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Episode #3: Ontario’s Trump Card

Episode #3: Ontario’s Trump Card This month there was so much to talk about that it was difficult for us to narrow it down. We ended up getting caught up in the excitement of putting together a teaser we will be releasing in a few days, so the release of this episode was a bit... Read More


Episode #2: Literacy and Deciphering Shakespeare

Episode #2: Literacy & Deciphering Shakespeare We were so excited about launching our podcast that we simply had to come out with another one before the end of the month. In this episode, Patrick recalls a time when he was struck by the stories of adult basic literacy students. Canada boasts a 99% literacy rate,... Read More


Episode 1: The Power & Joys of Podcasting

Episode #1: The Power & Joys of Podcasting Well, we finally made it! Our debut episode is out there for global consumption. On today’s show, Patrick dives right into his journey into podcasting. From initial thoughts, to subsequent hesitations to the Korean television inspiration that compelled him to dive right in to this exciting and... Read More