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Exploring the music in that misty place between asleep and awake. "The Edges of Dreaming" picks up where At Water's Edge leaves off, exploring that drifty, dreamy, dark place where dreams happen between sleep and wakefulness. Hosted by Rebekkah Hilgraves, you can hear The Edges of Dreaming every Saturday from 12-3pm Pacific/SLT on Radio Spiral.

Exploring the music in that misty place between asleep and awake. "The Edges of Dreaming" picks up where At Water's Edge leaves off, exploring that drifty, dreamy, dark place where dreams happen between sleep and wakefulness. Hosted by Rebekkah Hilgraves, you can hear The Edges of Dreaming every Saturday from 12-3pm Pacific/SLT on Radio Spiral.
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Exploring the music in that misty place between asleep and awake. "The Edges of Dreaming" picks up where At Water's Edge leaves off, exploring that drifty, dreamy, dark place where dreams happen between sleep and wakefulness. Hosted by Rebekkah Hilgraves, you can hear The Edges of Dreaming every Saturday from 12-3pm Pacific/SLT on Radio Spiral.






Summer Dreams

We’re back on the West Coast this week for a friend’s wedding, and the experience has been truly wonderful. The weather is lovely — foggy mornings and warm-but-not-hot afternoons, the terns and gulls and sea lions making their songs on the breakwater, sailors and paddleboarders (a couple of them with their dogs on board!) and scullers enjoying the water. So today we dream of summer with music of Tim Kays, Robert Rich, Robert Scott Thompson, Sensitive Chaos and much more. … Get the full...



We are very pleased to announce the addition of Ishq to the RadioSpiral artist family, and in celebration of that,Get the full episode...Ishq


The Living Is Easy

This week’s episode of Edges of Dreaming is another challenge episode, where artists were to create tracks about summer. Seems easy, but only two artists sent tracks! However, they’re (no surprise) outstanding. We’ll hear from George L Smyth and Spiral. After that, we hear tracks from the RadioSpiral library, because summer is an easy topic around which to make music. Jack Hertz, Janne Hanhisuanto, Cousin Silas, and others are on the list. … Get the full episode...The Living Is Easy


Homeward Angel

This week your host was away on business. The trip is such that driving is much less stressful than flying,Get the full episode...Homeward Angel


Deep State

The term “Deep State” has been used a lot lately, in news, on social media, in politics. It is theGet the full episode...Deep State


Perchance to

Glenn Sogge and Boson Spin (Stan Magendanz from Brisbane, Australia) released an album a couple of months ago called Slumbers. As Glenn describes it, “This album began as a challenge track for the Facebook Synth-Portland group’s weekly challenges. It got a bit out of control.” The four tracks that make up the album were worked twice. In the first hour of today’s program, we’ll hear the first four tracks of the album, comprising Slumbers Number 1-4; the second hour will be dedicated to the...


Still a Few Bugs…

Today's edition of Edges of Dreaming is partly challenge, partly RadioSpiral library tracks. Centered around insects, the challenge yielded three excellent tracks from Museleon, SoundChaser, and Carbonates On Mars, as well as library tracks from George L Smyth, Palancar, Christopher Short, Una Voce, and many more! … Get the full episode...Still a Few Bugs…



In Second Life this weekend, we’re approaching the final days of SciFi Con. In honor of this excellent and worthy festival, we decided to postpone the “insects” challenge a week. Today, then, we are “Explorers”, and sail through the outer reaches with works by Christopher Short, SPACECRAFT, Alpha Wave Movement, Robert Carty, grüm~pé, Carbonates On Mars, Tim Kays, Phillip Wilkerson, Lucette Bourdin, and Meg Bowles. … Get the full episode...Explorers


The Final Frontier

Today’s episode of The Edges of Dreaming takes us on a flyby of Pluto, in honor of Sci-Fi Con in Second Life. Join us in our RadioSpiral flying saucer for some great space music! All of today’s music is taken from a single (huge) compilation that was created for the occasion of New Horizons’ flyby of Pluto. And for the enormous number of tracks we air today, we’re still just scratching the surface of the album, which comprises 64 tracks total. New Horizons: Pluto Flyby Soundtracks (Aural...


