies to mixes that include ambient and drone fragments... where the listener gets immersed in sound in such a way that all notion of time is lost; where music could last for minutes, or for hours. (Created for - and also published on - Headphone Commute) --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


Siren Song (Mix)

This mix is built around mysterious vocals. Vocals that may guide you, or lure you, into distances unknown. Often, but not exclusively, female, and some of them not even human - like the beautiful flute-playing by Jean-Christophe Bonnafous, or the mysterious singing sound of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko that was recently discovered during the Rosetta space missions. With just a little fantasy you can imagine the Philae Space Lander being attracted by the comet's song - ultimately...


Mental Health Hotline (Mix)

"Mental Health Hotline" is the second 'collaborative dialogue' created together with Christophe 'Klankschap' Ywaska. (The first was "Both Were Moving", 2012). Each selection a reaction to the previous addition means the story may have some unexpected turns and views... especially with over 50 samples crammed into this adventurous hour of sound! Be prepared for a dazzling - and possibly somewhat disorienting - joyride... --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


Synaptic Research (Mix)

For this mix I aimed to create a dreamlike and timeless atmosphere - dark (but not too dark). It is calm, yet there are many shifting scenes, many passing landscapes and some conflicting emotions... When it ends, (I hope) it feels as if it was much longer than it actually was ... --- originally published on Ambientblog ---


Incidental Memories (Mix)

If one of the criteria for 'ambient' music is that you can comfortably fall asleep to it, I guess you'd better skip this particular mix. Although it starts quiet and reassuring with soothing vocal chords from Silvestrov's "The Lord's Prayer", the mood disintegrates and sometimes can become rather unsettling - depending on your own personal 'incidental memories', of course. For reasons I can't really explain, this mix works better if you listen on speakers instead of headphones - just let...


Tristesse D’Automne (Mix)

This mix was created especially for Headphone Commute. Thanks to H_C for publishing it, and for the beautiful introduction words: Autumn is here. Darkness slowly creeps up just a little bit earlier. Clouds get grayer and swell up with rain. Trees shed their colors and tighten their belts. And people begin to prepare for winter. But among all the shadows there’s a small ray of light. And with that glow comes the music… For today’s exclusive podcast, Peter van Cooten weaves in layers of...


Parallax (Mix)

"I'm not formed by things that are of myself alone" This is the key quote (taken from Stoker) for this mix, which is also 'not formed by things of itself alone'. Every detail, every short sample, has its origin in another context, another musical composition, from which it is taken to find a new place in a completely different context. "My ears hear what others cannot hear." "Parallax" is the visual effect that, when you are moving yourself, objects closer to you seem to move by faster...