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Welcome to Keyframe from the Geek Show Podcast Network. This show is dedicated to the glorious medium of animation in all of its forms, from anime and cartoons to stop-motion and more, with plenty of news and reviews.

Welcome to Keyframe from the Geek Show Podcast Network. This show is dedicated to the glorious medium of animation in all of its forms, from anime and cartoons to stop-motion and more, with plenty of news and reviews.
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Welcome to Keyframe from the Geek Show Podcast Network. This show is dedicated to the glorious medium of animation in all of its forms, from anime and cartoons to stop-motion and more, with plenty of news and reviews.




Keyframe 130 - The Big Bad Fox ... // Twin Star Exorcists // Smartphone // ...

**Those Goofy Cave People** On this episode of Keyframe, Tucky and Producer Rob attempt to unpick the Academy’s “For Your Consideration” list of animated feature films that are in the running to receive a nomination for an Oscar. Join them as they get wax cynical about the awards, lament the fact that great movies like The Breadwinner and A Silent Voice didn’t get the attention they deserved because Disney/Pixar made a film about a kid who wants to be a musician and that is somehow more...


Keyframe 129 - Muffin-Topping Into Mainstream

My Hero Academia has been a huge success as a series, but it’s the remarkable success of the Two Heroes movie that has Tucky and Producer Rob thinking about the changing perception of animated feature films in the West. This naturally leads to an interesting discussion about anime movies in general, live-action adaptations in the west, and our suggestions for titles that could make the transition from Japan to Western live action TV or film - which include titles like Patlabor, Eden of the...


Keyframe 128 - The Breadwinner // One Piece // Dragon Ball Super // ...

**Dragon Ball's Time Trunks** We’ve got a packed episode this week as Producer Rob kicks things off with One Piece Uncut - Collection 19 (episodes 446 to 468), which fans will know is the end of the Impel Down Arc and the beginning of the Marineford Arc (also known as the Paramount War). After that it’s over to our resident DB correspondent Andrew who has Dragon Ball Super parts 3, 4 and 5 before Tucky joins the fray with the harem romantic comedy And You Thought There Was Never A Girl...


Keyframe 127 - Matoi The Sacred Slayer // Disenchantment // Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

**The Weird Faces of Matt Gurning** This week Tucky and Producer Rob forego the usual niceties and get right down to business, and leading the animation charge is the surprisingly decent magical girl series Matoi The Sacred Slayer. After that it’s the turn of Disenchantment - Matt Groening’s new Netflix series - to be put under the microscope before we end with the bluray release of the seminal anime movie Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. As always, we try to be as serious about animation as...


Keyframe 126 - Teen Titans Go! // The Asterisk War // Flip Flappers // Heaven's Lost Property

**Bishounen Mutants** Things get a bit contentious this week because Tucky went to see Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, and now he’s got to convince Producer Rob - who is notorious for his hatred of things like Teen Titans Go! And Ready Player One - to give the animated film a fair chance. After that argumentative start it’s time for all things anime with The Asterisk War, Flip Flappers (seriously, who comes up with these names?, and Heaven’s Lost Property. If you've enjoyed this podcast, then...


Keyframe 125 - Black Clover // Final Space

**The Hokage of Middle Management** Anime is serious business (allegedly), and as if to highlight this point, Tucky joins fellow anime/animation nerd Producer Rob for an extended conversation about the trials and tribulations of voice acting, the future of the U.S. dub of One Piece, and what could be done to ensure the successful future of Western voice acting for anime. After that it’s time to find out why Black Clover Season 1 isn’t Naruto (and why we should stop thinking it is), and...


Keyframe 124 - Godzilla: City On The Edge Of Battle // One Piece

**Hot Kaiju on Kaiju Action** We’re short a few people short, but you can always rely on Tucky and Producer Rob to fill the airwaves with all sorts of animation-related anecdotes. This week we kick things off with our featured anime - Netflix’s Godzilla: City On The Edge Of Battle and a whole lot of One Piece (collections 17 and 18 to be exact). That nicely leads us into an interesting topic that started from one simple question: Do we need something to replace Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece?...


Keyframe 123 - Lupin III // The Incredibles 2 // Blame! // Yellow Submarine

**A Natural Born Lever-Puller** So the World Cup happened, and although it’s ostensibly a football event but given all the drinking that goes on it may as well be related to tea, coffee or any other beverage you’d care to mention. Because of that there wasn’t much happening in the world of animation - unless Japan’s successful run and the self-appointed Commissioner of Football’s reference to Captain Tsubasa sparks a wave of football anime in which case we’d like to see a continuation of...


Keyframe 122 - Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry // Hal // Megalobox // Pretty Derby // ...

**The Power of Friendship Compels You!** Kicking things off this week is the news that Disney and Pixar are facing another copyright lawsuit involving Inside Out. Aside from that it’s time for us to recommend some titles from the Spring 2018 season of anime, which include Golden Kamuy, Megalobox, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, Hinamatsuri and Comic Girls. Our featured anime movies are Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry and the sci-fi romantic drama Hal. If you've...


Keyframe 121 - Gundam Origin // My Hero Academia // Rokka

**Giant Robot Punch-Up in Space** Once upon a time there was a goose that laid golden eggs … China and the wider South-East Asian region has their own literal version of that famous goose in the form of The Monkey King, and there are numerous movies, TV shows, books, songs, comics, video games, manga and anime that have found inspiration in classic tales like Journey To The West. Now it’s the turn of director Stephen Chow to get in on the Monkey King action with his planned animated TV...


