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Irreverent chats, a selection of international ‘urban’ music and American heritage music, and faux legal advice!

Irreverent chats, a selection of international ‘urban’ music and American heritage music, and faux legal advice!
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Irreverent chats, a selection of international ‘urban’ music and American heritage music, and faux legal advice!




Episode 81 - Green is the G feat. Capo Lee

Harley, Mikill and Reece chatted about a man who married a robot and being able to send your enemy a python in the US. Capo Lee stopped by the studios to talk about his EP Stop Talk. The boys played a game all about pouring drinks. They also celebrated Banana Day!


Episode 80 - Igloo feat. Rude Kid and Chris Jammer

Rude Kid stopped by the studios to chat about his single Banger After Banger featuring Ghetts. Chris Jammer, organiser of Strawberries and Creem Festival, chatted about the Shaggy and Wiley headlining the festival. Harley, Mikill and Reece celebrated National Big Wind Day.


Episode 79 - Woof! feat. Fazer

Harley, Mikill and Reece discussed Kendall Jenner's Pepsi advert. Fazer joined the boys in the studio to chat about his latest track I Woke Up and played a game inspired by his latest single. The boys shared their wisdom by answering emails from listeners, including train sex noises, hairy bums and cumberland sausages.


Episode 78 - Peanuts feat. Zak Abel and J2K

Zak Abel helped Harley and Mikill with hosting the show this week. They chatted about mop sex, celebrated Peanut Month and shared their wisdom. J2K joined the boys in the studio to chat about his gig.


Episode 77 - Gap Yah

Bad boi Anders Hayward from E4's Gap Year standed in for Harley Sylvester on the show this week. He joined Mikill and Reece to chat about a man who had sex with a fence. Bamboss stopped by the offices to talk about his upcoming gig. The boys also tested their geography by Dabbing it to the Gap Yahhh! Wisdom Wednesdays took an unexpected turn!


Episode 76 - Doc Brown In The Building!

Mikill and Reece discussed open defecation. The boys celebrated International Women's Day with a game. Jammer joined them on the phone to talk all things Strawberries and Creem Festival. The one and only Doc Brown stepped in to the Pane and Sylvester offices. He chatted about his upcoming album, touring and dropped an unmissable freestyle.


Episode 75 - Birthday Bash ft. DJ Spoony and Boomtown Fair

It was Reece's birthday bash on the show this week! Dreem Teem's DJ Spoony joined the boys on the phone to chat about Hideout Festival. Head booker of Boomtown Fair, Kaptin Barrett talked about the upcoming line-up. Harley, Mikill and Reece also discussed a mop-wearing man from Port St. Lucie and celebrated Ash Wednesday!


Episode 74 - New Gen, Renz, J-Fresh and Strive

Big show from the boys again! Renz and Caroline Simionescu-Marin stopped by the studios to chat all things New Gen! J-Fresh and Strive also joined Harley, Mikill and Reece to chat about their latest projects.


Episode 73 - Womb Raider ft. Sharky Major and Paigey Cakey

Harley returns to the office. Mikill, Harley and Reece discuss the chronic shortage of male strippers in North London. Sharky Major stopped by the studios to chat about his latest projects. Paigey Cakey also joined the boys to chat about her single Down and play a floor-related game!


Episode 72 - Toots and The Maytals, LS One

Unfortunately this week Harley was away, but the show must go on! The legend that is Toots Hibbert from Toots and The Maytals phoned in from Jamaica and rapper LS One popped in the studio for a chat and a freestyle. Also on the show, Mikill, Reece and Producer Nat looked into the cases of a revengeful seeking food worker, a drive by fruit slinger and of course gave you some great legal advice.


Episode 71 - Nails feat. Tim Westwood and Mercston

Tim Westwood joined Mikill, Harley and Reece to chat about Fresh Island Festival. Mercston stopped by the Pane and Sylvester Inc Headquarters to chat about his latest single. He also played a little 'working' game with the boys. This episode also featured toe nails, Playdoh and shopping trolleys.


Episode 70 - Where does the toe go? feat. Davinche

This week Harley, Reece and Mikill discussed an elderly woman threatening to vomit on a Donald Trump voter and the struggle of owning an 18.9-inch penis. Davinche stopped by the offices to chat about his latest projects. The boys solved more legal queries involving plastic underwear, bum wiping and personal grooming.


Episode 69 - Sack of Potatoes feat. Dream Mclean

While Harley was away, Mikill and Harley took care of the business at Pane and Sylvester HQ. Dream Mclean joined the boys in the studio to chat about his latest track Doing Bits. The boys also had a crack at Washy Washy Cleany Cleany, new game show coming to a town near you. As always, plenty of legal queries, including sack of potatoes, rim farting and twerking MILFs.


Episode 68 - Bare Horseback feat. Prez T

Prez T joined Harley, Mikill and Reece in the studio to chat about his latest single and what he's up to! The boys talked about horse riding, facials and butter. They also played a game Who Said It: Donald Trump vs Peter Griffin?


Episode 67 - Bagels, Forced Sex and Anal Kebabs

It's been one hell of a year. And now, the most powerful law firm in the world, share their legal highlights of their year. From bagels to forced sex to anal kebabs, Pane and Sylvester Inc are here to solve your every issue.


Episode 66 - Double S, Marcello Spooks, Heavy Trackerz, Shystie, Franko Fraize, Rich Homie Quan, Nick Thayer, Izzie Gibbs, Te Dness

Double S dropped in to talk about his latest musical projects and the boys had a special game in store for him. Marcello Spooks came in to give some legal advice and talk about his single Boom. The Heavy Trackerz were in the studio to explore the art of rimming. Next up was the brilliant Shystie who stopped by to talk about her latest projects. Also Franko Fraize joined the boys for a chat and to discuss his latest track Tell Me About A Word. Rich Homie Quan was in to promote his latest...


Episode 65 - Mince Pie feat. Joe Grind

Ho Ho Ho! Mikill, Harley and Reece celebrated the final show of 2016. The boys chatted about the most disappointing foods and answered your faux-legal questions, including carot bums and mince pie pubes. Joe Gring stopped by the studio to chat about his latest single Pon Di Riddim and the Pane & Sylvester Inc gang tested his Grind'ing knowledge.


Episode 64 - Pot Noodle feat. Jammz

Harley taste-tested good ol' Pot Noodle sandwiches, Mikill and Reece also had a bit or two. The boys discussed a region in Iran where the government started releasing licence plates for camels. Reece chatted to Jammz about his music and Deezer's Grime channel. They also solved your faux legal queries and celebrated Free Shipping Day.


Episode 63 - Franko Fraize and Fudz

Franko Fraize stopped by the studio to chat about his new single Tell Me A Word. Fudz also joined Mikill and Reece to chat about working with Nelly Furtado and his latest projects.


Episode 62 - Miss Butt

Harley, Mikill and Reece were back in action with their faux legal skills. They chatted about Miss Butt and her surname; and how the Canadian police punish criminals with music from Nickelback. Marcello Spooks stopped by the studio to chat about his single Boom, and helped with a legal query. The boys also celebrated Stay Home Because You're Well Day on PLATO Win.