Elettronica Sperimentali

On this edition of The Edges of Dreaming, we feature a single artist, Toronto-based Elettronica Sperimentale, aka Steve Castellano. His specialty is modular synthesizers, and his music runs the gamut from experimental noise to drifty lullabies, and everything in between. We’ll hear a variety of tracks across the years of his canon, including studio works and live performances using, among other things, Moog and Make Noise devices. Steve Castellano is a musician and composer from Toronto,...



This edition of The Edges of Dreaming is the next challenge episode: “Crickets”. Artists were to create tracks either using actual cricket sounds, manufactured sounds, or things that reminded them of crickets. Three artists responded with tracks as wildly different as one could imagine. The rest of the episode is dedicated to twilight, the best time to hear crickets in warmer weather. We’ll hear tracks from Robert Carty, Bing Satellites, Robert Rich, Altus, Loren Nerell, Christopher Short,...



This week in the news — and it was a very busy week — Notre Dame Cathedral was severely damaged by fire. It was saved from total destruction by the many fire crew members who, at great risk to life and limb, managed to save the two towers of the cathedral, and most of the artworks and artifacts kept there. Notre Dame is one of the great architectural achievements humankind has ever devised. The artworks contained in it count among some of the finest in Western civilization. It will come as...


Return to Berlin

Rituals, journeys, and the circle of life on today’s edition of The Edges of Dreaming, with another foray into the Berlin-Schule and its heirs. A few weeks ago, Sequentia Legenda released an album that has been a dream of his for quite literally decades. A longtime devotee of this style of music, Laurent Schieber had spent years collecting the technology and expertise to pay homage to the style in his own unique fashion. Over There is the breathtaking result. We’ll feature a long-player from...



Welcome to the first episode of an old show. Last week we announced that At Water’s Edge was changing its name, and so today we present the first episode of The Edges of Dreaming, with “Drift”. We’ll hear tracks today from a variety of RadioSpiral artists, digging into the archives for music about drifting and floating, and beginning with a track that had been offered up for last week’s dreamscape challenge, “Driftglass”, but we had to bump (Pallid Mask sent us this beautiful track; it had...


The Edges of Dreaming

We have left the water’s edge and now drift on the edges of dreaming. Dreams can be beautiful, terrifying, dark, sad, angry, nightmarish, sweet. We explore some of those dreams on this episode. Today’s episode marks a number of milestones: The seventh anniversary of At Water’s Edge Your host’s birthday (we won’t say which one) The most epic response to a challenge that we have ever received The end of At Water’s Edge, but the beginning of The Edges of Dreaming The broadcast premiere of Land...


Mountain III

Spring is coming to Appalachia, and Mr. Copland had the right of it: there is nothing like it in the world. This is home. I’d forgotten how much I miss springs like this — the trees are in flower, the daffodowndillies are poking up their cheerful little heads, and the world is waking up… We celebrate with the final installment of the “Mountains” series, as today we ascend to mystic heights with another blend of short and long form tracks. … Get the full episode...Mountain III


Mountain II

A few weeks ago, I put out a request for mountain tracks for At Water’s Edge. I thought I’d do “a show” to celebrate our new home in the mountains of western North Carolina. So many artists responded with tracks that it turned into a three part series. The first one aired on 16 February (and the podcast is here), and now after a short delay we bring you the second of the series, and the third comes around next week. On today’s edition of At Water’s Edge, we’ll hear from Tony Gerber, George L...


Something Fishy

This edition of At Water’s Edge brings us another challenge episode, and it’s a good one! “Fish” was the challenge wherein artists were to create a track using an unusual scale (you know, fish? Scales?), and make it about being underwater. The results were gorgeous and as usual, as varied as the contributors. Artists include George L. Smyth, Museleon, Carbonates on Mars, Skoddie, Mr. Spiral, playman54, and Joe McMahon. In an unusual twist, one of the tracks that was *not* specifically...


Mountain I

Last week, I put out a request on Facebook for tracks about mountains. So many artists responded that the original idea became a three part series. The reason for the request is that I wanted to get your help celebrating the move to our forever home in the mountains. So we get to celebrate for weeks with tracks from artists all over the world. Listen in this episode for tracks by such diverse artists as Antara Annemarie Borg, Cousin Silas, Thom Brennan, The Lovely Moon, Skoddie, Numina,...



On this edition of At Water's Edge, we look to the skies. Inspired by a track sent to us by The Ambient Visitor that carries us over from last week's Glass challenge, we travel "Through Clear Skies" into tangerine skies, open skies, dark skies, winter skies and more. … Get the full episode...Sky