Keyframe 120 - Love Live! Sunshine !! // Kiss Him, Not Me!

**Fujoshi, And Proud!** In his ongoing quest to have everyone eat healthy, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has declared war on … cartoon characters? It actually makes more sense when you know the facts so moving swiftly on, Grr Martin’s 1980 children’s book The Ice Dragon is getting an animated feature film, Disney Princesses will be in force in Wreck-It-Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet, and Teddy Ruxpin returns from the animated wilderness for a surprise reboot. After that it’s time for Tucky...


Keyframe 119 - Fate/Grand Order: First Order // Hyouka // ...

**Elmo Joins A Gang** Apparently there was a big wedding somewhere and shockingly, none of us were invited. This meant we had to stay in the study and browse the animation news, which led us to some disturbing discoveries like Thundercats Roar (which has the potential to be some kind of physical release ... pun very much intended), physical releases of anime in the U.K., and the rather spectacular trailer for The Happy Time Murders which also has a physical release … This week our featured...


Keyframe 118 - Mind Game // Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig // Boss Baby (Series) // ...

**A Psychedelic Night In** So aside from Producer Rob confusing his Sarahs (it should be Sarah Michelle Gellar and not Sarah Jessica Parker), Peter Rabbit gets a sequel, Netflix and Viz Media announce an original martial arts anime series set in Mexico, and Christiano Ronaldo gets animated. After that we’ve got kids versus cats for the attention of the parents (even though the cats really wouldn’t care), in Boss Baby: Back in Business, cyberpunk film-noir with Kenji Kamiyama’s Ghost in the...


Keyframe 117 - Ghost on the Shell: Stand Alone Complex // Aggressive Retsuko

**Death Metal Trash Panda** It’s a sparse week in animation as not much of interest happened, except for the trailer for Teen Titans Go! To The Movies and the English language summary of The Association of Japanese Animation’s industry report for 2017\. The trailer splits opinions between Tucky and Producer Rob, but all is well as they get to nerd-out with facts and figures related to anime. After that it's time for the serious stuff, and this week we're focusing on the cyberpunk film-noir...


Keyframe 116 - Assassination Classroom // Dragon Ball // Yusibu

**Giant Furry Space Hoppers** Guillermo Del Toro has signed a multi-film deal with Dreamworks Animation to create “family” movies - which basically means that anything that they churn out that has his name on it is definitely getting watched by us (even if it’s Boss Baby 73: Where Does It All Come From?). In other news, Aardman take everyone by surprise with the announcement of a sequel to Chicken Run, and Aichi Prefecture in Japan have announced the creation of a Studio Ghibli theme park....


Keyframe 115 - Isle of Dogs // Big Fish & Begonia

**Curing The Dubstep Flu** It’s the dynamic duo of Tucky and Producer Rob at the helm this week, but don’t worry as we’re absolutely sure we know that we’ve got the good ship Keyframe pointing in the right(ish) direction. Before we get into the serious stuff we discover that Dreamworks Animation have announced a second series of Kung Fu Panda, and in a very surprising and confusing move, the return of Rocky & Bullwinkle. After that we dive into the wonderful stop-motion world of Wes...


Keyframe 114 - Violet Evergarden // Overlord // Death March // ...

**Post-War Pat’s Big Bag of Letters** With the sad news that Ghibli co-founder and legendary anime director Isao Takahata passed away, we take some time to remember some of his remarkable work. After that it’s time for us to continue our examination of the Winter season in anime, so join us as we point ourselves in the general direction of Pop Team Epic, Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, The Junji Ito Collection, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Overlord II, Killing Bites and Violet...


Keyframe 113 - My Hero Academia // Skip Beat! // ...

**24 Carrots And A Leaf** We had a few technical issues during this episode so we apologise for the audio quality. Girl Power makes a surprising return this week with the announcement that The Spice Girls are getting their very own animated superhero movie. There’s no point looking at us for answers. We’re not sure what’s going on either! After that it’s time for our featured cartoon and anime, which this week consists of more weirdness in the form of the Supernatural/Scooby Doo crossover...


Keyframe 112 - Prison School (Live Action) // Digimon Tri // Cowboy Bebop (Movie)

**A Shakespearean Bromance** Spring time is upon us which means we’ve been let out to frolic in the fields! Before that though, there’s the serious business of animation to contend with, and nothing comes more serious than a census. Not the kind that measures population growth, density, divergency, or any of the other things that might be relevant, but an anime “census” … In other, slightly more important news HiDive have announced that they will release dubcasts within two weeks of an...


Keyframe 111 - Godzilla: Planet of Monsters // Dragon Ball Z (Movies)

**Old Man Godzilla** So Nicholas Cage is finally going to get to play the role of Superman, but the only problem is that it will be in the Teen Titans Go! Movie. In other news, we have the first teaser for the anime adaptation of ‘s high school sumo manga Hinomaru Zumou, Kenichi Sonoda’s Gunsmith Cats are getting a kind of reboot, and Netflix Japan are going to offer you an option for just the best bits from each anime episode. After all of that it's time for a quick tour of celebrity kaiju...