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A PowerPress site about Anime, Conventions, Japanese Pop Culture and More.


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A PowerPress site about Anime, Conventions, Japanese Pop Culture and More.








Anime St. Louis Review and Special Guest Interview Bill Butts-APP045

Hey, we attended the Anime St. Louis Convention and had a blast. It's very local for us and we met many friends and our Blerd group Gateway Blerds for this convention. Also, we had a brief conversation with the great Bill Butts, a voice actor with many roles as Jackal from Prince of Tennis and Gigan in Ranking of Kings, Miguel Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie, Cioccolata in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Blood in the Faraway Paladin, King Gazel in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and many more...


Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie Review, Anime Talk, News-APP044

We can't believe a year ago January 2021 Viz Media gave us the opportunity to review the Jujutsu Kaisen O manga volume. We really broke down the volume with a spectacular review. Now, 2022 we get to see the film that's based on volume. Hear our thoughts on the film and some of the topics between the manga and the film. We also talk a little about the merger of Crunchyroll and Funimation, shows we're watching, and some news.


Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2022 Review and Breakdown-APP043

In this episode, we discuss the 6th Annual Anime Awards by Crunchyroll 2022. We go through each of the categories and break down nominees and the winners. It's a quick episode, fast and fun! Tune in, rate, and comment! See a full list HERE! Ending Music: My Hood Academia by Tha J-Squad


Special Guest Animation Director Shinji Aramaki Press Conference-APP042

We sat down with the great and well-known Animation Director Shinji Aramaki a pioneer in CGI and 3D animation at Anime NYC 2021. He's also an art director, concept artist, design artist, writer, director, and so much more. He's well known for the Appleseed franchise, Madox-01, Netflix shows like Ultraman and Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 and the Blade Runner animes with Crunchyroll Originals/AdultSwim.


Special Guest Voice Actress Anairis Quinones Press Conference-APP041

We have a special guest, English-Spanish Dub Voice Actress, and Pop-culture nerd Anairis Quinones in this episode. We talked to her at a press conference at Anime NYC 2021. We had a great discussion with other press members on her characters, diversity in anime, and a more significant year for her coming 2022! Ending theme: My Hood Academia by Tha J-Squad


2021 Year Convention Recap-APP040

Hey, we're finally back!! In this episode, I recap all of the conventions we had some involvement with or attended all of 2021. We're talking online, invited, attended, press, and in-person. Don't forget we're now on Amazon Music so you can take us on the go and subscribe there if you'd like. Listen with Alexa, Audible, and on your Kindle devices. End Theme Song: My Hood Academia by Tha J-Squad


Special Guest Anime Talk with Jay Mells-APP039

Hello Everyone!! It's a Special Guest episode with Jay Mells. We break down the news in anime currently, then we get into the meat of anime discussions. We're talking shows, series, plots, and episodes. WARNING SOME SPOILERS!! You can catch Jay Mells on Twitch for Video Gaming and D&D!!


The Return of Shaman King and Anime Week Breakdown-APP038

In this episode, we look back at Shaman King and bring it to the present time. We also break down some of the weeks' anime episodes. Blog YouTube


Attack on Titan Final Season and Dragon Quest: Adventures of Dai-APP037

In this episode, we talk about Attack on Titan the Final Season and Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai. I give you one of the hottest shows out right now in AoT, and my guilty pleasure show that might not be mainstream with Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai. I also give Beet The Vandel Buster a quick comparison that resembles Dai's Adventures, a whole bunch.


Anime Pad’s Votes for Crunchyroll Anime Awards-APP036

Howdy! We break down our nominees, picks, or votes for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards on this episode. In each category, we give a brief reason why for our nomination. Don't forget the Award show will be live-streamed on February 19th at 8 p.m. EST. If you'd like the blog format of this with the Crunchyroll videos, head over to our blog post!.


Review and Discussion of 2020 Spring and Summer Anime Shows, Manga, News, and Cons-APP035

In this episode, I review and give my takes on the anime that I've seen from spring and summer. We quickly touch on Manga, News and Cons to wrap up the show. We're back and better!! Thank you for sticking with us!


