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Looking for the ultimate electronica & relaxation? Interested in high quality ambient music? How 'bout non-stop mixes playing the best tunes out there, featuring artists from all over the planet and beyond. Exclusive releases, interviews, deep-space adventures mixed and hosted by TC.

Looking for the ultimate electronica & relaxation? Interested in high quality ambient music? How 'bout non-stop mixes playing the best tunes out there, featuring artists from all over the planet and beyond. Exclusive releases, interviews, deep-space adventures mixed and hosted by TC.
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Rotterdam, Netherlands


Looking for the ultimate electronica & relaxation? Interested in high quality ambient music? How 'bout non-stop mixes playing the best tunes out there, featuring artists from all over the planet and beyond. Exclusive releases, interviews, deep-space adventures mixed and hosted by TC.






Spacemusic HQ Sint Janshaven 579 3087 ED ROTTERDAM, HOLLAND


Coffee Break: 64-bit

New studio setup now includes Logic Studio 2 and it works great! Took a little while to upgrade and update but oh yes... we like it a lot here in the 64-bit mode environment. If you are a Logic 8 user, it is very much worth it to move on. Allright, hear hear, good music for you: first of all we found this track by Mosaik called Imogen Heap which is a nice kick off for this Coffee Break. From France comes the one and only Alexel and we're proud to have him on the show playing two tracks...


Flying Dutchman 2010-06-01 Lounge Resort

This time the plane will take you to a Lounge Resort we have selected for you... excellent chillout music while taking care of yourself. Don't work too hard, don't sleep too long. Getting the balance right is the motto for today's show. In Rotterdam we've entered June.... Summertime's coming soon, temperatures are rising, dreams are getting bigger and better. How long before going to the Lounge Resort? Tune in anytime you want. (- Can't find out why this font is different from other posts,...


Coffee Break: May4th/5th

When one thinks about it: 65 years of freedom in this country ... on May 4th we remember all civilians and members of the armed forces of the Kindom of The Netherlands who have died in wars or peacekeeping missions since the outbreak of World War II. May 5th is Liberation day in Holland, celebrating the ending of the German occupation. offers you this personal mix, compiled and mixed by *TC*, a blend of excellent ambient/soundtrack music that triggers you to remember and feel...


((((sounds)))) from the kitchen

What podcasting is all about, go with the flow, press record and publish! ;-) First of a series that will show up on the Spacemusic feed... every now and then. This time baking potatoes, meat, preparing salad, vegetables, testing the new audio recording equipment, some news. Is this really a Spacemusic episode? Yes it is. Though we're not playing full tracks, this feed is also about the beauty of sound in general and a gateway to the audiophile world out there. To be continued...

Jukebox #50 Scott August - River of Stars

Native American Music Award winner, and three time nominee, Scott August is a nationally acclaimed composer, producer, keyboardist and Native American flute player know for his forays into World Music. His music has been featured on the nationally syndicated NPR radio shows "Hearts of Space" and "Echoes". One of the most influential Native American flute players working today, August was a headline performer at the 2006 and 2007 Zion Canyon Flute Festival. He is also known for his detailed...

Jukebox #49 Eleon - Autumn Leaves in Motion

Eleon's real name is Michael Leon Rogers. Michael Was born in Waco, Texas in 1970. He was raised in Mesquite Texas and lived there for 30 years. He came from a home of loving parents that taught him the value of hard work and endurance. Back in 1998, Michael and his friend, graphic designer James Forbs, created Michael's Eleon name and logo from his middle name, Leon. Even though he has composed music under his real name, Eleon seems to be the name people remember and like the most....

Coffee Break: breakfast and t(r)ips

Welcome to the Springtime edition of the Coffee Break! It's getting warmer, it's getting better, it's getting a smile on our face..... how about you? This show we have something very interesting to mention about the new CENTURIA release by ELEON: one hundred tracks of fantasty music on one release!nbsp;The Fresh Air Lounge series is now under the wings of the Spacemusic domain, home safe. Still looking for a HQ portable mic that doesn't fall apart that easily and lasts longer than one...

Jukebox #46 Schiller feat. Nadia Ali - Try

Two years after Sehnsucht (Desire), it's finally here: in March 2010, Christopher von Deylen, alias Schiller, is releasing a new double album with thirty new tracks. Atemlos (Breathless) so subtly transgresses the boundaries of electronic pop that it becomes a unique musical experience. The press hails Christopher von Deylen as a "master of global pop," who, inspired by electronic classics such as Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, and Jean Michel Jarre, creates visionary sounds and condenses the...

Jukebox #45 Klangstein - Ganz Leise

Featuring Sylvia Gerlach: the new Klangstein release is today! Their album "Resturlaub 2.0" found it's way to our mailbox and we're proud to play this track 'Ganz Leise' on our show today. This album is a wonderful collection of excellent downtempo tracks with hi-quality mixing skills. We noticed Klangstein music on the compilation albums via @sinemusic records a long time ago and we thought.... "WOW!" "This is good, this should get released separately on a Klangstein album". And you know...

Jukebox #43 HIA/Biosphere - Cimmerian Shaft

Jukebox LS edition: Tromso, 70 degrees north, in the Arctic region, in the middle of the most active northern lights zone. In summer time, land of the midnight sun. In winter, total darkness.In October 1995, as part of the annual Polar Music Festival, Geir Jenssen of Biosphere and Bobby Bird of the Higher Intelligence Agency, were commissioned by Nor Concerts to collaborate together on a musical project to take place in Geir's home town of Tromso, Norway. The brief was for them to perform...