Arthell Isom CEO of D’ART Shtajio Animation Studio Special Guest Interview-APP034

Hello, all on this episode we have a guest CEO of D'ART Shtajio Arthell Isom the first Black Animation Studio in Japan. We break down with Arthell how he's working on other anime titles and the difference between them making their own content. We talk about the huge team-up between African-American manga company Noir Ceasar and D'ART. The projects they've worked on and possible future anime series. Then we talk about how to rally Blerd and people of color behind such businesses as D'ART...


Anime Discussions, HBO Max & Crunchyroll, Anime News, Retro Crush, Terrance House-APP033

Howdy, we're here again with another great episode of the show. In this episode we break down the anime we have watched, we talk about COVID-19 affecting anime development and production, the sad and latest news surrounding Terrance House, and more news from the industry! Don't forget to Like, Share, Rate, Comment!!


Anime Discussions, Tower of God, Masami Hair Care Giveaway, Tokusatsu, Manga Reviews-APP032

Hello all, in this episode we run down the anime we've been watching this week. Shows like: Tower of God, Major 2nd, Ace no Diamond. We move to some words about the Masami Hair Care Giveaway, then quickly jump into some Toku shows, and finally some manga reviews. Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 2 and I'm a behemoth, an s-ranked monster, but mistaken for a cat, I live as an elf girl's pet.


MHA, Konosuba, Spring Anime 2020 Previews, Tokusatsu, Masami Hair Care & Guest Lex, News, and more-APP031

Today we talk about the end of season four of My Hero Academia and Endeavor. The Konosuba Movie: Legend of Crimson Movie. Then we get you prepped for all the anime coming this Spring 2020, some introductions, and some recaps of episodes. We introduce our new sponsor and then we talk Toku and news!! Find Lex here Lex


Winter 2020 Anime, C2E2 Review, MHA Heroes Rising Review, Jason Faunt Interview, Cancellations, and more-APP30

Hello, all I hope that you are being safe and staying healthy amidst this crisis. While you're stuck in your homes I hope you continue to enjoy the podcast. Today's episode we're continuing to talk and discuss the Winter 2020 Anime Season. Then we jump into the Coronavirus situation and Conventions. Moving along we recap the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo(C2E2), Talk some Tokusatsu shows, and finally wrap up with News!!


Winter 2020 Anime Talk, Cons, News, Tokusatsu and more-APP029

Hey, everyone in this episode I discuss the latest anime and episodes that I've seen. We talk about upcoming and past conventions. We then move quickly to Tokusatsu discussion with Kamen Rider Zero-One, Kamen Rider Build, and more. Finally, we round off with Movie reviews and news!!


Anime of the Year, Crunchyroll Anime Awards, Winter 2020 Season, and more-APP028

Hey, everybody, we're back for a new year and new era. Welcome back or just welcome if you're new. Were talking about animes of the year and our voting for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards. We quickly move to the Winter 2020 season of anime and new shows. Then talk about the convention season and the ones we'd like to visit or are confirmed. Finishing with news stuff!!


Anime NYC 2019 Recap and “Weathering With You” Review-APP027

Hey everyone. We came we saw and we attacked Anime NYC. It was a blast check the coverage everywhere. We have videos on YouTube, on Social, content everywhere. We can't say enough about the team behind Anime NYC. Check out our recap and review of "Weathering With You" movie by Makoto Shinkai and produced by GKIDS.


Code Geass Press Conference At Anime NYC 2019-APP026

At Anime NYC 2019, Producer/Director Goro Taniguchi, Character Designer/Chief Animation Director Takahiro Kimura, screenwriter/scriptwriter Ichiro Okouchi and the character C.C.’s Japanese Voice Actor Yukana held a panel and private press conference. Here they would screen the film at the panel and later explain the thoughts behind the latest film and a glimpse of the future of this Code Geass world.