Jukebox #42 Thomas Lemmer - Missing You Badly Brother

From Niedersachsen, Germany: Thomas Lemmer's Lounge music Project. "Mein erstes Solo Album wird ein Chillout - Lounge Album sein. Die Idee dazu kam mir Anfang 2007, als ich anfing mit meinen alten analogen Synthesizern zu experimentieren. Ich verarbeitete sphauml;rische Flauml;chen mit sehr langsamen Drumloops und improvisierte uuml;ber die Harmonien. Nach und nach kristallisierten sich immer mehr guter Ideen heraus und ich dachte, warum eigentlich nicht gleich ein ganzes Album davon...

Jukebox #41 Bad Loop - Sometimesrmx

Bad Loop is Petteri Karjaleinen, born July4th 1979 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Yes, a lot of Americans do celebrate his birthday! Moved to Finland and studied in the Music Institute of Vantaa in 1991. He started experimenting with midi and tracker software with Jari Saukkonen, with whom he produced music until his departure to South Africa in 1995. His debut ep "Lumme" was released in 2002 on UK based net label Kahvi Collective and later in 2005, having moved back to Helsinki, Finland, he...

Jukebox #40 Low Energy Center - Good To See You

Making music since he was 15 years old, Mark de Jong studied sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and it was a couple of years later when he launched the 'Low Energy Center'. A way of hiding from the high-energy world outside and re-load in the low-energy center. His inspiration to start making ambient music had to do with a dance party back in 1992; at his friend's place (*TC*) he heard this album by Locust called 'Weathered Well'. TC played the best tracks from this album...

Jukebox #38 Between Interval - Three Years Ago

The Edge of a Fairytale is an ambient excursion to inner and outer spaces. Inspired and influenced by ancient myths, legends and places, this album is my soundtrack to the world as we perceive it; balancing between the known and the unknown - on The Edge of a Fairytale. "...the deep, rich and mystifying sound that resides on The Edge of a Fairytale has a somewhat dark point of view. However it is not a darkness of evil, but rather one that dwells within the uncharted realms between truth...

Jukebox #37 Satori - Forest Surround

Anjey Satori was born on April 6, 1969, in the Ukraine. Anjey was interested in mysticism and esoteric teachings of the East from his early years. He worked as an organizer of special courses and seminars at the Institute of Nontraditional Medicine and has had enough experience to teach the basics of bioenergy and healing. The pseudonym "satori" (insight) Anjey thought of while practicing meditation and yoga. Once the "expansion of conscious" happened and there was an experience of...

Coffee Break: between Stars and Friends

Storyboard: [00:00]Start the coffee machine! [00:47]Spacemusic Coffee Break for feb. 2010 [01:45]Nemesis plays 'Kopernikus' (CREW's favorite track!) [09:00]Nemesis plays 'Origin of Species' [10:00]Nemesis plays 'Karyon' [15:10]Check Planet Origo for more info about the Nemesis release (Big Thanks to Glenn !!) [16:10]Electrix plays 'Spicy Sand' [20:55]Electrix plays 'Take a Second' [24:50]Gold Lounge plays 'Only a Dream' (Big Thanks to Michele!!) [30:10]Enjoying the chicken souphellip;...

Jukebox #36 Dia-Mantra : Contemplation One

"Daydreams. What is truth, what is illusion? Perspectives mingle in the haze. Split ego. The other voice is silent but cannot be denied. It demands ecstasy, for it wants to know whether God still loves it.nbsp;Caress me, oh dawn" ELA BERGMAN #38; CHRISTOPH GRACIAN SCHUBERT: Both live and work near Munich. CGS studied classical guitar and spent many years working as a studio musician, producer and film composer. In addition to his work as film musician with classical film scores he has been...

Jukebox #35 *TC* - Impact LNB

From Holland comes today's artist *TC* - It all started when he was like 7 years old and heard this tape with music by Jean-Michel Jarre: the Oxygegrave;ne album. It was recorded by his neighbour and friend Robert. It just went on and on from that moment in time... TC bought himself one synthesizer-based record after another. Other music was irrelevant from his perspective... Though during his childhood he used to listen to very melodic songs as well, collected by his parents; on a regular...

Jukebox #34 Off the Sky - Cold Distances

Since Jason Corder decided that becoming a weather man was farcely over-rated, he coined the ambiguously fitted moniker 'Off the Sky' which was in reality birthed in transit of his experimenting with converting chaos theories (especially those relating to weather systems*) into musical forms. And really its just an apropos title summating this atmospheric and acoustic communal project emanating from his studio in Kentucky ergo USA. Offthesky is truly a humble handle that reflects both...

Jukebox #33 Biosphere - Microgravity

Biosphere is the main recording name of Geir Jenssen (born 1962), a Norwegian musician who has released a notable catalogue of ambient and electronic music. He is well known for his 'ambient techno' and 'arctic ambient' styles, his use of music loops and particular samples from sci-fi sources. His track 'Novelty Waves' was used for the 1995 campaign of Levi's. His 1997 album 'Substrata' was voted by as one of the all time classic ambient albums. [ad#post-ad] Biosphere...